May 08
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until they don't

the warmth of a bony hand can be pale or pure the scent of cold air clinging on a sheet can be airy or dark the sight of eyelashes slightly obscuring your vision can be a headache or a lovely haze Static sounds and straining skin are here to stay until they don't . they leave and reality whispers 'come' under a velvet and oil breath
Mar 12
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1 to 10

A single thing, pure, unique

A double set, twins of eachother, spares

Juggle them, place them, extras

Place in the corners, plenty, fun to fiddle

One to many, break a few, put them in a box

Place in a circle, plenty to give, don't take

Give many, scatter them, put one in a box

Give many, take none, perfect amount

No more, give more, scatter them

To much, give much, take none

You need more
Mar 11
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When you see something nasty
All you need to do is say no to it,
And then the nasty will go away.
When you see something angry
All you need to do is erase it,
And then the angry will go away.
When you see something sad,
All you need to do is hide it,
And then the sad will go away.

Then, you get


Because everything will be fine
In a place where there's only

Mar 10
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They; (1) They saw me.

March 10th, 20XX, Tuesday, 10:12 AM
    Today, they saw me. They were roaming the classroom with a rather bitter expression, and they saw me looking at them. Sikk said, “Oh, heeheehee…” He clucked his tongue. “What an interesting little thing!” Sikk is the creepiest one of them all, as the leader. He shambled towards me, and started smelling my hair. “...lavender? Ooh!” He hissed a bit. He likes lavender a lot. “Looking tender.” His voice did that weird growl and octave drop when he said ‘tender’. Then, Himk said something about how I ‘wasn’t that nice’. “Who cares? I like it. It’s so...pretty.” Another growl ‘n octave drop on the word ‘pretty’. Oh, the dramatic emphasis! It’s almost unbearable.

March 11th, 20XX, Wednesday, 12:41 PM
Mar 06
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The smell is light and yet it makes you dizzy with the chemical smell.
The taste is bitter and it becomes limp in your mouth.
The sight is of a thin thing, pale or colored it does not matter.
The feel is smooth and bendable as it conforms to your every whim.
The sound is of fluttering stiffness trying to tear away.
The taste is dry and salty making your mouth water.
The feel is crunchy and small as it gets in your teeth.
The sound is of it's grains melting like metal pellets on cement.
The sight is of light and plainness and a billion million pouring down.
The smell is of heat and of sun and of dryness and drought.
The sound is rustling in the quiet trying to blend in.
The sight is of dark pieces scattered across.
The feel is of rough softness and of failed protection.
The taste is of bitterness and of drought.
The smell is the cracking of the mind.
Feb 18
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A stupid conversation

One--Dooble double doff. Two, hit the pause button.
Three--I don't think I can do that...
Two--Four, do you think you can lay off that, think you can lay off that.
One--Two, I have a few questions for you...
Two--Shut up!
Five--I'm on level 41, yeah, level 41.
One--What's the point of lying about what level you're on?
Two--Yeah, I'm riding on top of this weird level.
One--Five, I'm gonna confiscate your password.
Five--My pastafarin password?
One--Hey, do girls poop? Do you think I should add to my search history 'Do girls poop'?
Six--Bruh, I'm stuck on this level!\
Seven--I think I'm on level 68.
One--Really, you beat 65?
One--No way, let me see it!
Two--Wait, didn't you beat it?
Seven--Dude, I only beat it once.
Two--So how many levels are there?
Feb 05
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Listen, then you Can.

Listen! Listen!
If you listen you just might hear me
If you hear you can find me
You can find me and then
Then you can.

Listen! Listen!
If you listen you can know this
If you know you may take this
If you take this and then
Then you can.

Listen! Listen!
If you listen you may do it
If you do it you just might reach for it
If you reach and then
Then you can.

Only then.
Feb 05
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Moving air.
Bird songs.
The world and your mind.

The moans of the wind rustling the world around you,
Arising questions and quelling answers as you accept.

The undertones of the bird songs sing a different meaning
Dark meanings covered by light answers and hope and truth.

The world rustles your inspiration and passion and words
As they flow effortlessly from your head to your hands
Your fingers tingle with a need to move
To write
To say.

I've never understood
Why details are importent.
Jan 14
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Are I...

Paper cranes are flying around
Fluttering in the breeze.
The smell of raisen toast
Buttered to perfection.
The click of a mechanical pencil
The glimse of a robin
The wish of me.
The wishes of me.
Are I someone who is unique and common
Or normal and weird?
Are I me or you or a mixture of what I wish
Or am I out of my hands?
What if my skeloton jumped out of my body and roamed this place?
That wouldn't be.
I like me.
I like me too much for I to jump out of me.
I like my hair.
It tangles
It wrangles
It make's me scream in frustration
But it's I.
I like my skin
It's filled with imperfections
And bit's
But it's I.
I like my eyes
Rich soil brown
A bit tired around the edges
And a bit arragent.
But it's I.
I like me,
But I prefer I.
Purple hair is me
Jan 08
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A different Place

I'm starting to think about escape.
It's not that I'm angry
Or bored. I'm not
Sad or afraid.
I'm just not.
The thing is, I want to play a game
A game where the stakes are as high as your life
And the rewards are exploration.
The problem is
Everywhere here is either
In a jungle
Or far, far away.
What if I just
Go and explore a mirror's side of the story
Go and ask the stars what they see
Go and find the secret.
All I need is a way to get there.
Be it by glowing portal
Dubious ritual
Or a choice
I will get there.