Jan 17
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Jeffrey and The Spray Paint

One night, there was a mysterious man named Jeffrey. Nobody knew him. He strolls the neighborhood roads at night. The neighborhood is in Rutland. It has 5 houses on each side. Each house looks identical to the next one. The houses have a pink roof and a purple siding. Each house has 4 windows and an upstairs. 

One night Jeffrey was strolling through the neighborhood and saw a house. He decided he was going to spray paint the house. 

He went to the store and got spray paint the next day. When he felt that it was late enough at night and everyone was asleep, he went to a house and spray painted it. He didn’t know that the spray can would be loud enough to wake everyone up! The neighbor woke up and looked out her window. She saw Jeffrey and called the police. They came and brought Jeffrey home because they thought that he would learn his lesson. He stayed home until the next morning and then spray painted another house.
Jan 08
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My Friendship Story

My first long term friendship began in kindergarten. I was going into kindergarten and there was a girl named Isabella. We didn’t talk at first. Then our teacher Ms. Lantman put us together as partners. I said “hi”to her. She didn’t respond to me. Then, we just did the work without talking. 

When we finished our work we handed it to the Ms. Lantman. 

She said “good job.”

We said “thank you.” We got to have choice time. 

I asked Isabella, “Do you want to play? 

She said, “maybe.”  We then both played with the kitchen. Ms. Lantman said it was time for lunch. We all got ready for lunch.

I asked Isabella “ Can I sit at lunch with you?”

 She replied, “yeah.” 

We then had recess after lunch. She asked me to play with her. We played every day after that. 
Dec 18
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tomorrow i hope

 Tomorrow I hope that I will meet my favorite Youtuber. My favorite Youtuber is Madline and Stephen. They do a lot of challenges and vlogs and fun videos and pranks. A vlog is where they film a time in their day. 

 One of these challenges that Stephen and Madeline did  was to eat one color food for 24 hours. One of them had to eat yellow colored foods for 24 hours. The other one had to eat blue colored food for 24 hours. 

  It is funny because they really wanted one of their favorite restaurants but it didn’t have blue or yellow food. They did another challenge where they had to spend 24 hours in a store. It was funny because they tried to not get caught by a guard.


Dec 13
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a song that appeals to me

A  song that appeals to me is called Stitches by Shawn Mendes. It is about a person who is going through a break up. The song is really fun because it has a lot of funny parts like when he goes through a wall in the music video. My favorite part is when he goes through a fake wall. I like the song andI recommend it.         

Stitches is amazing in my opinion because I love the writer. I recommend this song to people who like heartbreak songs. I like songs with a catchy rhythm. Stitches has a lot of catchy verses in it. I like Stitches because it is an amazing song. It is a pop song. Shawn mendes has other songs that I like but Stitches is my favorite. It was the first song I heard from him. Shawn Mendes is a pop singer/country singer.

Dec 06
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helping tommy

I helped my nephew, Tommy with his homework that he had for school work that he didn't finish. I did it because he looked like he wanted help. I  asked him if he wanted help and he said yes. He said that it was hard math. It took a while. He had 16 math questions. There were some easy questions and some hard questions.      

    It was very easy for me to remind him how to do it because I am good at multiplication.  I like helping Tommy with his homework. It took about 20 minutes to help him. Then he had another math worksheet, which was adding and subtracting. Tommy knew that easily, so I didn’t have to help him. Then he finished and we went and hung out for a while before I went home. Tommy looks like a normal 7 year old boy. He has dirty blonde hair. 

Nov 26
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A trip back to kindergarten

If I had a chance for a do over I would go back to kindergarten because I really liked kindergarten. Mrs.Lantman is my favorite teacher so far. Also, I would start all the school years over again, so I don’t have to graduate from this school.      

  I also think kindergarten was cool and fun because we had easy homework. We had things like coloring our syaballs like a, apple, ah. I also liked Fundations because it had a lot of fun things like writing a sentence and drawing a picture with it. We also had time to go outside after snack. Also, we had some choice time after recess and before specials everyday.
Nov 21
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The Day My Family And I Went To The Zoo!

 A day is that is important to me is the day me and my family went to the zoo. It was my dad,my 3 cousins, my 2 nephews and my niece,my uncle,my uncles girlfriend,my 2 older sisters and my twin sister. Then we meet at my grandmas house to leave. My cousin Daniel went, my cousin Max went, and my cousin Julie went, my Dad went,my sister Alli went, my sister Caitlin went, my sister Sandra went, my nephew Eric went, my nephew Tommy went, my aunt went, my uncle went, my uncles girlfriend went.          All the kids were in my aunt’s car and my dad and sister were with my Uncle’s car, and my cousins were in my cousin daniel’s car. It was a 3 and a half hour drive we spent about 4 hours there then went home. We saw a tiger and a snow tiger and a leopard and a snow owl. The zoo was fun. We didn’t get back until 12:00 at night. I was so tired. When we got back i talked for a little bit then went to bed. I also forgot to say that we got to pick out a 5 dollar thing from the gift shop.
Nov 14
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a scary thought

    One thought that keeps pushing through is a dark thought that makes me sad. It is a day that my older step sister’s dad passed away. It was mother’s day and it was a normal day. Then all of a sudden he just started to fall slowly in a chair in our kitchen. His hands started to slowly go to his side. My dad saw him doing it and he went to my sister and asked if he was okay. My sister’s boyfriend, Norman started calling his name. His name was Kevin. He called his name five times and he didn't gain consciousness. I was starting to get scared.
Nov 08
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How I Boost People up For There Day

     The meaning has an impact on my life is help lift up people spearts during the school day by helping them. Some examples are helping encourage people to do good. I let them play with me at recess when they have nobody to play with. Also I help people do their best on school work and during the day. I also help the little kids like kindergarten and Pre K when they don't know where to go.  I also help my nephew and niece do there best in school.  When kindergarten and Pre K are confused i help them figure out what they need to do. I help lift people up to help them want to have a good day.