Jan 15


The world isn't fair.

Nor is it nice.

Things are constantly thrown at our faces,

coming suddenly from behind a curtain of mist 

that nobody even knew was there. 

And as hard as you may try

to protect yourself and others

 from pain and hurt

both are an inevitable part of life.

Everyone struggles. 




That is part of what makes us human.

It is easy to feel alone in your pain, 

but others have experienced it too. 

You aren't the first. 

And you aren't going to be the last. 

You can't prevent it.

You can't stop it.

You can't “fix” it.

So what do you do?
Me, I turn to love.

I surround myself with people

who bring sunshine and light.

People who introduce

the sunrise after the 
Jan 15

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself is probably 

the most difficult thing to achieve.

People are constantly putting us down, 

talking behind our backs,

laughing at our "flaws"

and those messages become our thoughts.

Do you know anybody who 

truly and completely loves themselves?

I don't.  

We are surrounded by a society that tells us

we need to be





And as time goes on, 

these expectations just get higher and higher,

to the point where “acceptable”

is perfect beyond attainability. 

So how do we learn to love ourselves?

We have to be courageous and confident enough

to say we don't care what others think,

and truly mean it. 

We have to fight against stereotypes 

that are making us hate ourselves. 
May 28

trying to enjoy

It feels like the flowers just came out, 
like the snow just melted,
and the ice crystals disappeared from trees' branches, 
like the mud just came, 
but yet, 
it's all gone already. 

There was no time to go stomp around
in little red rainboots, 
getting your clothes so filthy, 
that you will have to scrub them for hours
before your mom lets them go in the wash. 

There was no time for your little siblings to make mud pies, 
or cover themselves in the wet dirt, 
until they are nothing more than a giggling brown heap. 

No, because spring came and went like that. 

Now the dirt is as dry 
as sand in the desert, 
and the humidity has my hair going in all different directions at once. 

And the heat, heat, heat!
How is it that it is only May, 
and yet it feels like the middle of July? 

But oh well. 
Apr 30

You are perfect

If I could leave behind advice
in a book 
for some lucky (or maybe unlucky)
kid to find, 
I would tell them 
be yourself,
but try not to stick out too much.

Be nice, 
but only to those who deserve it.

Always try your best,
but don't work so hard you have no time for fun. 

People aren't always who they seem to be,
but don't second guess yourself.

I would tell them
being "popular" is overrated, 
but being "unpopular" can make you feel awful and self-consious. 

Live in the moment,
but think ahead and plan for things going awry. 

Embrace and celebrate the positive, 
but don't keep the negative inside of you. 

Don't talk about people behind their backs,
but know that somebody is probably talking behind yours. 

Be a better person than the mean kids, 
don't ever sink down to their level. 
Apr 08


The water slides gently over my exposed feet.
Sand tumbles in it's wake, 
until all I can see is a cloud of brown,
my feet all but gone. 

But the water retracts, and my feet appear again, 
looking the same as before, 
looking as if they were never gone. 

Again and again,
they come and go,
and I just sit there,

Mar 13


Pandemonium breaks as the ringmaster
enters the stage.
Dressed in red and black,
he lookes like something straight out of 
Alice in Wonderland. 
Lights flicker on,
Illuminating the stage
in a flourescent yellow aura.
On come lions with clothing,
and elephants balancing on tiny little beach balls. 
The lights change colors, 
casting the stage in a rainbow of color bursts.
The crowd cheers wildly.
Exept for me. 
Me, I just stand there, staring. 
Looking around at the hundreds of people
that fill the giant red and white tents, 
I see not only an audience in the stands.
But little boys scurring from seat to seat, 
hands flickering in and out of pockets, 
as the crowd watches dumbstruck
as acrobats flip and twirl 
high up in the tent, 
with only a few small ropes to support them. 
The children weave their way through people, 
Feb 27

Once Upon a Time

Black Cat slinking in the shadows.

Pollen dripping from lush lotus flowers.

Dappled sunlight shining through gloomy clouds,

Dawn long gone.

Lost in an endless corn maze, 

no hope of getting out. 

Fountain of youth casting a sense of euphoria over the world.

Spinach growing, struggling to survive. 

Once upon a time,

Once upon a time.

Feb 27

Summer Squash Sun

The summer squash sun sinks beneath the raven black mountains. 

The clear blue skies have disappeared,

leaving bursts of colors in its wake. 

Cumulus clouds are dyed the color of a clown's nose. 

And right above the glowing,




is a patch of light yellow, 

that reminds me of the beach. 

Sand castles,

 and sand squelching through my toes. 

But a rainstorm is rolling in,

Casting the world in dark tenebrosity.
Jan 23

What I Wish For

Tomorrow, Jannuary twenty fourth, 2020, I wish for a solution to climate change that will save our earth. 
On January twenty second, 2031, I wish for all wars to stop and never start again.
And on January twenty second, 2056, I wish for a cure to every disease. 
Jan 17