May 14
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road trip

My friend asked me one day if I wanted to go for a road trip. I said sure because the coronavirus had been keeping me in the house all day. We started on a clear day in May. We drove all morning and it was finally lunch time. I asked where we were going for lunch but I didn’t get an answer. My friend had forgotten that all of the restaurants were closed! 

After a drive around town we finally found a McDonalds that was open. We ordered lunch and then we got back on the road. We drove for the rest of the day. When it was dark we pulled over to the side of the road to sleep. 

In the morning, we drove until lunch time. We turned around and started on our way back. We slept in the same spot where we slept last night. We had lunch at McDonalds and we were soon home.

May 01
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One day I decided I was going to build a raft. I had been bored and was looking for something to do. I had seen a bunch of driftwood on the banks of the stream that runs by our house and decided to build a raft. Mom told me to get rid of the driftwood anyways.

I built the raft by laying a bunch of driftwood side by side and I found some rope that was not being used in the basement of our house and I tied the driftwood together. I stuck a piece of driftwood in the center of the base and tied it there. I tied an old piece of cloth onto the piece of driftwood sticking up in the center for a sail. I looped the rope around the logs so it would stay. I screwed a few boards I found lying around to make a little box for food and for whatever else I needed to put in there. 
Apr 24
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A place that feels like home, is a little hut I built next to a little stream that runs next to our house. The stream connects to another stream that then runs into the Poultney River.  I built the hut  with two 8’ boards that are screwed to a tree and I built a box with four other 8’ boards with the tree in the middle of the box. I then screwed four pieces of ¾ inch thick plywood that is 4’ by 4’. I had to cut off a corner with a Christmas tree saw because the plywood would not fit with the tree in the center. Then I screwed two 2 by 4’s in the front and two in the back. The ones in the front are 6’ high and the ones in the back are 7’ high. 
Apr 10
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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. NASA had chosen me for a space mission to Mars! Me, a 12 year old child, going to Mars! I was in space camp learning how to be an astronaut and this guy from NASA came and gave us all a quiz to see who was best fit for going on the space mission. The spacecraft being used was very small because all of the bigger spacecrafts were out on missions to other planets. The only other spacecraft that was available was the very small spacecraft and that could only hold a child. 
Apr 02
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“Dad? Dad?” I called. My brother and I had been exploring in the woods while my dad was working on sap lines and we had lost sight of him. Ava was with him and Hannah was with my mom at home. I was getting scared because I could not see my dad anywhere and I had never spent the night in the woods. I thought I heard my dad calling to me, but I was not sure. I looked all around, but I didn’t see anyone. I heard someone calling my name. “Tyler? Tyler?” It was my dad calling.“Over here!” I yelled. Dad found us! 
Mar 25
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“Mom, please?” I asked.

“I said no, we are not moving to Mars.” My mom said.

“Why, mom?” I asked. I have really wanted to move to Mars ever since they opened land for sale. NASA said over the news that land was cheap on Mars. I thought mom and I needed a new start and Mars was the perfect place to do that.

I had been bugging my mom to move to Mars for months. I had tried everything I could think of that would get her to move. I tried pleading to her to move. I also had tried to be really, really nice to her but that didn’t work.  All I got from that was more chores. My last option was to try to persuade her to move to Mars. I decided to sleep on the idea for a while. I woke up in the middle of the night and I have the perfect idea...

 I might have to wake her up really early to get her to agree with me. I woke up early this morning and I finally got mom to wake up. “Mom, can we move to Mars?” I asked.
Mar 18
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    I am going to make an invention. I am going to make a boat from an old four wheeler frame, some oars, and a few inflatable rafts. I am going to take the frame of the four wheeler and will get a new engine to put in the frame. I will take the inflatable rafts and put one in the other and inflate them. I will take the four wheeler frame and attach it to the inflatable rafts. The frame of the four wheeler has no wheels and I will attach the oars to the frame of the four wheeler. That is how I will make a boat.
Mar 12
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The Mysterious Carnival
    As I was walking home from school I saw a small carnival on the fairgrounds. Walking past the fairgrounds I heard someone ask “Is everything ready to cheat money from the people who come to the carnival?” 

“Yes, everything should be ready.” The other guy answered.  

I started to wonder what they were talking about, but suddenly I felt a hand clap over my mouth and my eyes widened. 

“I have another one, boss!” Suddenly the world went black.

    I woke up in a dark room with no windows and a padlock on the door. The padlock wasn’t fully locked and popped open easily when I tested it to see if it was locked. I looked out the door and someone asked me, 

“Where do you think you’re going?” The guard by my door was a tall guy and had a bushy beard.

 “I am going to go for a walk and I’ll be right back.” I said.

“Okay, as long as you come back or I will get in big trouble.”
Mar 06
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7 mice

                                            7 mice

Narrator: Today we will be interviewing a mouse who I understand has a treacherous story to tell us later on in the interview.

Mouse 1: Hi.

Narrator: Are you going to tell them where you live?

Mouse 1: Well, you see, we live a mile away from where you live and then you take a left and go for 2 miles, then you take a right…

Mouse 2: He asked where you lived, not for directions!!!!!

Mouse 1: He did?

Mouse 2: Yes, he did!

Mouse 1: Oh, well in that case, I live in a hotel in a town named Middletown Springs, Vermont. It is a nice little town and I don’t want to live anywhere else in the whole entire world!

Narrator: Does the manager know you and your family lives there?

Mouse 1: Oh yes, he does! I tease him and his workers on a regular basis.

Narrator: You do?
Feb 26
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I Like...

                                          I Like….
I like to do lots of things when I have free time at home. I like to farm, go fishing and gather sap to make maple syrup in the Spring. There are lots of other things I like to do in my free time. There are too many things to put them all on here. Here are a few things I like to do.

    I like to farm because I like the animals that are on farms. I also like to drive the tractors on the farm. I love it when I get dirty on our farm, but I don’t like it when I have to take a shower after I get dirty. My favorite farm animal is the pig. I like them because they have a super power. They can turn apples, potato peels and other vegetables into bacon, sausage, ham and pork. My second favorite animal is the cow. They also have a super power. They can turn grass, hay and cow grain into hamburger and steak for me to eat. That is why I like to farm.