Jan 22


Jan 06


They teach us and rejoice when we 
But all we want is to 
So we ask, 
"Why can't we fly, like the birds?"
They smile and shake their heads.  
"You'll learn, someday."
They walk away as we think,
Someday we'll fly.
And they might crush our dreams and
Force us to walk,
But inside we will always soar higher than they ever
Dec 17

I F ~ Y O U ~ L E A V E ~ I ' M ~ A L L ~ A L O N E part 1

She crept silently along the sides of the wall. you can do it, you can do- she looked down and regretted it. O god. I'm going to die, and no one will know. Ahhh! But the sight of the pendant, glowing a soft teal, encouraged her to keep going. She hesitantly pulled the hammer out of her pocket and smashed the window. Bam! You can do this, girl. She jumped in and went up to the pendant. "Okay..." she touched it, and her world went dark. 
But she could hear whispers... 

If you leave I'm all alone-please don't leave-No! Hollystar no! Noo...