Sep 18
visual art challenge: Photo-Space

Sun and Foliage

May 29

My Pond

Wood frogs croaking
The shiny shell of a painted turtle
Dandelion fluff floating majestically in the sky
Birds singing their hopeful songs
Grass hushing in the breeze 
Smell of fresh pond air with every breath
Critters scuttling in the bushes
Swallowtail butterfly flitting to and fro
Fuzzy bumble bee buzzing by
Dragonfly zooming overhead
The pond. My pond.
May 22

Playground During Quarantine

May 15

Boredom is Toxic

Out the window, the sun lights up the world and my lack of motivation is hurting me. Without a softball season, my life has taken a lefthand turn onto Boredom Boulevard. My Chromebook is my only companion as I stare at it hours on end doing work and promising myself that I will do something good for my body. I can feel my muscles weakening by the minute and every type of physical activity makes me stiff immediately after. I know that I'm taking fun activities away from myself, but I just want to blame the Virus for everything these days. There are so many other things that I could be doing other than sitting around all day and I have regretted every minute of quarentine that I have spent watching Youtube and playing pointless computer games. Boredom is toxic. Don't let it get to you like it did to me.
May 14
nonfiction challenge: Moment

A Perfect Sister Moment

The sun shone brightly, illuminating the sky a bright baby blue. My childrens flipflops scraped the dirt road beneath my feet and I listened carefully to my sister as she talked. My sunglasses turned everything a dark, soft green and I could feel a breeze on my sleeves. My sister made a joke and I smiled. Wind rustled the branches and birds chirped making all stresses disappear like magic. In an instant, a bright white Jeep flew up the road, splashing water all up my side and on my sister too. We yelled at the driver, even though he was out of earshot, then looked at each other and laughed. Coronavirus can't change careless drivers, but it definitely changed my relationship with my little sister and made it at least ten times stronger than before.
May 02

When the Clouds Cover the Moon

When the clouds cover the moon, I feel a hole in my heart.
There are tears threatening to burst from every pore in my body.
It's like there's something more important than me that you're looking to find.
Like I can never be truly yours.
Your first choice.
I see it in your eyes. A craving that you can't hold.
Then just like that, you're gone back to what is more imporant to you.
Now, the clouds have covered the moon and I have to wait for a clear night to be okay again.
Apr 01

Little Handmade Cards

Mar 27

The Love of a Home

Welcoming you with opening arms,
a home can change your life.
Love and support are of a shelter's charms,
only lacking in hurtfulness and strife.

A perfect atmosphere in which to be cared for, 
comforting you in the darkest of times.
Only the greatest of friends you will adore,
who will take you in after the hardest of mental climbs.
Feb 28

Parallel Universe (A Paint Chip Poem)

Plum perfect sky with light octopus clouds floating in the midst of it
Sun the color of ginger root
Mountainless horizon with building silhouettes in obsidian black
Antique brass hued lights shine through the windows of apartments
Bright, cotton-colored stars and a creamy moon in the middle of them
Dark bramble grass poking out of sidewalk cracks
Vintage turquoise curtains hanging from shop windows 
The wonders of a parallel universe

Jan 09

An Autumn Walk

Leaves rustle in a sudden gust of wind, sending a chill down my spine. The woods around me suddenly seem spookier. Though I'm terrified out of my mind, I keep moving through the seeminly haunted forest. A droplet of sweat trickles down my forehead even though it's autumn and only about fourty-five degrees. While I stroll through the trees, I look around frantically trying to convince myself that I'm alone, but something in my subconcious is stabbing me from the inside. You're not alone, it says. Not alone. As the sky begins to grow dark, the voice only gets louder. Watch out. Someone might be watching you. Something shifts in the leaves ahead of me and I let out a little shriek. There's a sharp pain in my left leg and I cripple to the ground. Before I have time to catch my breath, there's a deep voice that seems to say, Come with me. I'll keep you safe. The world goes black.