Oct 16

My Eyes

For so long,
I have listened to others,
others' opinions,
others' words.
I have heard them 
I have heard them debate,
and I have only 
wished a single thing,
to be able to know
what I agree with.
In this world,
I am realizing that 
there are many,
many struggles,
that there are  
things that so many 
people feel strongly about,
and I am finding that 
I truly don't know
how I feel about these topics.
What is my opinion?
For a while now,
I would listen to those I 
know closely,
and I would nod
as they talked about 
their thoughts on something.
I would immediately think,
"This must be the right decision
if it's coming from them."
if there is anything I've learned
from experiencing this pandemic,
it is that not everyone agrees.
Not everyone agrees,
even if they are friends,
Oct 08

Autumn Wonder

When I wake up,
when my eyes open
for the first time in hours,
I prepare for the day ahead.
I brush my hair,
brush my teeth,
eat breakfast,
get dressed.
And when I go outside,
I stare at the brittle grass,
losing its color,
its vibrance,
falling asleep. 
I glance at the trees,
towering above me,
their leaves spreading from
to orange,
to red.
I smell the fresh,
chilling air 
that sends shivers 
through my body.
I watch as fog,
a light fog,
a mysterious fog,
drifts over our town,
but pleasingly.
And while my eyes 
take in the sights,
while my nose, 
my ears, 
my lips 
experience this paradise
we know as autumn,
my mind wanders to the
the costumes and hot apple cider on Halloween,
the decorative Christmas tree during winter,
the smell of dew in the morning,
Sep 23

I Can Find No Words

There are
some moments,
when I know just 
what to say. 
When I know just 
what to say
to make someone feel
less doubtful,
less put down,
less afraid.
while there are 
words of positivity,
words of clarity,
there are lots of times
when my lips 
do not move,
they do not make a sound.
They seem to detach from
my body altogether,
leaving me with my thoughts,
my thoughts that wish to escape,
my thoughts that wish to be heard,
my thoughts that get stuck.
And so,
when I get scared,
when I become embarrassed,
when I seem overpowered by something,
someone, else,
I must learn to strengthen these words,
these feelings,
into sentences that can be heard,
even by those who always speak,
by those who never listen. 

Aug 31

Two years ago

About two years ago,
I joined YWP. 
About two years ago,
I began sixth grade.
About two years ago,
I walked through 
the halls of the 
middle school,
unsure of how to act,
unsure of how to feel. 
But now,
that is different.
The world has changed,
and I have, too. 
These changes may 
seem minute,
they may seem 
quite large,
but even so,
in about as many ways as possible,
has been tweaked.
And I am happy
that I have changed.
I am happy that I can 
walk with confidence,
that I can write with words,
I would have never been able to 
put together.
That I can stay strong,
that I can be resilient,
while still sensitive. 
I am glad that my life has changed,
for it gives me challenges,
but still offers me
Aug 30
poem challenge: Summer

Farewell, and hello

the time for relaxation,
the time for seemingly endless sleep,
has come to an end.
And although my heart,
my mind,
saddens with the thought
of saying goodbye to so much,
the sticky heat,
the random bike rides to the park,
the stressless nights watching TV, 
I realize that there is so much 
I am excited for,
so much I long to achieve. 
I said goodbye
to my sister,
who has left for college,
the next towering step in her life.
this farewell is temporary,
but as I hugged her,
tears escaping my eyes,
I was sorrowed,
I already missed her.
This year is going to be difficult,
each year always is,
but there is always a bit of light 
that seeps into the world behind my eyes. 
And over time,
this tiny sliver of light will 
begin to grow,
as I think about my sister meeting friends,
going out to dinner,
Jun 02

So Often

So often,
I find myself giddy
with excitement.
Excitement for summer,
excitement for the independence 
that will come with it. 
So often,
I find myself 
a mix of many
unidentified emotions,
sometimes controllable,
sometimes the opposite. 
So often,
I find myself simply happy,
really happy,
for no apparent reason,
and when this feeling
runs through my mind,
as if finally free,
I try to lock it up once more,
in hopes of saving it for
other days,
when I,
or perhaps someone else,
might need it more. 

May 24

Summertime music

Days pass,
the air begins to lose
its cooling whispers,
and sweat drips
ever so slowly,
down your back. 
As you rise from 
your chair,
which sits with boredom,
watching the dust pile up,
on the piano's
yellowing ivory keys,
you begin to wonder,
what to do,
what to do?

You cross the bare,
wooden floor,
your feet sticking 
with every step. 
The long,
sweet rays of sun
illuminate constellations
of floating dust,
sleeping dust. 
as your mind searches for something,
to think of, 
to grasp,
you begin to wonder,
what to do,
oh, what to do?

these hot,
humid days,
when you're too tired 
to think,
to move,
and you find yourself
seeming empty.
So you lie down,
and you play some music,
some simple,
summertime music.
May 03

Remember every butterfly

So many things
are happening,
and it's almost as if time
is running
much too fast.
My sister,
she is going to college soon.
My friends,
I'll be able to see them all,
Summer is nearing,
and I'm wondering,
I am always wondering,
what the future holds.
For us,
all of us. 
It has already been two months
since we had to put my sweet,
loving dog,
but it hasn't felt like so much time. 
It's as if we are speeding through
the sky,
above the world below,
but beneath the endless universe that
blankets us. 
It's as if we are
so excited to escape reality,
to escape these problems,
that we miss enjoying the good parts.
I suppose what I am trying to say,
is that,
while you're flying freely with the birds,
make sure to stop and take a breath.
Don't forget to savor every cloud,
Apr 22

Figures On the Horizon

When I step outside,

there are so many things I notice,

so many things I see. 



colors I can’t even name.

But every time 

my eyes gaze upon this beautiful world,

I spot the shadows,

the figures,

emerging from the foggy horizon.


wondrous peaks,

sometimes topped with elegant snow,

drifting slowly downward,

like sweet, 

sweet chocolate.

They seem so far away,

while at other moments,

so close,

so familiar.

They are our protectors,

our angels. 

They engrave our sky,

our minds,

our hearts,

and we can’t imagine life without them.


as I watch them from one minute to the next,

I realize something.

I feel that they are worth protecting too. 
Apr 05

To Be Mistaken

We make mistakes.
I do,
you do. 
Our entire world does.
But a mistake
is more than what simply meets the eye.
A mistake
could be a misunderstanding.
A mistake
could be unspoken truths. 
It is to be wrong,
it is to be mistaken.  
To be mistaken is to be questioned.
To be mistaken is to be changed. 
It is to have to speak to others,
to have to use words,
and explain. 
Explain how this happened,
explain why.
To be mistaken is to be taught,
about right,
about wrong,
about differences and similarities.
To be mistaken is to be helped,
through good or bad,
through smiles or sorrow.
To be mistaken
is to be 
so many things.
and eventually,