Mar 23
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Starry Night

Walking outside

Into the darkness

Can be frightening

It can be cold

You could be alone

But all you have to do is look up

Your fear is washed away

It’s suddenly warmer

And you have family

The stars shine brightly 

They twinkle, twinkle in place

But then something moves

Then again

And again

A meteor shower is here

It shows its beauty

To only the the people who decide to look up

The stars are alway there

Whenever you decide to look up

They are your family

Meteors come and go

Only to be relied on once

They are your friends

Your family will always be there for you

As long as you look up


Mar 18
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The grocery delivery system

    During this CoronaVirus pandemic, many stores don’t have the staff, supplies, or drivers to do grocery delivery. They barely have enough toilet paper in stock on the shelves. We know that there is the technology to build stable underground tunnels and caverns. To fix the shortage of groceries, I propose an underground grocery delivery system that delivers to a local hotspot in your neighborhood.

Underground, you don’t have to worry about running into other delivery vehicles, because it is a one way run with turns to go to different neighborhoods. Delivery vehicles can go fast without having a chance to crash. There will be a main production and storage area for each state and each town will have its own underground vehicle. The days of long lines at the grocery stores and the long wait for grocery delivery is over.  

Mar 05
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The End of the Rainbow

The myth children have always been told about the end of the rainbow has always been a lie. The leprechauns, gold, and other treasures that have been believed by many to be at the end of the rainbow is a tumorous growth planted there by humanity. Some people would say there is no end to the rainbow, but that was not a lie, but a common misconception that most “intelligent” humans stand by. I am here to give real knowledge to humans, so they will hopefully stop coming to the wrong conclusions.
Feb 11
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    As I was walking, I felt the wind in my face, and I saw the great mountains in front of me. It was a cool day, not the warmest it's been this year. I was walking on this secluded back road that led to the mountain I was planning to hike. I enjoyed the walk for 30 minutes or so, then I came up on a sign. There was an arrow pointing right with the name of the mountain I wanted to hike on it. I was about to go on the trail to the right when I saw another arrow pointing left. It said what the trail led to would be a surprise that only the adventurous would want. I thought about this for a couple of minutes, but the choice was too hard. I finally decided to take the surprise trail. As I looked at the trial, it went straight and then took a sharp turn. I walked to the turn but found only a dead end. I realized that this must have been done by some low life pranksters that just wanted to ruin someone's day. The walk took too long and now there is no time left to climb the mountain.
Feb 05
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Me in 15 words

Jan 30
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Wake up wishes

Tomorrow I wish that when I wake up, it is a normal day in a fantastic life. I want to wake up like I always do and not have any surprises(good or bad) waiting for me. On my 25th birthday, I wish to wake up healthy, happy, and excited for the future ahead of me. I want to still be learning, whether that is through daily life or collage. On my 50th birthday, I want to wake up satisfied with my past life, but to still look forward to the next chapter of my life. But most of all I want to mix these three wishes together and wake up everyday with all of them. 

Jan 10
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The Microscopic Friendship

There were two completely different people in the microscopic kingdom of Meme City. Jake Freemen was just a normal guy in the city of memes. But Jake hated memes. He only lived in the city because there was no were else to go if you were microscopic. Then there was Mike Wazowski. He was the most popular meme lord in the whole city. Everybody loved him. Everyone, except for Jake. To him, Mike was the living version of the evil he has sworn to destroy. That evil source of power was the human living up above the city. One day, Jake was taking a stroll in the center of Meme City. He was trying to scout out how to sabotage Mikes penthouse. The one thing everyone should know about Mike is the fact that whenever he meets someone, he likes to show them a meme or two. Well Jake didn’t know that. When Jake got to Mikes building, he was surprised to see that Mike was going out on his own stroll. They came across each other and Mike showed Jake a meme. This made Jake laugh.
Dec 17
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Snow Day

Tomorrow I hope there will be a snow day

A time for sleeping in

For relaxing

For fun

The feeling of sleeping in and not having to go to school

Is one of the best feelings one can imagine

There is no rush

No stress

And more sleep

Then there is relaxing

A time to push away the homework

The drama

And the fun

Sometimes there needs to be a day

A day to relax

There is also fun

I can play in the snow


Play video games

All of this

Is what makes makes a snow day

Something to look forward to  

Dec 13
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    I revere my parents, because they deserve that kind of respect. They very rarely yell at me, they feed me, they give me someplace to sleep. But most importantly, they love me. They take me on vacations, they take me on skiing trips. They use most of their money on me and my siblings. These are just some of the examples of why I revere them. They also allow me to do however I want in school and don’t ridicule me if I get one C. They also know me better than anyone(except for myself). There is also no reason not to revere them, because they almost never do anything that I think doesn't deserve their respect. Lots of kids that I meet are like “I hate my parents.” I can’t say this is true for me. I truly revere my parents.    

Nov 20
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A Minute in the Mind

This lesson is stupid

When will class be over

How can this go on any longer

That's interesting

I didn’t know the world worked like that

Could everything I learn be this interesting

If I really try

To understand


This must be a one time thing

Nothing in school is this interesting

But maybe if I really pay attention

To what is suggested

I could learn interesting things

And become smarter

I have never thought this way

What am I doing

I am not this smart

At least that is what I have always told myself

But what if my attitude

For my whole life

Has been wrong

And I never listened to the people who have tried to help me

But maybe if I don’t look at my past

And look at my future