Nov 21

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So I found out that my parents are getting divorced, and I just recently found out why. It turns out that my father has cheated five times. Keep in mind all of the girls are twenty years younger than him so obviously I'm not happy. Plus my dog got paralyzed, and we didn't have enough money to fix his legs, so we sadly had to put him down. I've also been diagnosed with anxiety, and depression. I have a therapist, and at the end of the month I'm going to the doctor again to see if I need medication. I have also come out as lesbian, and use she/they pronouns. I'm very thankful that my family is supportive of me, but it was extremely hard on me when I came out to my best friend, (who I met in kindergarten) and she called me disgusting for it. I luckily got her out of my life. Also I was scrolling through my posts, and I never realized how cringy my stuff was. I apologize for that!
Aug 10

Nothing serious just writing my feelings down

My dad moved out and well I'm pretty sure he's not moving back in and at this point I want my parents to get divorced I don't even care anymore, I'm FINALLY getting rid of my toxic friends which feels awesome, Finding more out about myself every now and then, Im tired of everything, I found a few true friends, middle school sucks, brother is going to college, I'm not really happy but I can't tell my mom because she already has a lot going on and I don't want to add to that besides I'm not really open with my feelings so this is hard for me, I tried asking for a therapist but all I did was cry and I couldn't get a word out, found out I'm pansexual so.., I had a panic attack in the middle of a store cuz of my social anxiety, got anime merch :), I hate everything except my friends, sleep, anime, and food. I wanna do volleyball but people are pressuring me to do track because of my "long legs".
May 19

Missing You

I miss you so much but for some reason there's this anger bubbling inside of me. I want to scream in your face and jump into your arms at the same time. I don't know whats come over me but I cant control it, I feel as if I might explode. I don't want to though because I know it'll break your heart as much as you broke mine. I want back in our family one more time.
Mar 12

The Friendship Pledge

This is the friendship pledge, by saying this you promise to be my best friend through thick and thin and to never let anything get in way of our friendship. And know that this goes both ways

I pledge, to never let anyone hurt you,

to be there whenever you need me,

to be myself, and to help you be yourself, 

to never get upset at the small things, and if I do I will make sure our friendship isn't ruined,

to promise to not only to be your friend, but to be your sister.


I know you said all this the day we met without knowing but I just want to hear you say it again.


Mar 05
poetry challenge: Rhyme


What we need right now is hope,

the world is upside down right now,

I feel like I'm walking on a tightrope,

just one misstep from falling,

into a pit of darkness

but we need to stand strong

so we're not taken over by aloneness,

because we are strong

and we can work our way through this.

Mar 03


Dear friend,

           I am going away soon, but know that I will always be with you no matter how far apart we are. We may not be sisters by blood but we are sisters by heart. Don't let this change anything between us, just because I'm going away doesn't mean I'll never talk to you because you are unforgettable

Mar 03

My First Crayon "Sunset"

Feb 17

Seeing You

We used to see each other everyday, but then you changed schools. That didn't stop me from coming over though. But then I found out I was moving out of the state and I wanted to spend every second with you, but then came COVID-19 and ruined everything. Now I can only see you on a screen, its not the same but at least I can see your smile and hear your laugh and thats just enough to make me happy.
Dec 15

Twinkle lights