Jan 17
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One day I was walking down the street and I was searching the ground for something valuable, just like I always do. Today though, I wasn't interested in the loose pennies and nails I always saw. I was looking for something, I'm not sure what it was, but I knew it would be there when I found it. There was a sort of pull… almost like a magnet and a paper clip. It was like a magnet, and I was the paperclip, being pulled away from the streets of Paris and into a world of light and dark. 

All I saw was the sidewalk in front of me, and even that seemed to be fading into the bright light that made the path to… well, whatever it was that was pulling me towards it. I followed the path, only slower now, knowing that there were dangers ahead that were yet to show themselves. 
Jan 10
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Hi my name is Alex. So you know how when you walk into a new place you immediately see the weirdest person in the room? Well, everywhere I go, I’m the weird one. And, I love it! A few months ago, I shaved my hair, coated my face in makeup and pierced almost every available inch of my face. I think I look super awesome! 

There are also down sides of being awesome. One of which is, I have zero friends. None. Zip. I'm pretty much invisible aside from all the stares. I get those a lot. Anyways, when I walk into a place nobody talks to me unless they have to. So, you can guess I was pretty surprised when one of the most popular kids from my school walked over to me in a bakery. 

I've only ever seen her with all her friends in the halls, but she does look at me different than everybody else. Almost… friendly.

“Hey.” she says


“You could act a little less excited to see me.” She laughed.
Dec 13
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I have a deep respect for animals. Something about animals just clicks for me, it feels like they speak to me in their own way. My favorite animals are horses. I have always loved horses, I'm not sure why, but I do know that horses are different from other animals, there are a lot of different types and each and every type are special. My nana and papa have a farm and I love to go there and see the animals. They also have a dog named Strider. Strider is so loving he's irresistible! Whenever I'm at the farm I can't help but sit and pet him.  

Some people just think “animal” when they see any animal. I think “I wonder where they came from? What type of animal is that?” and other things like that. So yea, I would definitely say I love animals, but not only that but I respect and even look up to animals.

Nov 08
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I boost kids at school when they are sad. I tell them it will be ok, and make them feel better. When they feel better I feel better. It's odd that when you make someone else feel good, you feel good too. I get it, kind of. It feels good to help someone.