Feb 19
fiction 0 comments challenge: Reach
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I Could Have Reached Higher

    I stood there at the end of the track where my mark was. I was waiting for my turn to jump. I was extremely nervous because I had failed to make the minimum jump previously. I looked down at my tape mark with my name on it. I knew I wasn’t a jumper but I had to try this at least before I could make any rash decisions. The person before me took her third and final jump. The director called my name. 

    I shook out my body and took a deep breath. This was it I told myself. My final jump. The jump that was going to decide whether or not I would do long jump again or not. I rocked back on my heels and started to run forward. I hit my foot right in the mark and jumped up. I landed in the sand and looked back. I had failed the jump again. I thought I had jumped high enough but I didn’t. I sighed and looked around at the other girls who were jumping perfectly. If only I could reach a little farther...

Feb 13
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The Choice

The Choice
    I stood at the edge of the road thinking of which way I wanted to run home. Should I go the faster way or should I take the long way? I needed to get home soon and because tomorrow was a big day. But if I took the short way I wouldn’t have time to think. And what I needed was time. I needed more time. More time to decide on what to do. What if I made the wrong choice and lost what I wanted most? But could I honestly choose a boy over school? The best school in the entire world? I had wanted to go to Harvard since I was a little kid. It has been my dream school since I first started going to school. I had waited so long for this day. 
Feb 04
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15 Words

    Describing myself in 15 words…
















    And that’s how I would describe myself in 15 words.

Jan 29
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Three Wishes

    My wish for tomorrow is that they will find a cure for all diseases. That everyone will be healed. No one will die from diseases anymore. My wish for my 25th birthday is that all of the world problems will be solved. My last wish on my 50th birthday will be that I can be with my family in a house that I like.

Jan 24
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The Unspoken Words

I stood at the edge of the cliff looking down at him. I stared at him for a moment until it became uncomfortable and then looked away. We both knew what we had to do. It was the only option we had. The only one that would work. 

    We both knew we couldn’t say a word because of what would happen. There were rules that were put in place to protect us from talking. To make plans with each other. To communicate at all with anyone. 

    We looked at each other again and turned around and bolted to the door. We had to stop this and it had to stop now. 

Jan 17
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I walk along the edge of the ocean dipping my feet into the cold water. I run my hands through my hair and sigh. It has been three weeks since the accident. I should be getting better at holding this in. 

    I walk a few feet into the water and look out at the sun rising slowly in the distance turning the sky red, orange, and then finally pink. I walk further out until the water is just above my waist. 

    Would the accident gone better if I had been there for her? No, obviously not. It would have gone bad either way but I should have been there no matter what. 

    I stare out at the waves seeing how the move in such perfect grace. There is no  mistakes and it goes where it wants. I wish that everything in life could be as simple as the waves.
Jan 09
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The Surprise

    Okay so I’ve been planning this party for weeks now. No months! My best friends Ally is turning 16! I have been planning and planning this party for and wanted her to have the best time at it. I invited our entire class and all of our friends. I even invited the kid no one liked. Nelson. Everyone hated him. He was so mean and he always picked on the younger kids. I invited him because I didn’t want him to feel bad. I hated excluding people. 

    Okay anyway back to the story. I had asked everyone to come and had made everyone promise not to say a word to Ally about it. Everyone had promised except for Nelson. He just nodded his head and walked away smiling. I had hoped he wouldn’t say anything to her and I didn’t think he would until the other night when we were at a party and he got mad at someone. 

Three days earlier at the party
    “I am going to tell everyone about the party! Even Ally!” Nelson shouted above the music. 
Dec 17
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If everything goes well

Tomorrow, I hope…
        Tomorrow I hope that everything goes well. I hope that the sun shines bright on the snow. I hope that I wake up happy ready to go to school. I hope that I do well on my tests. I hope that I get to read my book. I hope that one day I will go to college and become the doctor I want to be. 

    I hope that the day goes well for everyone else. I hope that my friends are happy and do well throughout the day no matter what they do. I hope that it snows on the ice-covered roads.     I hope when I walk outside the wind blows gently through my hair. I hope that the stars will shine bright against the black sky. 

    Tomorrow I hope everything goes well. Of course, by saying this is will go all wrong but tomorrow I hope it all goes well. 

Dec 12
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Thank you

Someone I have reverence for is my mother. I  may not always show it and I might act like a brat to her but she is one of my favorite people in the entire world. She does so much for me and my siblings. She never shows how hard it is to take care of us sometimes especially when we fight with each other over stupid little thing. 

    She makes sure we have everything we need and is always there for us. Whenever we need her she drops what she is doing to give us what we want. She makes sure we are happy and does her best to get us everything we need. She one of the few people I trust and will never let me down. Thank you so much for being there. I want to be just like you when I grow up. 
Dec 05
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A Winter Waiting

I stand at the edge of the mountain waiting to ski down. I have waited to do this for the entire year. I love skiing and to only be able to do it for a few months and then have to wait is excruciating. It is like waiting for the first snowfall. You wait all year and the excitement builds up and then you can’t wait anymore. 

    I breathe in the fresh, cool mountain air as I start to go down the mountain. It feels natural, like riding a bike or swimming. I ski all of the way down hoping I don’t crash like I did last year. I get to the bottom and laugh with joy. I have waited and finally, I get to do what I love again.