Nov 09
audio 2 comments challenge: Hazel

barnaby's house

another song from my experimentation with the kind of stuff i want for the hazel's house soundtrack. this one is less terrifying--it coincides with the initial drive through hulcastle and the kids' first view of goddard manor so there's a little snippet of a theme that will become hazel's in there. i actually did this one with a metronome so it sounds like maybe it has a tempo! 
Audio download:
Barnaby's House.m4a
Nov 01

echoes pt 2

pt 1 is here
happy late halloween everyone! i meant to post this yesterday and then didn't and then i had no electricity most of this morning, so here it finally is! spooky story from my trip to ireland a few years ago. 

it was the tail end of my mother and i's trip to ireland. we had traveled all over the country before finally settling in the small and depressing village of mohill, in a house that had belonged to a distant relative. the house was so remote that it had no street name and no street number. we had to find it by written instructions and a google earth image of the house. we drove up a hairpin turn and down a narrow road ringed with hedges. 
Oct 28
poem 6 comments challenge: CJP-Guns


I wore high heels to school. 
and my mother said to me in the parking lot,
'be careful on the stairs.
and if something goes wrong and you have to flee,
just take off those shoes and run.' 
if something goes wrong,
take off those shoes and run

I said okay and I nodded because I have heard all this before. 
be prepared for the worst. 
if you have to run for your life in school, 
take off those pretty shoes and leave them. 

I should not be expecting to run for my fucking life in school. 
Oct 26
audio 4 comments challenge: Hazel

would anyone like an auditory nightmare?

so i know it's been a while since i posted music on here (the computer i had logic on crashed and it took me forever to reinstall plus i've been super busy) and here i am with something that's... not so much music as a collection of the most hair-raising synth sounds i could find in the sound library? see, i've been experimenting with the kinds of sound and music i'm gonna want for various scenes in hazel's house because that gives some direction to my endeavours and this one goes to the second seance scene, the one with hazel. if you want to get a little shot of adrenaline, or are feeling a little low on horrendous screeching noises then maybe this'll be fun. or terrifying. 

for maximum atrocity, listen through headphones
Oct 15

rabbit's heart four years later

i know this isn't really my usual fare exactly but i need to rant so... i guess that's what this is. i don't even know if it's appropriate to put on youngwritersproject as opposed to like a journal or something because it's not a poem or a work of art but just... i don't know, that's where my head is. 

i want to know what's wrong with me. i know something is, it's not normal to have heart rates at to 150 for up to a week at a time when there's no significant source of stress in your life. it's not normal to go to sleep with your heart racing and wake up with it still racing. extreme head rushes and ice cold hands and feet and legs puffing up when you sit cross legged for too long aren't normal.
Oct 11

making a film: props (part one)

hazel's house is almost fully cast, but for one ghost and a few people who haven't confirmed. costumes for all but a few of the characters have been purchased. shooting locations are starting to become a concern, order of filming is on my mind, and we have met with one of our actors and have a plan ot meet with another already. i've made a few minor changes to the script so it can be shot with the cast we have. so in the meantime there's only one thing to do that i take care of: props.
Sep 28

making a film: costume shopping

so i decided, for some reason, in a moment of creative unfufillment while on vacation this past summer that the best way for me to occupy my eleventh grade year was to write, cast, direct and edit my own horror movie. (i posted the script earlier, you can find the script here if you're interested) the film is called hazel's house, and although we don't start shooting until november and haven't quite finished casting, pre-production and coordinating things has been keeping me very busy and i'd imagine that will continue and i won't be writing much here or on my other projects. so i thought that maybe i would keep track of what's up with the film. how much progress i've made and how it's coming along and all since it's kind of a huge endeavour. 
Sep 22

fiona's character deep dive


This is a template for the questionnaire I use when I’m at a stage of revising a project where I already know my characters and narrative fairly well but need to get to the next level. It shouldn’t be used for developing new characters, because it leaves off a lot of things you’ll need to get to know a new character and should know before starting this. Their voice, their attitude, their past, how they act in different scenarios. 

This questionnaire is designed to help you get a fully formed sense of your character as being more than someone who serves your narrative, as someone who was living a life and was a real and complicated human with goals and hobbies even before the story began, and is a combination of analysis and biography. I use it for screenwriting, but it should work for other forms of fiction as well. 
Sep 21

it's a good night

tonight was not the same as other nights
and i think i like it. 
tonight i finally voiced my questions
about who i was. 
i just up and told my parents
that i don't think i have anxiety, 
that i relate to no parts of the diagnosis
and have thought for a while
that most of the symptoms that have been dismissed as anxiety
could be better explained by a physical cause
and i want to find it. 
i was concrete and i was sure
because i needed to be sure to say this. 
i was worlds more articulate than i thought i would be
and they believed me. 
i described the difference between
when i feel anxious
and when i'm lying awake doing square breathing at three o'clock in the morning and thinking about nothing and feeling my heart beat so hard and fast i think it'll explode out of my ribs
took into account my head rushes, 
low blood-sugar-induced microsleeps
and mood swings