Oct 24
poem 0 comments challenge: Choice
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Using The Cross

Using the Cross.
Hatred, darkness

Lacking empathy 

Lynching, killing

Racist, freaks

Targeting certain race.

No love, only hate.

You don’t know when they come.

Hiding themselves  behind their white costumes.

Using the cross as a weapon

They are known as the KKK.

Bibek Thapa
Oct 24
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Some people make good decisions in life and some people make poor decisions. With that poor decisions even good people turn bad because of bad decisions. People that joined the KKK were a great example of people making bad decisions. 

One example of why KKK are bad is because they used the cross as a “weapon” to scare African Americans, Roman Catholics, Jews and other hated non white Anglo Saxon Protestant.  The KKK burned crosses during lynching, but the cross was used more to scare African Americans. “Crosses were burned not only at lynchings but also more generally to terrorize African Americans, Roman Catholics, Jews, and others hated by the Klan. As the Klan declined in the late 1920s and 1930s, intimidation became the primary but not exclusive use of the cross “. ( Robert A. Khan)