Dec 20
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Dear Greta Thunberg.

Hi. My name is Emma. I know you probably get ten million emails from people telling you how you're an inspiration and yada, yada, yada, (which you are) so I'm not going to do that. Sorry if any of this is offensive. I wish I would be able to skip school to tell people about climate change, but my parents would kill me. Not litterally kill me, they wouldn't do something like that, but they'd be so angry. I heard that kids are the main problem in climate change. We need so much stuff, and all of that's made in factories.
Dec 17
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The Meaning of Waiting.

I type on my blog and wait.
Wait for someone to like my stuff and want to talk to me. 
I know I'm seeming clingy or weird or just plain out wanting someone to notice 
But I realise that someone might never reach out.
When I email or text someone, I (this is embarrasing) 
Check my email or text messages every 2 minutes.
Because I don't like being alone.
Or you know when you cry in the bathroom,
And somebody asks if you're okay.
You say you're fine even though you're not.
And they walk away. 
And part of you wishes that they'd stay there and talk to you.
But another part just wants to be left alone and cry in the bathroom. 
Dec 17
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The forbidden holiday

I start humming a christmas carol that I have stuck in my head. A teacher runs up towards me and whispers, "Stop singing that!! Detention!!" "What? Why?" I ask. "You were humming a christmas carol. You're not allowed to do that." After detention that day, I get out of school. The christmas carol is still stuck in my head, so I hum it again. The same teacher pops out of the bushes and shouts, "Stop singing that!! Suspension!!" 

Again, I say, "Wait, what?" "You were humming a christmas carol. I'm so disapointed in you. I'm calling your mom to let her know that you aren't allowed in school until you learn how to behave properly." Once I get home, mom's waiting for me at the front door. When I ask her if everything's okay, she says, "I got a call from the school. They said you kept on singing christmas carols." "Yeah, so?" "That's highly unacceptable. You're grounded." 
Dec 11
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Emergency Button

I walk down the halls of the apartment building until I get to the beautiful glass elevator. I step inside and realise it’s crowded. There’s silence until someone says, “I bet you’re wondering why I called you here today.” He then presses the emergency stop button and the elevator stops.
A woman holding her child sort of shouts, “Why did you do that, you idiot?” Her child starts crying and I can see people stopping on their way to work or whatever to stare at us, the idiots stuck in the elevator.  The alarms go off and I just close my eyes and slide onto the floor, hugging my knees as the child continues crying, people argue, and alarms blare on. 
I just sit and wait until the alarm guy looks at me and picks me up. I stare back while he holds me by the neck of my shirt. He then throws me out of the elevator. People outside stare again as I continue to plummet towards the ground, and when I think I’m close to hitting the ground, nothing happens. 
Dec 04
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Draw like you've never drawn before. 
Let your pencil drag on the page, leaving marks so beautiful words cannot describe.
Just draw. 
Let your creativity wash over you like waves and just draw.
Just draw.
Let your emotions pour onto the page until you are finished. 
And when you're done, you can turn the page over and start again.