Apr 22
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The lorax

 The boy asks The Once-ler “What happened to the trees?He tells Ted “that began when he wanted to create something called Thneed.”So, he set out to find the material he needs to make it. And when he comes across a forest with trees with the most beautiful leaves, he thinks this it. 

                                                                                                                                    by: Dr. Suess
Apr 10
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One day I was talking to my dad about what I was going todo about a problem that I had.  We talked it over. I remeber him listening to me very well but I wasen’t really listening to him.”He noticed this and decided to teach me a lesson. 

    The next time we talked he didn’t listen to me well. This made me mad. I tried to talk to him but he   didn’t listen. I got so mad I stomped off. I walked back into the kitchen where we were talking. I was so mad at him. I kept trying to talk but he kept on not listning.

    This was so annoying. I gave up trying to talk with him. I didn’t talk to him the rest of that day. The next day arrived. I went to talk to my dad again but he  still wasn’t listening to me. I got very annoyed. I decided that I wasn’t going to do this again today like yesterday. I just left him alone.
Mar 26
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A Chance For Mars

    One day there was a sign while I was walking. I read the sign. The sign said someone could move to a planet. I went home and told my family about it. They said that was nice but I couldn’t move there. 

    The next day, I went back to the sign and read it again. In my mind I pictured how nice it would be if I could move to a planet. I went back home. I tried to tell my parents  of how nice it would be to move to a planet. I talked to them but couldn’t convince them.

    I tried but then got an idea. I told them that it was cheaper than buying a regular house. They believed me. I went to the building that was on the sign. The building was huge. I went inside and asked for the person that was making it possable to move to a planet. The guards at the front door brought me to him. 
Mar 18
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Humor Means To Me

      Humor means to me,

          Humor means that people,

Laugh at jokes that may be hurtful to others,

People have a fun time laughing,

People take things seriously,

People don’t think,

About the bad,

They just go along with it...

Humor means to me,

Don’t be mean to other people,

People have fun,

They don’t care,

About what people say,

People don’t think about,

If it is hurtful,

They just laugh,

Then move on…

Humor means to me,

People make jokes that are not mean,

But, funny,

They don’t hurt people,

They make them laugh,

People just think about,it

then laugh...

Humor means to me,

People laugh,

People joke,

People don’t cry,

They do what,
Mar 13
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World Record

 If I could set a world record It would be to do the most cartwheels in 10 minutes. I would want to do the most cartwheels because I would want to be famous. I would do the most cartwheels because I feel like it would be cool. 

I would start this training by learning how to do cartwheels. I would get used to doing them. Once I got used to doing them, I would get used to doing more and more. I would then try to do more complicated cartwheels like jumping and then doing a cartwheel. When I do that I would then go onto the next thing. I would also participate in a gymnastics program to help me learn from a coach. 

Next I would figure out how to do continuous cartwheels without getting dizzy.  Lastly, I would figure out how many I could complete for a goal.
Mar 06
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The Trees little mice

“Hi. My name is Sadie and I am the narrator for this fairytale.”
There once were 3 little mice. Their names were Eddie, Jerry and Berry.

Eddie was 3, Berry was 2 and Jerry was also 2. Jerry and Berry were twins. Berry was  30 seconds younger than Jerry. Berry was a scaredy mouse and Jerry was the mouse that likes adventure. Jerry was brown, Berry was also brown and Eddie was black with brown spots.

They asked their mama if they could play and she said yes. While the rest of the mice were playing in the meadow  Eddie wandered off.The meadow was a big open field.The meadow was only a few minutes away. 

A few hours later their Mama called the mice in but only two came back. The Mama asked where Eddie was and they said they didn’t know. Their Mama was very worried and so was Berry and Jerry. 
Feb 27
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Charlie The Shy Tomato And Lenny The Letuce

    Charlie, is a shy tomato. Charlie is red with a green leaf. He is in 1st grade. He doesn’t have any friends. Mostly because he sits alone in his vegetable classroom. 

His teacher is all green because she is a cucumber. Mrs.Cucumber asked “Charlie, would you like to join the class?” Charlie says ”no.” 

A week goes by. On Monday morning there is a new vegetable named Lenny the Lettuce. Lenny is also in 1st grade. Lenny is all green like the teacher. Lenny is shy too. He never talks or plays with anyone. One day Lenny is at recess and Charlie wants to see if he can play with him. Charlie goes to Lenny and asks ”Do you want to play with me?”

    Lenny says, “Yes. I will play with you.” 
Feb 14
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The Sandwich Fight

The fight started when Jerry and his younger sister Ameila were arguing over a turkey sandwich. There were only two pieces of bread left on the black counter near the fridge and microwave. Their mom came in and separated them. Lily, their mom, has brown hair and her skin shows that she is 45. Jerry has short spiky brown hair and Ameila has long blonde hair. Jerry is 12 and Ameila is 8 years old. 

    Jerry and Ameila’s mom told them to go to their own rooms until they calmed down. Thirty minutes went by and Lily called out to them. Jerry and Ameila glared at each other as they walked out of their rooms. They didn’t talk during dinner, they just ate and went back to their rooms. Ameila’s room has a pink wall with flowers all over it. Jerry’s room has a blue wall with race cars all over it. They are very different from each other.
Jan 31
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Birthday Wish

 Hi. My name is Allyssa.  I am turning 13 tomorrow. I have one wish. That one wish is for a puppy. If I had a puppy I would name it Gerald. Gerald would have white fur with one big spot on his back. I used to  have two other dogs but they all ran away or passed away.

12 years later…. I am turning 25 today. My mom is having a birthday party for me.

My birthday party will have my favorite characters from the show The Healing Powers of Dude. It is about an 11 year old boy named Noah. Noah has a social anxiety disorder. I have one birthday wish this year. That is to meet the person that plays Noah in The Healing Powers of Dude. My favorite show on Netflix. Noah has brown hair. I hope that my birthday wish will come true.
Jan 24
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The Embarrassing Day

    One day I decided to email my friend Charlie. I emailed him and said,

“May I speak with you about something?” He replied 2 hours later and said,

 “Sure, what’s up?” I decided to tell him the bad news. The bad news was that my grandma had passed away but I accidentally  told him his grandma had passed away. It was really confusing when he said, 

“What do you mean my grandma passed away? I didn’t know what he meant at first. Then I caught  onto what he was saying. I was really embarrassed.

 First, I told him what I meant. He knew what I was talking about after that. I said to him, “I am sorry for making you worry about your grandma.” I explained to him about the bad news.  

The next day he emailed me and said he was sorry about my grandma. I said, “It’s okay. I was feeling kinda sad but I never really saw my grandma.”