May 05

a wall over

a wall over
are well wrapped
I wish to nestle
on my tongue
and describe to you
the kind where
you cage your breath
in fragile lungs
til it bruises into 
a beast
that threatens to burst
just to hear what
they are saying
and a word 
or two
vibrate like bees
in your ears
honey making you 
itch with guilt
but the conversation
falls to quickly
before you can pick it up
lying like shattered 
jam jars on the floor
for you to piece back together
carefully trying to 
open sealed envelopes
without ripping them 
in half
and the creatures
a wall over
seem to be talking about
their sewn lip sentences
with exitement
they know their words
are driving you mad
and the conversation
no one can hear
curls around your ear
Apr 23

Shirt shopping

I was buying a shirt
nothing terribly
life changing
or important
one design
two styles
men's and
and it seemed 
quite normal that
the shirts would be different
yet nothing gave reason
to the low neckline
on the women's shirt
it is hard to write a poem
to explain how 
unsettling that was for me
how I was supposed
to want such a shirt
such a neckline
and that they took the 
to say it was a 
women's shirt
and while I had 
been sleeping
they had decided
what I liked
what I was
who I would be
and like a braid
I lost my choice
along with my
naive placidness
sending waves
on that once
calm surface
and I don't want to make
a fuss
but as I walked 
in the dark
I stumbled
and found a tug
Apr 22

Spring snow

Snow puddles
upon the grass
like grease stains 
on a brown paper bag
when it first fell
like small 
parachutes soldiers
from an enemy
on the 
blushing grass
again the magnolia
takes all my pity
it has no escape
in the spring storm
quite underdressed
in fruity gauze
quickly follows
the forsythia 
yellow thinning
to white supreme
both trees stand
pompeii shadows
ash petals captured
or at least until tomorrow
when the bees find them
but for now they remain 
pale and sickly
daffodils strain
to keep their necks above
the rising snow
whites waves 
shocked flowers 
pucker their petals
all small blooms
twist close like
umbrellas in the snow
worms poke up
only to feel the 
stinging flakes 
and those who 
twitched in the 
Apr 15


Magnolia risen
from mangled bark
pinks delighting
winter dark
yet you come too quick
And missed the flowers 
To only bloom
a couple hours
and in the brown 
Your petals hold
Against spring gusts
surprisingly bold
and among the coming
With a pitiful eye
You came too soon
I watch you die
Apr 14

Split Second

Split second

Where is the knife

That butchers the clock

Into small digestible pieces

A common breed who cries for more

Yet a relatable soul that screams for less

And holds the knife

To break the second

Into splits

Where the living happens

Brutal and cruel

And with that shining blade

Time is shaved

And we fit our bloated bodies

Into a single pant leg

Then a sock and finally

The finger of a mitten

And in our apprehension 

Arms shaking

for the next 

Split second

We miss five more

And the matches we forget to smother

Light fires in that split second

Blunt and bright

And the words we say in that split second

Seal all the unsent envelopes

And I break that small green snake
Apr 07


Children born in smoke
let it curdle in their cradles
they fill their cheeks with
cold hunks of coal 
and let the embers 
warm their toes
children born in smoke
can breath much
when the burning ends
since they learned to
live in the chimney 
stack before
they could count
children born in smoke
know how to light a fire
Apr 07

The Birds

Usually the birds flew
since they were told that they 
sometimes they sat on 
since they did not believe they
and sometime they lay
like raw dough on the pavement
only the feathers alive in the wind
none of the birds spoke 
neither the living or the dead
the ones on the wires 
sometimes looked at you
head settled on tight shoulders
and their feather shawls
ruffled in muted wind
soldiers in their trench coats
they looked like an army
or quite possibly a funeral procession
and none spoke
the flying birds
did not careen
or swoop
or spin in pleasant loops
they looked as dead as the 
mounds on the pavement
every so often the birds would switch places
the ones on the wire 
diving onto the pavement
wings splaying 
feathers straining
the flying birds would 
clasp the wire like
Mar 25


and I stumble for words
but it is something like this
eyes blur
as I frantically try to focus
And I almost see 
wait no 
a hulking creature
cloaked and shaded
Yellow eye beaming
from the knot of a tree
arms hugging the bark
yet I blink hard
and the 
is gone
just a rotting log
maybe it is just the fear
of being watched
I don't want to look
yet it is a warm dawn
and birds throb between notes
I still fear that
Gaze colliding
between the trees
that smile masked or maybe hooded
between paralyzed trees
I can't explain
but I recognize that fear that one day 
I will look
and something will be looking back
Mar 24

Bread Man

A single man, ragged and torn
Set out on a journey for bread
He'd never been full since the day he was born
and he would never until he was dead

A single day was all it took
for the man to find himself lost
he entered a village built round a brook
and asked what a lodging might cost

A single thought came to his mind
that he should find out where he was
on the search for bread he should stay aligned
but worry is not what a hungry man does

A single house stood by the well
in the center of the muted town
it was open for lodging from what he could tell
but all the blinds where down

A single step on the crooked stoop
and a cry came from the board
mice streamed from a dusty coop
and from the gutter beetles poured

A single frown lit on the hungry man's face
but no fright came to his heart
he though that this was quite the place
Mar 24

Banana Colored Cloth