Feb 04
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Why does it feel
like I'm being pushed back to the
days of 2020

The Spring was a beginning of
something no one knew about
it was strange and confusing
and made me hurt with longing 
to see the ones that
I missed most

The Summer, however, felt better than ever
finally feeling free 

The Fall....
it was up and down
greatful to be back in person
it didn't feel the same

This current Winter
has been okay
but not ideal
teachers having to police everyone to social distance
not being with family for the holidays
it's been hard, that's for sure

And now, Febuary 2021
my birthday just passed
it was a snow day and I didn't get to see my best friends
my school has just gone remote
they say it's only for a few weeks,
but they said that last year, too
Oct 28
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Almost Halloween!!

Halloween is almost here.
We are decorating and preparing and are so excited for something more normal in a world of confusion and surpises.
The candy situation may be different, but it will feel similar in our hearts, and we will have a great time, no matter what we're doing to celebrate!
I think that even if you're not going to do anything special on Halloween, you might still be able to enjoy it just as much, because it is kind of a time of weird, confusing things, but halloween is simple. You just put on a costume and have fun!
Sometimes it feels like the world has changed forever, and maybe it has. But at least there are some traditions that are worth fighting to keep alive!
Aug 05
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 Things are getting better
but still not great
only just barely good compared to what we had before...

 We were so lucky
to have our friends always by our sides

So yeah it has gotten better
but only just better than before
which was much much worse than normal.

 It's really all about perspective
if you look at it from a 2 months ago point of view
things are pretty amazing!

but if you look at it from 6 months ago...
well, we wouldn't be so happy

As long as things keep getting better
then we're on our way to a life that's better than normal
cause life will be normal, and we'll also all be so much happier than if it were normal, cause now we know what it's like living life without each other.
Jul 08
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Remember It

Remember that one time

when you sailed your boat too far
and you got lost in the night
when you left without saying goodbye
when your heart was filled too the brim with tears, but they never did surface?

Remember that happy day

of your graduation
your family reunion
of that one day that you decided to try a burrito and it changed your life?

Remember how your parents smiled

when you returned home from a sleepover camp
when you told then you missed them
when you won your first soccer game
when you went to get ice cream and said you could pay for theirs too?

And MAKE SURE you remember how you felt at the beginning of this crazy pandemic, and how you feel at the end,

because you'll regret it if you don't
May 28
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i sit at my "desk"
a sign saying "google meet class in progress" hangs from my doornob
my heart beats fast as the backround music in my head comes to the chorus
i stare at my computer sceen
my friends and teacher looking up at me
the tears have come
but i leave my camera on
i don't care
i'm crying cause i want to be with them and not letting them see me is certainly not gonna help
at this point i'm shaking vilantly 
my class has begun to notice
i hear distant "are you ok?"s and "i understand..."s coming from my laptop
but i don't care
i want it too much
to be in that classroom
share those moments of laughter and silliness
the song ends
i blow my nose
"it's gonna be ok", they tell me
do i believe them, well, i'm not sure
but i want to
and so i let myself
because eventually
it will
and there's still a part of me that doesn't care
May 28
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it's crazy
how even when 
it feels
like the whole world
misunderstands me
i can just pop in my earbuds
and feel like i'm listening to my own story
i look at my reflection 
in the
and feel 
a mixture
of emotions
there's sad
sometimes angry
but i am 
able to see myself in the
when i can't
in the mirror
and i find myself
when lost in
this maze of a life
May 25
poem challenge: CJP-COVID19
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Flying Solo

Once upon a time it was perfect...

We had no illness holding us back
no one was checking the news to see how many people the stupid virus had killed that day
everyone was hanging out and having gatherings of friends.
No one was too scared to enter a building because they weren't wearing a mask.
For once I felt like my class had become a family...
But now, though the world is still working together to fight Covid, I feel as if I'm flying solo, and my plane could crash at any moment.
So, if it does, I'll take my time
to rest
to breathe
to let all of the happy feelings resurface.
And then I will be ready to start building my plane again...
And soon it'll be time for take off.
I will fly high over the earth and observe what must change, and what should stay the same.
I will sore through the sky and at some point, hopefully, I will meet my friends and we will fly together to a safe landing.
May 22
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This Crazy Ride

this whole experience 
has been like a trip to somewhere no one is sure even exists
no one has a clue what will happen to us
this whole universe is driving in the same car
yet we're so far apart
having no clue where we're going and no way to get back home
it's like the vehicle has taken over control
and there are no break petals
we're zooming past the trees and hills that have always lived there, and we think, why did we have to change our lives, if these hills get to stay exactly the same? and these trees get to change their color only when they're ready, and then drop their leaves when the time feels right?
but we are beginning to understand
if we work together there is a chance that we'll be able to stop this car and end this crazy ride
if we only work with each other
to make
May 20
poem challenge: Go
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The Road

I just want to go
down this winding road
to travel it's full length
and do it again
and again
and again...
I want to spend hours 
going up and down this road
the wind in my hair and my friends surrounding me
chatting and laughing
and I don't care how fast I go
whether we travel at a run
or walk
or we drive
I just want to go
up and down this winding road
and see where it takes me
I want to watch as we leave
the fears of Covid behind
because we chose the road
that brings us together
May 18
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The Summary of Quarentined Life

Here is the progress of Covid's affect on all,
in 13 lines,
to describe what the world has been like from late late February, until who knows when? Probably this Fall.

We heard in China that  something was wrong. We didn't mind, it wasn't our problem.
Then we started seeing on the news, the deaths, the desease was spreading more and more rapidly!
First airports closed, and many other places followed.
Next thing you know school is closing too, and the U.S. is preparing for the worst.
Online learning is taking place.
We converse through video chat, or not at all.
People started sending memes, and song paradies having to do with quarentine and the behavior of those stocking up on things such as toilet paper and canned soups!
We grew accustomed to loneliness and longing and left behind the hope that this would be over in the blink of an eye, because the blink of an eye does not usually last two months.