Jan 30
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Happy Birthday To Me.

Another birthday, another year around the sun, and another wish. I am awaiting the same thing that happens every year. My mom will ask me what cake I want. I’ll say, “Vanilla with chocolate frosting and chocolate chip crumbles on top”. My special birthday cake order hasn’t changed in eleven years. My family will gather around the dining room table… or maybe sit on the couch if the Celtics game is on. My sister will practically sprint around the house turning out all the lights, and then my parents will proceed to yell at her for running too fast. “You’re shaking the whole house! If you knock it down it’s you who’s gonna pay for it”. My sister will sigh, I will laugh, and then my mom and dad will bring in the cake. I’ll look at the hot wax dripping down the birthday candles to meet the savory chocolate frosting.
Jan 24
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His Smile and Her Baby Blues

All it took was that smile

So silent

Yet it says everything

His tooth gap showing 

Lips curling 

One look 

And he knows what I am thinking 

I never want to leave this moment 

Staring at his imperfections that make him perfect somehow

Our nonverbal talks are my favorite 

And I know he feels the same

All it took was her gaze

One look said exactly what I wanted to hear

Eyes brighter than sapphires

But deeper than the ocean

And I want to dive in.

Her baby blues seem to smile

Glinting a brilliant blue

Eyebrows raised

Looking simply glad 

To be alive

To be together

To be loved.

With one glance

She knows what I'm thinking 

I want time to stop

So we can keep talking without saying a word.
Jan 10
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Dumpster Divers

The trash was hot. Who needs a sauna anyways when you have piles among piles of steamy funky smelling waste. To make things even better, there were free eclairs at the very bottom of the dumpster. This was the best meal I had ever found in dumpster 9. I had everything I could ever want. Some steaming hot garbage, a steaming hot complection, and my eclairs. Well… almost everything I wanted. The one thing I wanted more than all the dumpster eclairs in the world was to have someone to share my hard earned food with. Not many people in this world approved of my unique lifestyle. In fact, I had never met someone that approved of my favorite hobby until Basil. That name made me think of that dumpster behind the fancy Italian restaurant where I would go when I wanted a bit of a fancy meal. It always smelled like rotten basil in that giant trash can.
Dec 20
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A Daily Reminder

Tomorrow I hope for a lot of things

I hope that I get the shoes I want

I hope I get pizza for dinner 
But that isn’t important now is it?

There is something I hope for every day 

Which is for everyone to stop being so mean
As amazing as people are, they can be quite awful too

I hear people every day talking 

And talking 

And talking 

And talking 

What are they talking about?

Let me tell you 
Jess is calling Katie a dumb piece of garbage 

Katie is calling Joe a retard

Joe is saying to Carl that girls are no good for anything besides cooking 

Carl is saying to Brad that he only hooked up with that girl for her body
Sometimes I wish people would stop talking 

Why do these people feel the need to be so mean?
This is your daily reminder to be kind

Don’t talk poorly about someone 
Dec 12
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Music Is The Master


It makes me feel something more than myself 
Like when the symphony of a violin builds in a song

 I want to fly straight up into the atmosphere and look down at our planet and feel bigger than life itself

When I hear a broken voice next to a melancholy piano

It feels like I am a chalice and someone is sipping life itself from my veins

And leaving behind nothing but tears dripping in silver from my cerulean eyes
A string of lyrics that draw pictures in my mind

Scribbling all of life’s emotions onto a blank sheet of parchment
The bass dropping like rain into a puddle 

Compelling me to dive in and get lost in the music
It is difficult for me to think of one kind of music I adore

Because it isn’t about the genre for me.

It is about the instrumental genius and poetic lyrics

They make me spin out of control in the best way imaginable
Dec 06
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I Can’t Stand The Wait

I get my advent calendar and start the countdown 

Naturally, I eat all of the chocolate on the first day

It’s the thought that counts anyways
I can’t stand the wait!

For good food

Good presents 

Good people 

For Christmas 
It seems my entire world revolves around the fact that Christmas is on its way

The same way the Earth revolves around the sun 

Making our planet cold to the touch with mounds of fluffy snow

Dulling all noise of the outdoors to a slight murmur 
Leaving a thick blanket of darkness in the winter sky

Complete and utter blackness by 6:00 pm
The world is aiding Santa Claus on his journey

Helping him camouflage 

Helping him deliver immeasurable amounts of presents to little boys and girls

All around the world
I wonder if they hate waiting as much as I do
Nov 29
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I Miss You

    I try to live my life with no regrets, but that is a tough task to undertake when I am faced with so many decisions that could go horribly wrong. If I take time to reflect on my life and try to think of one thing I would love to fix, I immediately think of my cousin who was once my best friend. It has been so hard to watch our relationship fall apart over the years. We went from being two blissful little girls who would play with Barbie dolls together and run around trying to catch kittens for hours on end, to strangers. We never talk, and when we do speak, it feels so forced and well… awkward. We were so close, but somewhere along the line, we stopped being friends. If I were able to go back in time and find out where it all went wrong and save our bond, things would be much different. For example, we would talk to each other not only when we absolutely have to, but all the time. Things between us would go back to the way they were. I think about this often.
Nov 22
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 I did it! I ran away from home. I wonder what my parents are thinking. I hope they are full on freaking out. Last time I ran away from home, it only took them 30.567 seconds to find me. That is one of the cons about being a five year old girl in this day and age. It’s not like I’m allowed to drive anywhere. Anyways, I didn’t even make it a block away from home before I stopped running, started crying, ate all of my rations (a peanut butter and jelly sandwich), and then my parents took me home. But this time will be different, I just know it. Wait a second, I forgot my toothbrush! How am I supposed to survive on my own without my toothbrush? That means I have to buy a new one at the department store 10 blocks away. I can’t go that far. I’ll just start crying like last time. Too late. The hot tears are running down my cheeks just as I have an amazing idea! I’ve only been gone a minute. So what if I just go home, grab my toothbrush, and then run away.
Nov 14
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A State of Simply Being


What does it even mean

To L






Why can’t I just let go 

Let my mind fade to nothingness

It’s as if there is a flock of geese where my brain should be

Loud squawking thoughts peck at my forehead 

An unimaginable headache

I open my eyes 

Rub my head

I see everyone in front of me

The silence is nice

The serenity

Now I know the answer to my question 

As I sit here and ponder

I realize that meditation does not mean to let go of one's thoughts

It means to focus 

To reflect 

To relax

To simply be present in one’s thoughts

Meditation is a state of simply being.

Nov 01
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If Not Now, Then When?

If not now, then when? 

When will we stop hurting the earth

When will we stop hurting each other 

When will the world become a place where people feel safe
If not now, then when?

When will we stop putting off that assignment until the last minute

When will we get the courage to not follow the ring leader
What is a better time than now?

You only live in the now for so long. 

Live with no regrets.
Get that new haircut you’ve been wanting 

Make new friends

Travel the world

Help people in need

Be kind 

stand up for what’s right 

Go to that party

Buy that dog

Tell them how you feel

Live on the wild side.
Because if not now, then when?