Jan 06

Forest Crown

I walk into the forest

“Come with us” the birds chorus

“I can’t,” I say... But we both know how I wish I could

I dust off my shoulders and head deeper into this forest of leaves and wood

I collect berries, red as wolve’s eyes 

I collect flowers, yellow as the sunrise

I collect leaves, green as a lime

And I collect a single rock, silver as a dime

I put these things together 

Connected like birds of a feather 

I put this atop my head 

And then I said…

Now I have a Forest Crown

Red and yellow and green and silver

It seems so familiar 

To have my Forest Crown 

In these trees of green and brown


Nov 02
poem challenge: Hundred

For my Love

I can't believe it
After all this time
A hundred thousand steps stepped,
A hundred rocks moved,
A hundred panic attacks,
A hundred swim strokes,
A hundred million breaths,
A hundred meals,
I'm finally here
I'm finally 
Anywhere my sweet love is 
It's home to me
I hope 
I hope that she loves me and much as I love her
Anything and everything is worth it 
For my love



Nov 02

The Snow Knows

Today is the first real snow of the season.
I feel
But most of all, the snow feels that too
The snow is a marvelous thing
It is merely water in it's frozen stage
But it is also cold and warm together
It brings 
But it also brings
As do all things
And the snow knows that 
Even though you might not think it
The snow

Jan 22


Jan 06


They teach us and rejoice when we 
But all we want is to 
So we ask, 
"Why can't we fly, like the birds?"
They smile and shake their heads.  
"You'll learn, someday."
They walk away as we think,
Someday we'll fly.
And they might crush our dreams and
Force us to walk,
But inside we will always soar higher than they ever
Dec 17

I F ~ Y O U ~ L E A V E ~ I ' M ~ A L L ~ A L O N E part 1

She crept silently along the sides of the wall. you can do it, you can do- she looked down and regretted it. O god. I'm going to die, and no one will know. Ahhh! But the sight of the pendant, glowing a soft teal, encouraged her to keep going. She hesitantly pulled the hammer out of her pocket and smashed the window. Bam! You can do this, girl. She jumped in and went up to the pendant. "Okay..." she touched it, and her world went dark. 
But she could hear whispers... 

If you leave I'm all alone-please don't leave-No! Hollystar no! Noo...