Apr 08


I shake with fear
At shadows
And feel my body start to disintegrate
When the world gets out of control
My stomach rebels against gravity and chooses its own path
Of climbing my throat and strangling me
My body is possessed and nothing can stop its reign of terror
Blood leaks from my cheeks onto my tongue
It's all I can taste
Pearly whites chattering like monkeys
who’ve forgotten to take their adderall
I am not human
I am death
I am the end of everything
Mar 25

When the sun falls away

What is the day
That the sun falls away
And the darkness is here to stay?
When we’ve all lost our mind
And are no longer kind
The happiness will go away
I’ll sit quiet by your side
Along for the ride
As the sunset runs off to play
Mar 11

When we ran away

Oh, dear reader! Do you remember when we ran away?
When we ran to our loves and they embraced us
And so we packed up our suitcases
With our favorite clothes
And left
To the most beautiful place we thought could exist
And our old thumpity bumpity truck
Drove down little dirt roads
Through pastures and flower fields
And we swore we would never leave

We slept in barns full of fresh cut hay
And spare rooms stacked with handmade quilts
We forgot about life and let the sea breeze carry us
To places that couldn’t possibly exist
In the world we had known before

I remember our great times
When the world feels too much
I think back to your face
And suddenly the world feels a bit more bearable
Mar 03

An empty girl left alone

I’m not tired
But that's the only thing I can say
That makes how I feel acceptable
I can’t say out loud how I feel like I’m melting in my own loneliness
How each word dripping like honey from their beautiful mouths
Is filled with lies
Telling me that there is meaning in the meaningless
I have become a shell of a girl
I have no personality, no emotions
I am left 
Slowly sinking
Going against the rules that every science teacher has etched in my arm
I am empty
But I do not float
Feb 15

hidden depths of strangers

Why is everyone so much deeper than you expect them to be?
Some people are so obviously see through
They will explain every last curve of their body
But the others,
The ones who make barrier after barrier
And refuse to let you see them
Will one day let a secret slip past their lips
And suddenly you can't understand why the world
Is the way it is
Feb 09

a non-love poem

Feb 04

A girl's first patriarchy (assembly required)

I think every teenage girl has experienced the feeling of being uncomfortable around a man or a boy. Being stared at or groped or full on sexually assaulted is pretty common and tends to get overlooked, by being told to carry pepper spray and take a self-defense class. A girl's honorary first fake phone call to a friend to prove to a man that she won't be alone for long, is a right of passage that makes men roll their eyes and say… “ not all guys are like that you know.” Well, try telling that to the 400,000 women who are raped or sexually assaulted each year in the U.S. Tell that to the 235,000 girls under 21 who are kidnapped every year and the 50,000 women and girls who are sold into sex trafficking. This world of horror that we cover up is one that reeks of patriarchal privilege and a government that cares more about a boy's future football career than the girl who he raped.
Jan 27

My escape (that may or may not happen)

Jan 14

Blackberry pie

Jan 12

The Surprise Rose

There's a flower shop in burlington that I drove past everyday last summer

On the sign outside they are always offering a free rose if you have a certain name

One day it was Carol, the next it was Daisy, and the next it was Jim

I wonder if people with those names ever go in to get their rose

If I saw my name I'm not sure if I would go in

I guess it's the idea of someone else getting a rose when I pass the sign

That makes me happy

But today a boy gave me a wooden rose and it reminded me of that shop

It made me wish I had gone in last summer

And said my name was Carol or Daisy or Jim

Just to get a rose

And to feel like someone knew I existed

But I like my wooden rose

So maybe I’ll just wait until the day I see my name on the sign