Mar 31


 I am sitting right here, 
feeing quite drear.
I am worried, not excited.
Awfully thinking, but not having the slightest.
What will become, how will I know,
When this thing will end.
I guess I'll never know.
Mar 31

Not Right

Why can't I write?
My pencil won't move, I sitting here wondering.
I'm so annoyed and so confused, that I can't write with you.
It making me sad, and little bit mad.
I can't understand, I have nothing write, 
and this so so very not right!

Mar 31

Book Worm

Slowly weaving through the air
Your hair gliding like a breeze,
Right until you sneeze!
Oh no,
Your falling slow.
To a place that you'll never know.
Right into that book you soar,
Until you don't remember anything, no more.
The fairy tales, with all the glory.
The dark, scary, and harsh books with all the gory.
Alas, you'll never know, what book the you'll bestow.
It could a cliff hanger,
With all the danger
Or a text book, that will change your prospective
on things that are so very elective.
But I guess you'll never what will happen next.
Unless you dive in and ignore all the rest!

Mar 31


Mar 30

Little Acts

This is a good time to look back and say,
Oh, I never actually thought we could run out of that?
Or I never really appreciated that until now.
It's those little acts that bring out the good in us.
We should start those little tiny acts now.
Before it's to late.
So we can see the future the way it should be.
Even though were stuck inside.
You can still do so many things,
That will brighten someone's day.
Mar 30


We all belong somewhere.
We could belong in a certain place.
Like the ocean, Forrest, or mountains.
It could be a home, or a shelter.
It could be something totally different.
Like your family, or a friend, or a group of friends.
It could be your school, 
It could be a book, or a pet.
You can belong in anything.
But why should you blend in and belong when 
You are born to stand out!
Mar 30
poem 0 comments challenge: Belong


In this community, everyone is different.
Know one has the same color house.
Know one has the same type of dog.
Know one has the same name,
Know one has the same accent.
Everyone is unique and different.
That is why the community thrives,
And lives on when everything else is lost.
That is how someone belongs, by being different.
In this community, you never blend in,
You always stand out.
Mar 25


Mar 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Dream

The Step

We all have dreams,
Weather they are big or small,
Nice and mean,
They can all be acheived,
With that one small step,
That leads others to there steps.
We will never acheive our dreams,
Untill all the steps are taken,
And there are no more steps to take.
Mar 17

Why Do We Have Art