May 22
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The Trip

    Flo bounced down the stairs with her long blond hair streaming behind her. 

    “Are you ready?!?”She shouted excitedly.

    “Yes!”I laughed. 

    Today was the day! We had waited all school year for this. I couldn’t wait until this time. We were finally going to California! It was going to be a long 8 and a half hours until we got there but it would be worth it! 

    “Okay I’m ready Flo’s father called from the kitchen. He walked out into the living room smiling at us. He was my favorite person besides Flo and my parents. Flo’s mother had died when she was at a young age. All Flo and I remembered of her was that she always made ginger snap cookies.  

    Flo’s dad loaded all of our luggage into the back of his car and off we went. About 40 minutes later we made it to the airport. We had about an hour until our plane left. 
May 06
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He walked into the office and bumped a desk on his way to his own desk. The papers on the corner of the desk flew up and landed on the floor. I frowned at Joe as he sat down. Everywhere he went was like there was a hurricane following him. Like it was hovering over his head. 

He slammed his coffee on the table and some of it spilled. I giggled a bit. He glared at me. I looked down at my paper and laughed in my head. He got mad at me and threw his papers down and walked into the boss's office. On no! No again….

Apr 28
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I walk through the foggy morning. I had stopped running because of the fog. I walked slowly along the edge of the ocean. All I heard was the loud crashing waves. I stood for a second trying to figure out where I was. I peered through the thick fog and eventually realized that I was at the edge of the ocean. 

    The fog had cleared for a small part and I could almost see the waves clearly. I sat down on the wet sand. My clothes were already soaked from the waves splashing water on me. I looked at the rolling waves of water. They moved in a sort of graceful way. Like dancing. Each one moved perfectly with the next. 
Apr 09
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I know you....

    I walked down the isles of the grocery store. I picked up a box of cereal and put it in the cart. I looked at my shopping list. Only three more things. But I just couldn’t find the….

    And then I saw her. And she looked so familiar. With her long blond straight hair that hung halfway down her back. Her bangs that hung just to her eyelashes. And her startling blue eyes. They were like ocean blue but with a hint of the stormy sky. I walked closer to her pretend ending to look for something on the shelf. I picked up a box of pop tarts. I looked at the label. They were blueberry. Gross! I tossed them in the cart and peeked a glance over at her. She had a box of rice in her hand and looked like she was debating whether or not to get a different brand. 

    I pulled my cart around to face hers and blocked her path to getting out of the aisle. And then I went for it. 
Apr 06
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Lost but not Forever

I stood at the edge of the shore, the waves hitting my feet. I stared out into the foggy morning. It had been twenty-four hours since she had left. Gone. Forever. And it was all my fault. I kicked the wet sand at my feet and it fell splashing in the salty ocean water. I kicked more sand into the cold water and began running. As I ran it started raining. The cold water hitting my face while tears streamed down it. I yelled out into the empty beach. It wasn’t fair. Why her? Out of all the people in the world, the person I loved most had to go.

I fell onto the wet sand and screamed. The empty hole in my chest was too much. Without her, I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. She was the light that guided me through life. 

I heard tiny footsteps creeping up next to me and then a small hand on my back. I pulled away. I didn’t want anyone but her. I didn’t want to touch anyone but her, talk to anyone but her, all I ever wanted and still want is her. 
Mar 25
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The Cliff

    I run through the woods, my hands trailing on the foliage along the sides of the packed down trail. The trail had been used by me, my mother, and her mother, and so on and on. It led to a small magical place where I felt safe. It was the most beautiful place on earth. The only place where I felt I couldn’t be touched. As I got to the end of the trail I slowed my pace to a walk. I took a few moments before the end of the trail to notice the bright white lily’s lining the sides of the trail. They were almost glowing against the dark green ferns. Little spots of magic. 

    As I broke out of the woods I took in a deep breath and smelled the sweet salty air of the ocean. There it was. Everything I wanted. Just to stay here. There was a beach that raced for miles along the waterline. The giant rock that was pointed at the front, only a few shades darker than the sand. 
Mar 18
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If I could describe humor I would say humor is a quality that people have that makes them seem funny to other people. Humor is something people have that makes them a funny and lighthearted person. They are the kind of person that everyone likes being around. 

            I think I would consider humor to be kind of a sense. Because not everyone has it. Some people get it naturally and others don’t. Humor is the ability to find something funny no matter the situation. 

             Common sense I think is what you know is right and wrong. It’s almost like an instinct. You were born knowing how to do something or you know what the right thing to do is without having to have someone tell you how to do it. 

Mar 10
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The man with the Sign

I walked down the stone steps, my heels clicking against it. My paste pink dress swung gently back and forth because of the cool September wind. I stood at the bottom of the steps waiting for my little sister. She came jumping down the stairs. I held out my hand for hers and she smiled up at me. 

    “Are we ready?” She asked excitedly.

    “Yes,” I replied, smiling down at her. 

    This was her first circus and I couldn’t wait to take her! Mom had made me wait until she was four. And the circus only comes twice a year. We strolled down the side of the street making our way through thick crowds of people that were in tents selling things to us. We just kept walking. Our goal was to get to the giant tent in the center of town. Eventually, we made it there. By now the sun was setting, casting a golden glow over everything. We stepped inside the tent and looked above us. It was huge and filled with hundreds of people. 
Mar 05
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How We Lost

Just us. That was how it had always been. Seven of us mice living in an old house just outside of town. We had been there since before I could remember. Everything was perfect. We lived in quiet and peace. The house was cool and airy and the curtains that were never taken down were closed all the way but an inch at the bottom letting the tiniest bit of light in. Like I said. Perfect. 

    Until one day. I had woken to the sound of a truck and talking people. I jumped up from my corner on the floor and ran to wake up the other mice. We all ran to the window and looked out. There was a young man and a lady. There was a moving truck and they were pulling things out from it and setting it on the lawn. The young lady was holding something wrapped in a light blue blanket. Oh no! It couldn’t be! It was a baby! I felt like fainting. Kids were the worst! And these new people living here we would have to do something about them. 
Feb 25
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Who I am

Shyness...It has always lurked around me. Surrounding me throughout my entire life. It had been there through the worst and best times. I’d always hoped it would go away but it never seemed to fade. It attracted unwanted behavior sometimes. Especially in middle school. In middle school when I was shorter than everyone and then picked on and I didn’t have the courage to speak up. But I knew what they said wasn’t true so I ignored them. High school was a little better but I ended up being the kid that sits alone and does school work during lunch.