Dec 26


This poem is irrelevant.
Seriously, you have better things to do.

You could be lying on your back in the grass
stargazing with those you love
or dancing alone in the kitchen
waiting for the cookies to be done.

You could be on the last leg of a car trip to the beach
rolling down the windows to smell the salty air
or roasting marshmellows in the twilight
laughing too hard at the very worst jokes.

You could be cuddled on the couch
sobbing at a heartbreaking movie
or out shopping with your friends
with your new favorite jeans in a paper bag.

You could be braiding somebody's hair
and listening to their most delicious secrets
or huddled with a huge stack of books
reading everything from romance to mystery to sci-fi and back again.

You could be doing infinte wonderful things
but feel free to read this poem again if you're not. 
Dec 10

Goodbye 2020

Goodbye 2020.
Goodbye masks
Goodbye quarantine memes
and packages that still haven't arrived
and socially distanced hugs.

Goodbye 2020.
Goodbye foggy glasses.
Goodbye never sharing food
and missed loved ones
and too many advice columns.

Goodbye smiling too hard so people can actually tell you're smiling.

Goodbye backing away from your friends like you're magnets repelling each other.

Goodbye spending a horrific amount of time online every single day.

Goodbye hyperventilating when someone sneezes in the grocery store.

Goodbye president who doesn't know shit.

Goodbye 2020.
I won't miss you at all.
Dec 09


is a feeling of contentment
and joy
is a feeling of contentment
and happiness
i feel like we've been here before

is that feeling 
i hope you know it 
it is unlike anthing else

is dancing alone 'cause you can't not dance
is smiling at everyone and not needing a reason 
is doing something "just because"
is catapulting into someone's arms 'cause well, you have to

is the wings you never knew you had
Nov 25


you watch the sun sink 
behind shadows
of rolling hills

a fiery reflection 
swallowed by night

you are there
barley visible
on the surface

you reach out 
sending ripples gliding 

kidnaps muted stains
memories of sunshine

you turn 
begin your journey
to shore
to me

tiny infinite tsunamis
race each other 
to my feet
planted in sediment

lake water drips
from your hair
as you step onto sand
close the distance
between us

there we stay
as tsunamis lose their race
and indigo kidnaps stains
and lake water drips
from your hair

Nov 14


one word 
seven letters 
means a number of things
I like to think it means feelings
joy and love and
to name just a few 
but some people try to tell me 
that it means weakness
they say I'm loud 
and crazy,
and foolish and silly and shallow and delicate 
they say I'm hysterical 
by the way
means I am letting my womb control me
and my emotion

they say I should hide my emotion 
because no one else is supposed 
to know that I am human 
because that would be indecent 
and wrong 
they say I should pack myself up in a box
sealed too tight 
and ship myself off 
to wherever they say I should go 
they say 
they say 
they say 
they say 

people say a lot of things 
about me 
about you 
about them 
and them 
about us all
Oct 22


Dear Mr. President,
I think I'll get straight to the point 
Your actions are killing people 
Your choices are killing people
You are killing people.

Dear Mr. President,
Why won't you stop lying? 
I'm going to watch the Presidential debate tonight 
And isn't it funny?
I already know exactly what you're going to say.
All lies.

Dear Mr. President,
Tear gas?
At the people you claim to love?
And just for a stupid photo.
What a role model you are.

Dear Mr. President,
You pay millions of dollars in taxes?
You've given billions of dollars to this country?
Show us your tax returns then.
It's that simple.

Dear Mr. President, 
You stand with the LGBTQIA+ community?
You support Black Lives Matter?
You respect all people equally?
I'll believe it when I see it.

Dear Mr. President,
COVID is China's fault?

Sep 24


One word
Eight letters 
Four syllables
The instigator
The ignorant
The enemy

Undeniably, irretrievably wrong

That's us.

Aug 31


I read a book 
Called Tell Me Three Things
Kind of a weird concept 
A girl gets an email
From a secret admirer 
Who won't tell her who he is 
They email back and forth 
And play this game 
Called three things 
Where every day 
They tell each other three things 
About themselves
Until they decide to meet up
Turns out he's not a serial killer 
He's exactly who he says he is 
A secret admirer 
Then they fall in love. 

If it happened in real life
He would be a serial killer.
But I'd probably fall for him anyway
And tell him my three things 
And again 
And again
Until he knew my life story 
And height
And weight 
And social security number 
And bank account information 
Until I was powerless against him.

In real life
He's a serial killer.

It was a good book anyway.

Aug 05

Is there a problem?

"Good morning, class.
On each of your desks, you will find
A copy of the school dress code 
To remind you of what clothing 
Has been deemed inappropriate for school."

                School Dress Code

• The hems of all shorts and skirts must reach the knee or below.
• The straps of all tank tops must be the width of two fingers or more.
• V-neck shirts are not permitted.
• Tight leggings or pants are not permitted unless a skirt or pair of shorts is worn over them.
• Makeup of any kind is not permitted.

Jul 21


Summer is pool parties and barbeques
Socially distant or not 
Watching shooting stars and fireworks
And being another year older. 

Summer is sunkissed raspberries 
Cherries, peaches, mint lemonade
And ice cream that drips unceremoniously down your sleeve. 

Summer is puffy white clouds
Warm rains, cool breezes, and colorful sunsets
That splatter across the canvas of the sky.

Summer is oceans, lakes, and rivers
Diving for pearly white stones
And eating picnics with our feet in the water.

Summer is tank tops and ponytails
Tanlines, swimsuits, and sunscreen
And tye-dyeing T-shirts in the sun.

Summer is basketballs, dusty with gravel
Swimmimg contests, soccer at twilight,
And laughter-filled bike rides. 

Summer is lazy mornings,
Painted toenails,
Over-filled bookshelves.