Feb 12
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My home for me is….
A place where I could just sit down and have time to think in quiet without anyone there to bother me or be loud. 
A place where my imagination could stretch thousands and thousands of miles and still have more room for the other crazy ideas I still have when I get older. 
A place where my family never has to worry about problems in life and where we are all just happy in life.
A place where I could be a girl without someone telling me I could not play a sport or do something I love or want to try.  
A place where my brothers and I could go and grab our skates and sticks and just go skating and playing hockey.
A place where every night I could look up into the sky and see every star twinkling and sparkling with the big bright moon.
A place where my freinds and I could just hang with each other and have so much fun without breaking any rules.
Nov 20
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       When we were in high school and middle school we would always find someone we thought was cute or someone we really like. Now, at this time, you are pretty young in your life. You do not think about what will happen when you are older to you and this person. People say that your first love may never be your last. It got me to thinking…. what if we only date at a young age for the fun of it? 

Yes, finding that person you like at a young age is fun, and you say you are in an actual relationship, but do you even understand what we are doing? Just to say you actually loved someone in our young life, is not right. The thing is, do people actually know what the phrase “I love you” means. People say it all the time but do they mean it? 
Oct 24
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         As I looked at this human in front of me I was wondering what they were doing and what were they wearing. This human was sitting there on this big rock. He had this bag thing that seemed like it was filled with food. I took a long look at this human and was wondering why they had all this stuff on them. This human seems very stupid and useless. I kept looking at them and they pulled these black things they put on their eyes. I was confused, can’t they see perfectly fine without those black things. 

A while went by since they moved again. I started to go back and get food for my family. Right before I turned they pulled a banana out of their magical bag. I thought to myself that instead of going to find food I could take theirs. I started very slowly to get close. 
Oct 24
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Hockey is the bomb 
I check people on the ice
I‘m very violent

Winter is coming
I will be happy as heck
Cause hockey will start

Snow will be falling
Kids will be building snowmen
Kids laughing with joy

Christmas is coming
Trees will be decorated 
Presents under trees