Dec 03

Christmas Season

Oct 31

Blue Bird

On my trip to the Grand Canyon, I spotted many animals and captured some photos that I became very proud of; this is one of them. On a trail at the cliff's edge, I saw this blue bird hopping and moving quickly from spot to spot. I took at least 20 pictures of this same bird in all different places. Many people were looking at me crazily while I waddled around to catch the perfect shot. Finally, I took this photo and was instantly shocked that I could capture something so beautiful. I am posting this picture to show this small animal's beauty and elegance. 
Oct 23

An Inspirational Adventure

I have always had a huge passion for wildlife, but when I first got my camera, my world brightened. Photography is an art that can be so moving and inspirational for me. This past year I went on a trip with my family to the Grand Canyon. The sites were so captivating and beautiful. The photo with the man in it was actually by chance. I saw this man on the edge of a cliff looking out to the canyon below and had to take a picture. Now, when I look at the picture I find deeper meanings behind it. I now see someone looking out into their future and seeing beauty. The picture of the crow was taken when a swarm of crows kept creeping towards my family's table while we tried to eat. I got many pictures of different crows, but this one stuck with me. 
Oct 10

Haunted Kitty

Black cats have always been looked at as bad luck around Halloween time. Children notice one strolling down the street and are slightly more afraid of the cat than if it was a different color because of the stories made. Children's books sumarize black cats as witches' friends and evil, but in truth they are very loving if taken care of. When I first saw my cat I thought to myself, Do I really want a black cat? It could give me bad luck... Turns out I did because I got her. She was the smallest, fastest kitten in the room; always hiding and never wanting to be touched. After I got her, I spent many hours keeping her company and attempting to build a relationship with this cat. Now, 3 years later, she and I have an unseperable bond. Shadow gives good luck around Halloween instead of unluckiness that most black cats are seen to give. Whenever you see a black cat, I hope you now think about good luck instead of bad luck.