Apr 15
poem 0 comments challenge: Disaster

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

If you don’t mind my danger,
Or unpredictable anger,
When you meet this stranger
That’s inside of me. 

Tangled mess of little lies,
Upset stomach, butterflies. 
I’m scared that when you realize,
You will walk away. 

Don't say I didn't warn you.

You don’t know what you can not see,
But there’s a wildfire inside me. 
Burning down everything in reach,
And destroying everyone I meet. 
Don’t come any closer whatever you do,
I’ll spread a wildfire into you too. 
You’ve got to trust me
I’m telling the truth.
Don’t come any closer whatever you do. 

Don’t play with matches if you don’t want to get burned.
Apr 15
poem 0 comments challenge: Raft

And So I Built a Ship

I’ve grown tired of happy endings.
Too big for dress up and pretending.
The masks that we live behind become our faces, 
but illusions can’t fill empty spaces.

I went out to my treehouse.
I pulled off all the rope.
Took off all it’s hinges,
And walked away with hope.
I dragged around some logs,
A trail of dirt behind me
As I shrank into the fog
And pretended our river was the sea.

And so I built a ship,
One that wouldn’t wreck.
No matter how loud 
became the voices in my head.
I set sail without a friend,
Leaving everything behind me,
As the boat I built took me past
All the people I would never see 

I waved goodbye to everyone
I never thought I knew.
It felt so wrong to keep holding on
With where I was headed to. 

I never learned how to swim,
I always trusted the boat I was sailing in.
Until one day it sprung a leak
Apr 14

What If

I wish I could be mad at you,
it would be easier that way. 
Then I would move on from this
and I could avoid the pain. 
Because if you don’t reciprocate
my current mental state,
please don’t put me through this
and let me make up games.

What if I made it up in my mind,
what if it isn’t real?
What is it that I have done this time?
How do I know how I should feel?
Apr 14


Lying in my bed till five a.m.,
Awake in every sense 
Except the one that’s meant for feeling. 
I’ve never seen the point of sleeping in,
If you can’t escape reality
Then what’s the point in dreaming?

Oh, I’ve been here before.
In the hall of mirrors 
Of reflections I’ve been fearing.

One more ride before,
This carousel of wonders
Makes me do all the steering. 

So take a deep breath,
Darling under you go.
If you follow the current
Then there is no need to row.

Take a deep breath,
Then you put on a show.
With an audience of people
Then you won’t feel so alone.

The saddest part is,
You don’t,
Even know when,
When your lying in the room
You’re hiding in.
Open the door,
Let the outside in.
Feb 15


If you walk through life with a cautious step, 
You will die wishing 
That instead of jumping,
You had leapt. 
Though for fear of breaking your legs,
Your feet never left the ground at all.

Feb 09

King of the World

How could I forget your name?
Remember a few years ago, when we were basically the same...
person in line, waiting for the day
that we would rule the world.

Young and afraid,
we dove headfirst into waves.
Breaking free from the cage
that contained our inner demons but,
yours was a monster, greedy and dangerous.
Dragging down the both of us.
Now there’s cages in between us.

Not everyone’s fit for a crown,
now those people bow down,
cause they backed down and now
you’re in the shadows.
Feb 09

Doll House

Plastic faces.
Cardboard walls.
Picket fences,
with kids that crawl
around them changing places and
fixing the posture of their dolls.

But when playtime’s done and over,
they are left without a care.
Lonely dolls with lives they live
and then they die and have to stare
at the kids as they get dressed for school
and leave to explore their world out there.
Jan 23


Jan 14

Mind Games

Catch me if you can,
running circles in my head
and fearing what is being said
in my mind again.
Contemplating medication
or a different sedative,
something stronger to make me feel blind again.
Jan 14

Counting Sheep