Oct 14
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hard rock

Give me hard rock
Dark comedy
Heavy metal
Inuendo-filled rap

but i swear to this world
classical music is the worst

Fight me on this subject?
You've already lost.


this music demands Me
The chords matter more

But if you'd be so kind as to put a voice speaking,'
I can tune it out as easily as I tune out your lies worming into my skull.

Put on some alternitive indie for
background music!
Sep 28
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Listen Lovely,
I hope I can see you
one day
I hope I can see you smile
One day
I hope I can stay a while
I hope you will be reliable
I want to hold you tight
Brag of you to the sky

I want to love you
Dearest Lilly Flower!
Sep 19
poem 1 comment challenge: Weaving
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I gather the ingriedients

You are weaving a beautiful fabric to make into a garment for yourself. Your loom can weave with any substance you wish: the sneeze of an ant, the roar of a river, the fog of London. What would you include in your fabric, and why? What strengths or symbolism would these materials hold for you? 

The softness of a cat's blink
I weave into
The kindness of a smile

I gather the ingriedients for my clothes.
The roar of my grief
I weave into
The Numbness of my acceptence
and I weave.
I will spin my love with my worry
and my passion with the whispers of the Crowd.

The people's stares I alternate with the sound
of the Fake Fire,

it blows softly, quietly.

My shirt is now warm
My pants are now strong

I shall not fall.
They gather cotton 

I gather the ingriedients for my clothes,
I gather hope in all it's forms
As it struggles.
Sep 18
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Strong, lilly flower

Numbed! My love

lilly Flower dearest.

i don't want to worry you because i am Strong so I will stop being sad
I will be mad if needed

i don't want to anger you because i love You so i will stop being emotional
I will reason with this world and myself
I shall not be nervous because 
I want respect so
I shall not be silly with hormones because
I want respect so
i shall be my best parts and rip out my nasty ones

they grow back like thorns,
i Am strong for you so i will make you proud because I love you

Dearest lilly Flower,
Please love me
Sep 18
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I bury them in the garden

Bury those in the garden.

I push them down so hard that
they 'disapear'.

I forgot I did that. I do that,
Because I don't like being hurt. But
it hurts me, i know.

I understand
I still do it, and
it isn't stopping,

so I will watch as the trees that flower in the spring start to slow
and the plants that grow soft wilt
and the bushes that are tough start to dry
And i watch as my garden dies.
Bury them in the garden

As they disapear they are Not gone

They will hurt you still.

I bury them in the garden.
Aug 18
poem 0 comments challenge: Hundred
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Here! i'm Here!

They stood on top of a hill.

A hill found between two mountains.
The world was still for them.

They were the one.
Their hair was matted, filled with leaves and sticks.


The sticks were medicinal.
The leaves were mint.

Their body ached and
Dried mud striped their arms and legs.


Their muscles were pronounced.
The mud was soothing.

They stood on top of the hill and cried out
That they
Had lived.

"I have seen the stars, yes, but have you
Truly seen the brilliance of the sky as it 

They smiled at the wind.

"I have rode the waves, yes, but have you
Definitly known its terror and ironic peace as it

They lauged at the people that stared.

"My name does not matter.

it Does not matter because I have let it crumble to the wind!
Aug 18
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Fidgety Child

Your emereld dress is beutiful.
You seem so fidgety.

The cake right next to you.
You don't care about the decorations.

You are Too young to want those yet.
You just want some of the cake.
You wait.

You don't smile in the picture.
Too shy and too worried

about not having some of the cake.
It looks delicious.
Part of that

is of course

the decorations.
You are too young to know yet.

People you think are nice you will change your mind about.
Because of stories.

Maybe the stories arn't true.
But you are Too young.
You just want cake.

It's okay too want cake. I?
I want cake.

But you? 

You want it.

You are behaved,
for a fidgety child.
Aug 18
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Oh, what a sight.
SomeThing that you are forced to see,
Amidst the light of this place.
I can feel the importence;
It all but shakes me to my core.
It touches be deeply,
I shall move on.

I can practically hear it;
It calls me like a siren,
Wailing in the wind
Of this violent storm.


Violent storm called many things
May it be art

Abstract JusTice

Let it be known;
Suffering draws us

as a Golden cage seems eXotic
we May sometimes know This


May 08
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until they don't

the warmth of a bony hand can be pale or pure the scent of cold air clinging on a sheet can be airy or dark the sight of eyelashes slightly obscuring your vision can be a headache or a lovely haze Static sounds and straining skin are here to stay until they don't . they leave and reality whispers 'come' under a velvet and oil breath
Mar 12
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1 to 10

A single thing, pure, unique

A double set, twins of eachother, spares

Juggle them, place them, extras

Place in the corners, plenty, fun to fiddle

One to many, break a few, put them in a box

Place in a circle, plenty to give, don't take

Give many, scatter them, put one in a box

Give many, take none, perfect amount

No more, give more, scatter them

To much, give much, take none

You need more