Feb 25
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Ciorbă cu Perișoare

Son, you must understand that there is art in the making of ciorbă cu perișoare. The way you cut the potatoes, the type of stock you use, not broth, how long you leave it to simmer. And, of course, the borș. You cannot find good borș here in the States. Good borș comes from one place, and one place only. The place where I am from. The place where my mother was from, and her mother, and hers. From Romania. 

         Home of communists, protestors and vampires. Just kidding, the only Romanian vampires are the tax collectors. And the dictators, though they’re mostly dead.
Jan 28
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A Liar's Love Story

A Liar’s Love Story
By Daniel Viorica


Nate (to audience): So, uh, hey everyone. How’s it going? I’ve got a date. Which is first of all very exciting. Not something that happens very often. Or at all, really. There’s just a slight problem. I met her online.  And I may have... well, I catfished her. Just a little bit. Y’know, just a few basic lies. About myself. So, we’ll see how this goes.


 Elle enters the stage.


Elle: Oh my god! Nate! Sorry I was a little bit late, traf-


Nate: No, no, it’s okay! You’re Elle?


Elle: That’s me! 


Nate: Cool! My name’s Nate! That’s my name. Don’t have any other names. Nate. My name is definitely Nate. Let’s get a table, shall we?


Nate (to audience): So here’s the deal. My name’s not Nate.  And I’m not sure if I want her to find out. 

Jan 21
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Innovative Interactive Humorous Interpretive Experience

1: Wait, have you finished writing your piece yet? The tournament’s in like… now! And you haven’t checked in at all. I know you’ve been busy, but still…
2: Why, of course I’ve finished my piece. I give my art the time it deserves.
1: Wonderful! You’re still doing an HI, right?
2: Hardly! It’s evolved to be so much more than that… No, it’s not an HI. It’s more of an… I-I-H-I-E
1: What?
2: Innovative Interactive Humorous Interpretive Experience!!
1: Well that sounds, uh, very interesting. Not like a train wreck at all. May I see it?
2: That depends entirely on you! Are you ready to be shaken to the core? To be rocked into another dimension? To see something that will stimulate *wink* all six of your senses? You (points at member of the audience)! Yes, I see you watching me, creep. Are you ready for the experience of your life? 
2: Wonderful! Let’s begin
3: Woah, I’m in an HI. That’s pretty weird.