Feb 11
poem 0 comments challenge: Me
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I like myself,
when I am myself.

Not when I change
myself for others to like

Or when I act different
just for people.

I have an unnatural hair with
different colors,
I'm overweight,
I'm growing more mature
than other girls in my class,
I have made terrible choices,
and I regret them all,

I cry a lot,
I am annoying most times,
I wish I was never in my family for my brother to have a better life,
But, I am me..
Feb 04
poem 0 comments challenge: Fifteen
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15 Words

Jan 23
poem 0 comments challenge: General
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I Went Deep For You

I left that morning
to find something for you
something special, or from the heart.
And I found it, I had to go down, far down,
and when I did, I found it.
I put them in a case, and wrote a note,

‘I went deep for you’.
A special meaning to you, and nobody else
in this crazy world of adventure.
I would, and will, do anything
for you, even if it means I
have to put my life on the line.
I will always have a place in my heart
for you, and just you.
My gift to you is not as special as others think,
but to me it’s part of my world.
This is just a small poem
I came up with the idea of rocks,
special rocks.

Jan 22
poem 0 comments challenge: General
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High Above The Clouds

You told me to meet you
in the clouds, alone.
I went to my roof and
you held my hand flying me above the clouds.
It was a fun ride while it lasted,
as I peeked down we were high off the ground.
My house faded away as we passed the clouds,
just for a split second I had regrets of coming
and letting you fly me up, way up.
I was scared of falling from not giving
you what you wanted, for letting me fly
and showing me beyond the world
everyone sees everyday, I was
special that night.
It didn’t last long, as I opened my eyes
I saw the worst thing happening, I tried
grabbing the air tight to hold on, but,
it’s not magic.
I was falling straight down hearing you
laughing at me going straight down to my death.
And that was the night, 
I had my life taken away, forever.

Jan 17
poem 0 comments challenge: General
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You and Me

You and Me
Me and You,
Brought together for
a reason, was it 
meant to be?
Soulmates together at last,
we were built to find
We share the same problems,
and share the best traits together,
will it last long?
Will our compassion, and love for eachother stay,
or will it be torn apart from a mistake made,
will one of us skyrocket up high and the other
be left behind alone?
It’s hard to see the future of us,
but hopefully there is one,
as I can’t imagine being broken into pieces
when you walk out the door.

Jan 09
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Lune Poem: Foxes

Nov 15
fiction 1 comment challenge: Sprout
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Forgive Me

I’m sorry for everything. The angry words I screamed that I regret tore you down and ripped your trust in me right out of your heart. When I cry, I know you won’t come to my rescue because I never did. The gifts you gave me were thrown at you like I hated them. You may never want to come face to face with me anymore. I hurt someone who did nothing to me. They don’t deserve to be hurt. They are an angel. Perfect they are but were torn down. You can continue to hate me, but I will forgive you for it.

                                    Credit to Inkpaw

                                “I’m Sorry”