Sep 13
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I looked down below me and saw the entire mountain covered in snow with people skiing down it. They were going so fast it looked like they would crash. It was my first time skiing down a mountain this big. I was so scared and I wasn't sure I should do it. I looked over at my teacher who was looking down the hill. I looked down again and then all of the sudden I slipped and I was flying down the hill so fast I could barly see what was in front of me! I cleaned my goggles of and looked. Up ahead there was a huge mountain I had to go up. I started to go up but then when I was almost there my ski got caught up in some loose snow and it sent me flying up the hill. At the top I was laying facedown when my friends rushed up to see if I was okay. I said I was fine just scared because I hadn't known what to do after my ski got caught. After I got up and took a few deep breaths and finished skiing down the hill.