Oct 20

You Only Get One- 2020 Presidential Election

You only get one vote.
You only get one counted opinion.
You can rant and try to make people believe whatever,
but in the end, 
every person gets one chance.
One chance to have a definite say in this election.

Let me tell you something
before this day arrives.
This country is living,
rejoicing at some moments 
and maybe not so much at others. 
We must keep it that way,
make it better, if anything.
If we are granted the ability
to work together and choose one person
who leads us,
who helps us,
who affects us,
who fights for us,
our country,
our world,
don't you think they must deserve it?
Don't you think they need to know
what will help when things have gone bad,
when things are drowning us as a country?
Don't you think they need to have a plan,
or at the very least an idea,
of how to support our world?
Our home?
Oct 11

Amongst the Willows

A chilly day in October,
a brisk wind blows,
and I linger by a small bunch of willows.

I stare at the green and sandy yellow leaves
cascading around the sides. 
I marvel at the strong,
hearty trunks. 

How beautiful they are,
how magnificent.
Doesn't it seem like there must be something else,
lurking amidst the creeping branches? 
Hiding in the hollows of the emerging,
milky brown roots? 
Could there truly be something,
watching from afar,
amongst the willows? 

if only I could see,
if only I could hear,
whatever lies beyond,
perhaps behind,
these great beings. 

If only I could find out,
what is awaiting my arrival,
amongst the willows. 

Many times I hope,
I dream,
of retrieving the answer
to my question.
The answer to my pondering. 

Whatever could possibly live,
Oct 07

A penny a poem

I walk by, 
hardly even noticing the girl.
In fact, 
it seems as if no one truly realizes she's there. 
She holds a large stack of papers in her hands,
waiting for at least one to be taken.
Her voice doesn't yell,
but calls out words that I haven't heard much before.
"Poems! Poems! A penny, a poem!"
Her face looks not defeated, 
but sadly hopeful. 
I itch to go over and read them,
to experience the words, 
the stories,
the lives,
that are given to the poems. 
But I don't. 
For some reason, 
I don't. 

That night, 
I dream of reading the poems,
reading the lines,
whether sorrowful,
or exciting. 
I decide something as my eyes
softly close.

The next morning,
I rush out to the street,
scanning the crowd of people,
searching for what I desire.
The girl stands on the side once again,
calling out her words.
Sep 30

It's the little things

I sit watching the dancing flames
They have finally come to life.
I could be watching the screen,
watching the characters,
admiring everything around me,
but I watch the tiny fire
and think,
"It's the little things."

An evening in the grass,
thousands of stars above,
performing for us,
shimmering for us,
but my eyes are stuck on a cricket,
a cricket who is singing the
most amazing melody.
And I think to myself,
"It's the little things."

I walk slowly through the town,
waving to friends,
smiling at trees,
waiting for amusement.
A large plot of land 
holds a carnival as I linger by,
and I am tempted to join the fun,
but a butterfly with the prettiest of wings
bounces by, 
learning to fly high,
and I can't help but think,
"It's the little things."
Sep 03

Unsilenced words

A day at school,
a boy who remains quiet
sits at his desk,
awaiting the other kids,
who choose to hurt.

They approach him,
spitting bitter words that people have heard,
and the boy stays silent.

He wants to stand up.
He wants to become bigger than them,
better than them,
and he wants to yell.

He wants to yell the unknown,
unsilenced words,
that are small but mighty.

He wants them to stop,
but the boy refuses to hurt anyone.

So when he gets home that night,
he thinks about all of the words that
have gone astray,
the ones that have been buried,
walked upon,
and simply,
so very simply,
the child takes their silence away.

At school the next day,
the boy watches kids appear at his desk,
but he doesn't stay down.

He stands up,
and before they are able to say anything,
the boy begins to yell
Aug 22

Through Glass Eyes

A young girl sits alone at a window,
admiring the night sky.
She dreams of flying with 
the stars,
but stares blankly,
looking through glass eyes.

An unknown thief watches thoughtlessly 
as happy families scurry by.
He hopes to someday 
be a part of one,
but sits still,
looking through glass eyes.

All of these people,
who have countless dreams,
are searching for a way
to escape,
to break out,
from behind their 
glass eyes.
But something
is stopping them.
Something that protects that
Some have no trouble breaking 
through glass eyes,
letting go of their questions
to immediately get answers.
But some don't trust that there 
are good answers,
so they sit back and continue to hope,
looking through glass eyes.

A successful businessman sits at his desk,
Jul 31

Follow the Right Path

The grass is always greener,
the sun is always brighter
as you follow the right path.
It may get rocky,
it may get steep,
and you might think that you are lost.
Many along the way will tell you to turn back,
to give up and start over.
You have had troubles, yes,
but you have overcome them.
You have been scratched and scarred 
by thorns and bushes,
but you are still walking.
Why would you turn away now?
This trail that you hike,
this mountain you climb, 
is long and may seem never ending.
But along with all of the troubles that you bump in to,
there will always be something better to come.
If you get scraped by a branch,
you will feel relief when the pain goes away,
when it's over.
So, you can feel distressed,
you can feel worried,
and you can feel like you want to just be done with this hike.
But when you do reach the end,
you will be glad
Jun 06

Some Things We Can't Ignore

Some people in our world today
are acting with cruelty,
with hate,
and I truly don't understand. 

I don't understand why they hurt people for no good reason.
I don't understand why they think they can do whatever they want,
whenever they want,
without having a good explanation. 

What I really don't understand is why they are giving our world more challenges to deal with,
more hard things to face
on purpose.

These lives that we all live,
they are our own,
and some aren't even making the most of them.
We can't take for granted everything the world gives us,
and we can't take advantage of everything that we earn,
for any reason at all. 

This world we live in,
it is so much more than special,
and we need to keep it that way.
We need to make it better.

So, I ask,
why aren't we?
May 27

Why I Write

If I have any time on my hands,

I'll write.


Well, I'm not sure if words themself could even explain that.

But I suppose I'll try.

I am a writer,

I am a poet,

I am an author,


I absolutely love to do it.

I write because it makes me feel happy,

no matter what I'm writing.

I write because it is a whole new way to express myself,

my passion,

my strengths,

my weaknesses.

It doesn't matter if something I write isn't the best,

it matters that people get to listen,

people get to share,

people get to experience,

the joy,

the warmth,

that I feel when I write.

If I want to write about something that is happening around us,

if I want to write about something that is completely impossible,

something surreal,
Apr 30

Something Other Than COVID19

We pick up newspapers, watch TV, listen to newscasts, and all we hear, is one word; COVID19. We're all sick of this virus, that has been taking over the world, and all we can do is stay at home, social distance, and do hardly anything outside of our homes. So, this message is to you, YWP, about something other than COVID. 

Flowers are blossoming,

the grass is greener,

the sun shines brighter,

and spring is here!

It has felt like forever,

that the snow has stuck around, 

almost like it was stalling. 

Those warm colors that appear in spring,

are filling our world,

our homes,

our hearts,

with warm feelings.

No more chilling air,

no more crazy windy days,

no more having to zip up a coat whenever you walk out the door! 

We can play outside,

ride our bikes,

and do so much more,