Feb 21
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In my blood and veins

I have water in my blood and veins. My long hair always whips in the wind and rain.
Twirling and falling drip after drop. 
In my blood and veins.
I'm a water bug.
I shoot to amaze.
In my blood and veins.
Just be brave.
Drip drop flip flop.
Rain falls. The sun stalls.
It's in my blood and veins.
Mother natures crazy game.

Feb 02
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Foul Shot

Swish. Bang, Dribble. Shot.
Crane my neck up at the hoop.
Girp the ball, it will not droop.
Put my feet on the line.
Oh please go in ball of mine.
Hands in positon.
Watch my vison.
Defense ready.
Box out go.
Offense ready to put on a show.
Okay defense go, go, go.
Swish. Bang. Dribble. Shot.
Oh please don't worry the ball was caught.
Rebound now.
Hold your ground.
Braids whip.
The ball dips.
In it goes.
Swish. You know.
Fans cheer.
Defense veers.
Jerseys bunch.
Elbows crunch.
Don't get cought.
Foul Shot.
Feb 02
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Why so much violence, Why so much power.
Everything insane, Messed up with all our glory.
Our pride is being hurt.
Our lives too.
Why are we not scared of what's happening to us too?
One person can start a fire.
One person can't put it out.
But if we work together with a good amount of help.
We might have a feeling nobody has ever felt.
We have to have a future.
A super amazing life.
Why can't we start now.
Not sacrifice our lives.
Everything is changing.
Totally rearranging.
It's not the end of time.
Just please.
Choose kind.
Jan 31
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Lake Tree

Jan 30
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Give Him A Crown

He let's you climb up his braches into the sun.
Celebrate him. It must be done.
I can't belive i'm saying this now. But the tree is a king.
So give him a crown.
He deserves it by now,
Hug him tight around.
He deserves that too. 
Play hide and seek.
Don't let him peek.
Most importantly of all.
Wish him a happy tree day.
For him and for all.
Sit in his shade.
Sleep by his side.
He's your tree.
Make him pround inside.

Jan 30
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Celebrate Him

It's easy to see what you can and can't do.
But the tree.
He's always there for you.
Celebrate him like you would for any other,
When it's cold outside give him a cover.
In the summer time. Let him be free.
Celebrate him.
Like you would for me.

Jan 30
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Tree-t him right

Bark and branches.
Sun and wind.
Leaves of gold, orange, and tin.
Love and joy,
Homes for the giving.
The tree sees everything. 
It's always a new beginning.
Rooted into place.
And glowing.
Sticky maple.
Spikey thorns,
Lovley marks.
And much more.
Each one tells a story
Thick, thin, old, and young.
The start of the tree has just begun.
It cycles through life like a bicycle tire.
Moving forward.
Gettting tired and tired.
Rake the leaves. Jump right in.
The tree is happy when your here with him.

Jan 30
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Smile. It's better than a frown.
It lifts you up when your feeling down.
Whenever you smile. Whenever you do.
I'm sure to catch in just like the flu.
I can hide it as much as I can.
But it always makes it's way through.
It always comes out when I'm around you.
It's all you have to do.

Jan 11
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It’s all you need

You can't win them all so dribble the ball.
Dont quit! Get up when you fall.
Run and run and run and run.
It's your time to shine. 
Get blown away.
I swear today is your day.
Go where you must.
But I promise you.
They'll be caught in the dust.
You can shoot score dribble and run.
But please most importantly have a lot of fun.
No matter your skill, talent, or team.
You'll be great. It's all you need.