Mar 05
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In the Garden

In the garden she waits 
Deserted and destroyed   
Unhurriedly becoming rabid 
and uncontrollable,
Stuck there surrounded by
Wilted raspberry bushes 
and overgrown lilac trees 
blocking warmth,
Poison ivy engrossing her 
reaching the light too.` 
Seeping into her blood
Consuming her, 
There in the garden. 
Jan 21
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Unless I’m with you

It’s not the same unless I’m with you.
Like warmth without cold,
Like rain without clouds,
Without them together you can’t have life
Or death.
Without anguish you can’t have bliss
And without an oven the unbaked blueberry pie 
Can’t accomplish it’s end.
That why If we were to part I don’t think l
Could ever work again.

Jan 20
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Actions and consequences

Running on the bones of broken promises, 
Crossing the vast land of lies, 
Wading into the ocean of tears, 
Flying in the stomach of worries, 
Marching for days with defeat, 
Yelling at doubt in echoing caves,  
Floating on toil and soil of others, 
And falling into the endless pit of thoughts, 
These are the trips you take while alive,
Using others, others using you.
Defeat and hard work, love and pain. 
These are what make you, and you are what makes others. 
Remember when things feel hard, to just look back on those journeys and use the wounds 
to make a better person today then what was yesterday.    
Jan 16
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Abused me, used me, then throw me away that’s the endless cycle I go through every day waking up in the morning to scribbled notes sleeping in the evening to the trash I go. I see many people everyday and they always have something different to say from love letters to a Leonardo type drawings to the simplest stick figure that makes her smile. I help people come together and many times apart I am made from my ancestors the trees and often I’m torn apart.

Dec 12
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My feet are so tired
walking so long under the sea.
I can’t breath so far unground to deep.
I can’t feel my feet the oxygen leaving me.
My head feeling so dizzy, it’s so dark,
I didn't realize I was torn apart.
Dec 12
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Dec 06
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thirteen year olds

Nov 15
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Yesterday I shot a man, yesterday
resting there with that dazzling tan,
with invisible scars and tainted skin,
shouting, screaming, white lights flashing,
knowing in your eyes stars surround you.
Stars that aren’t made of light no,
but of a 5,000 degree fire, burning you inside.
Yesterday I shot you yesterday,
sorry I can tell you didn't want me too.
Sorry because of that one picture,
your life is gone.
Nov 08
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Little things "edited"

Oct 31
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Anxiety is a spell enchanting you.

Anxiety is feeling like you shouldn't speak or move.

Anxiety is a worm infecting your brain screaming.

Anxiety is the dog barking at only you when you walk by making your lung lose there power and your head start to spin and your eyes start to fill with tears but no don't make a scene just laugh it off. Anxiety is a movie replaying the same part over and over again.

Anxiety to some is like a little butterfly and to others it swarms wrapping around there body suffocating them.