Nov 25
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Is it the Right Choice?

“You can have one wish to change something that has happened today.” The Angel said, hovering above me. 

    I thought quickly about everything that has happened today. There are so many things I wanted to change. Like how Alec had died and Isabel was sick and all of the children who had rushed into the realm unskilled to fight the demons. 

    “You don’t have that much time.” The Angel warned me. 

    I shook my head trying to think of the thing I wanted most. And then it hit me. To make all of this stop I need to make it all go away. But was it worth it? To lose all of my friends and this whole magical world that no one knew about to save humans. Could I do that to myself? Make everyone else safe and happy while I was here with no one anymore. But wait. 

    There was one more thing. I could separate the worlds instead of ending this one. 
Nov 18
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His Thoughts

I look over and see the shadows swarming overhead. I try to keep my eyes closed but they are fighting to close. NO! I have to save them. I try to shake the person's thoughts from my mind. I run over to the sink and splash cold water on my face but I am still in the thoughts. I watch as he pulls the children out of the lake saving them from drowning. I watch them leave the shore and drive off and then I snapped back to reality. I am staring at the face of a teacher, horrified that I had just read his thoughts. I wondered if he saw my expression. I turn around and run out of the room and down the hall forbidding myself from ever looking someone in the eyes. 
Nov 13
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I sit with my eyes closed thinking about everything all at once. I am stressed about school because it is so different from my old school. I’m still not sure how to do everything but it is getting easier. I miss my old friends and most of all I miss my best friend. I wish she was here with me. This is my first year without them and I wish I was with them. I thought I would be fine without them but the truth is I miss them so much and I want to tell them but I don’t know-how. Last year was so perfect and this year sucks so much. I know I shouldn’t compare them but it is hard not to do. I hope it gets better. Some of my friends here are nice and some of them are mean. I just want to graduate and go to college. 

Oct 31
fiction 0 comments challenge: When?
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If not know when?

The phrase is not now, when means if you are going to do something and you can do it, why wouldn’t you? Many people who want to do things in the future don’t always do it. If you don’t do something because something is holding you back think about what is more important. The thing holding you back or what you want to do? If you want to do something do it. You shouldn’t let anyone stop you from following your dreams. Many people say they want to do things but they don’t have time for them. If you really want to do that thing, whatever it is, you should make time for it otherwise it’s not that important to you. If you really want to do something do it because if you don’t you are going to spend your entire life wondering what it would have been like. 
Oct 25
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The perfect day with the perfect friend

    I wake up with the sun shining on my face. I looked out my window to see the snow from the night before. I quickly jumped out of my bed and ran downstairs. My mother was in the kitchen making waffles, my favorite! After breakfast, I put on my coat and scarf and ran down the road to my friend Emma’s house. I knocked on her door twice and she opened it with her coat and scarf already on. We looked at each other giggling like little kids and ran down the road to the ice rink. We got out skates on and spent the entire morning ice skating. It was something we had been doing since we were five years old. After that, we went back to her house for lunch. Her mother made up chicken pot pie, which as Emma’s favorite food. 
Oct 18
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Winter Fun

Winter is my favorite time of the year because of the magic it brings. You wake up in the morning with the frost on your window from the cold night before, the sun shining brightly in you face. I eat your breakfast and rush outside to greet the cold, chilly air excited for the day to begin. You pick up some of the fluffy flakes of snow from the ground and start to turn it into a ball forming the base of a snowman. After all morning of playing in the snow your mother alls you in for lunch. After lunch you head back outside to play and then before you know it it is time for dinner. After feeling full from dinner and exhausted from being outside all day you sit down on the couch and watch a Hallmark movie. After the movie and the sky has turned black you hurry and put on all of your winter stuff and run outside with your mother. You grab your sled from the side of the house and together you run to the top of the hill behind your house.
Oct 10
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The house no one lives in

I walked down the long and curvy road. I knew that I should now be out this late but I stayed anyway to look at the beautiful view of the trees. There was never enough time to look at the red, yellow, and orange leaves. It was like they were there one day and then the next they were gone. I pushed the memory of today out of my mind and focused on getting home before it got much later. There was only one house on the road and it was abandoned or so everyone thought. Last year a couple of kids from older grade decided to see what was inside the house and they never came back. Since then no one has ever been back on this road. I only went on it because of all of the roads in town it had the best view. I looked up ahead and saw that the house was only a few feet away. I decided to walk past it fairly quickly, still afraid of what had happened to the other kids that had broken in. I was only a few feet from the door when it suddenly swung open almost smacking me in the face.
Oct 03
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Saving People

I soar through the tree tops and spread my wings as wide as they go. I look down below me as I fly through the sky. I flew as fast as I could trying to find the girl. If I didn’t get there soon she would die and then that meant I failed my job. 

    “Do you see anything?” The voice in my ear asked.

    “Not yet but I am getting close to the ocean. That is where her mom said he took her, isn’t it?” I double checked.

    “Yes. The ocean should be about a mile or so to the right.” 
Sep 27
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The Wrong Decision

I looked around me as I stepped out of the forest. I sighed as I continued walking to the center of the field that surrounded me. When I got to the middle of it I sat down. It appeared to but then I heard a noise coming from behind me. It was getting too dark to see anything so I stood up and said,

    “Who’s there?”

    No one answered me. 

    I stood up and walked to the edge of the woods and walked out to the other side. No one was there. 
Sep 18
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Who I am

My name is Nicole Farnham. I am a normally calm person and I love school and learning. I like hanging out with my friends and laughing. I m good at reading, skiing, and being there for people when they need someone to talk to. I like listening to music especially classical music. My favorite composer is Beethoven. One of my hobbies is decorating houses and rooms. I love interior design. When I graduate 12th grade I want to go to Albany Medical College for undergrad school to become a general surgeon. For graduate shcool I would love to go to Harvard Medical school. The reason I want to be a general sergeon is because I want to save and help people who need it. If I cannot be a general sergeon for any reasons I would still like to be able to help people any way I can.