Oct 22
poem 1 comment challenge: Sprout
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Neon Green (Inspired by "RED" by Amelia Canney)

A dirty, neon green ball flies out of my hand
And into yours
Like a surge of energy between us
Like we have a deeper connection
Than we really do

I move forward for the return
Of course, I know you could reach me at the rectangle of rubber;
You wouldn't be doing your job if you couldn't,
But I'd rather us be closer

Neon green bags are passed around the bench
You aren't too into flavored seeds
I mean,
I'm not either, I think
As I lick my lips
There are other things in this dugout that I long for more.

When we pass briefly in the halls,
We don't speak.
But I'm always looking around for you,
And I can spot you almost immediately,
From your long brown hair
And the neon green graphic 
On the sweatshirt you always wear
The one I daydream of wearing
If I could just talk to you.