Feb 28
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A Cat's Way Home

A Cat’s Way Home

He’s trying to be petted, 

Purring and such,

But nobody notices him,

He is dark to this world.
He needs to just ask. 

Sit there and be cute,

Like he always has been.

He’s coming from the heart.

Shy and young.

The young cat is needing a home in life. 
The air is flowing, trees are whistling.

It’s time for the cat to find a home.

An owner who will pet him and be kind,

But in order to do that he must not be shy.
In the dawn of November he finds a home.

With two young children and a father and mother.

They love him more than anything in the world,

And that is only because he overcame

His fear of opening up to the world.
In early January he meets a friend,

A kind cow worthy of him.

The cow’s name is Bob and he too is in need of something.
Feb 14
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In a Fork

In a Fork

This is a story about how I can’t decide whether to eat a pickle or a cucumber. Let me get into why pickles are so good! They are so tasty and yummy and they’re the best pickled vegetable there is on the planet! However, a cucumber has a rich, juicy flavor. You could pick them fresh from your garden or buy them from the supermarket, but most importantly they’re healthy!

 It’s such a hard decision! How will I choose? Although, I think I found a way. It may not be the best way but I think I know! 

Okay, so I know what I should do cucumbers are amazing and great. Nevertheless, pickles are like the best, wait no, they are the best. Okay, I’m going off topic here. My plan is to simply just eat both, wait a minute, epic twist coming! I take the biggest cucumber on the planet and I place one half in the fridge and the other half in a pickle jar! Pretty cool right? Now, I have one problem, I have to actually do it.
Jan 31
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If I could have 3 wishes I would have one granted tomorrow, one on my 25th birthday, and one on my 50th birthday. I would choose to get one trillion dollars tomorrow. For my second wish I would want perfect health, and for my third I would like to have superspeed. 

The main reason I want to get one trillion dollars is because I would buy tons of stuff. I would also buy houses, cars and designer brand clothing. Of course, I would have a huge tax payment every year, but I would still have a ton of money left over. I would also help my family with stuff like taxes, housing, bills and groceries. I would also give money to the homeless shelters and donate to schools around the globe.

My second wish would be to have perfect health. If I had perfect health I wouldn’t get sick. I also wouldn’t get overweight and I would practically be able to eat anything that I wanted to. I also wouldn’t get sick. This would also mean I wouldn’t die and I wouldn’t get hurt. 
Jan 24
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“What’s up?” said Mark.

 “Nothing much, you?” asked Chad.

“In fact, I got new AirPods yesterday!” said Mark. 

“OMG you’re so lucky, the only thing that I have are noise canceling headphones!” said Chad.

“I mean, some people don’t even have headphones.” said Mark. 

“True.” said Chad.
“But, other than the fact that I got AirPods, what’s up with Bill?” asked Mark.

“Well, yesterday in Social Studies Bill had lost his phone, so he got pretty upset about that.” said Chad. 

“Well, that’s too bad. Hey we should meet with him.” said Mark.

“Let’s do it.” said Chad.

“Meet me at the park okay!” said Mark. 

“Ok.” said Chad.
“Bro, it’s been 3 hours, where are you!” said Mark.

“I’m at the Arc like you said.” said Chad.

“I said the park!.” said Mark.
Jan 10
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Hi. My name is David and I’m going to plan a surprise party for my favorite youtuber MrBeast. I’m planning for it to be a PewDiePie party. We are also going to be replacing confetti with dollar bills. I’ll probably be broke afterwards, but it will be fun. 

“Hi. It’s me, David, and I’m setting up the party at Skyzone. The party is tomorrow and I’m super excited. I haven’t told him when the surprise party is but I think he might find out somehow and end up surprising me.” 1 day later…

“Do we have all the stuff we need to give to him?” said Mr.Beast. 

“I think so.” said marcus.

 “Then let’s go.” said Mr.Beast 

 I was setting up the surprise when MrBeast came inside and than gave me tons of stuff. He gave me $10,000, 2 pairs of Beats headphones, 3 Macbook Pros, 2 iMacs, 1 iPad Pro, an iPhone 11 and Airpods! I started crying because all I got him was an iPad and an iPhone XR.
Dec 05
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Anticipation Week 13


Anticipation is a very hard feeling when knowing that something is going to happen at a certain time, but knowing that you have to wait for it.

This feeling usually happens some time after Thanksgiving. Around December 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and even December 18th I get super excited. I really really want it to be Christmas but around the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and even Christmas Eve I kind of don’t really care that’s it’s coming.

 For some reason I have no idea why but I can’t sleep on Christmas Eve. I end up staying awake untill about 1 A.M and then I eventually fall asleep.

Then it’s Christmas morning and I am begging to open the presents before breakfast but I usually don’t get my way.

We open our presents and have the best time of our lives.