Aug 03
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a chocolate story

It's not the first time I've gotten chocolate since YWP began its great Chocolate-Sending campaign. It would be ... the second. If I'm counting correctly. However, it almost didn't happen. 
I wasn't even expecting to be sent anything in the mail—just going about my ordinary summer, doing ordinary things or no things at all—until I came across a piece on here mentioning that somebody else had recieved chocolate. 
Well, at first I tried to think reasonably, I'm further south in the state than most YWPers, it probably just took longer in the mail. Then I wondered if my ten days in Ireland had had a greater effect on my SoS posts than I'd thought it had. Or maybe the staff at headquarters had come over all music-hating on me? After all, most of what I'd put up was music. Maybe they didn't love me anymore. 
Aug 03
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make-up for yesterday

i didn't get back home until about 9:30 last night, and I spent the remainder of the night wasting my time. so here, a day late: 

walking through the food co-op yesterday
waiting in the checkout line, 
there was a little girl at the register at the far end 
waiting for her father to leave the bathroom, 
i think. 
she had a stuffed monkey with her
and as her mother watched, 
she dropped the monkey
and started to cry. 
her father picked it up, held it towards her
but she didn't reach for it so the monkey's fur
just got clenched in her teeth,
shoved up against her face as she wept
and he picked her and the monkey both up
and carried them off. 
i don't know why,
but the scene made me despondent. 
a feeling of
but that's all wrong, 
that's not good
i don't know why; 
it was just a little girl with a stuffed monkey
but the feeling—
Aug 01
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yet more music

Jul 31
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sometimes i walk through graveyards, and i think of how sad it is that i'll never be able to look at my own gravestone. 

that might sound peculiar—it probably is peculiar. i am a bit of a peculiar person. but i live directly adjacent to a graveyard, and they make neat places for bicycling and getting some privacy to hang out with friends, and the like. i like to look at the names on the graves. usually i share the name with whomever i happen to be walking with, if it's interesting—you find some lovely names in graveyards—but at more sentimental moments i wonder about their lives. 

look, those two are both still alive but there their grave is, with their names and their dates of birth. do you think they're suicidal or just really, really prepared? who would want their personal information on a stone before they were too far gone to care? 
Jul 31
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a brief history of montmaray BY MICHELLE COOPER

point one: this comes to an abrupt end because i got hopelessly stuck. i probably should've written an outline or something but i was only writing this first scene so i didn't bother. 
secondly, i don't know if i would call the montmaray journals my favorite books. but they would make great movies and tragically, nobody has acted on that yet and i am too young to authoritatively do anything of the sort. so i saw the prompt and thought, hey, there's an excuse to indulge myself. 
not my original idea. the opening scene to a hypothetical adaption of michelle cooper's a brief history of montmaray. i do not own the rights to this book, obviously. just responding to the prompt. 
also, the end is really voiceover heavy. if i were serious about this i would edit it, but i'm not necessarily? 
also say what you will about using dreams to begin a screenplay. i was stuck. 


Jul 30
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i was going to put up this whole elaborate thing based off a prompt. then i realized it was getting too late to finish and i didn't know what i was doing and it was in a google doc. so i'll have to do it tomorrow if i haven't thought better of it by then. instead, here's some more music. 

I know the second one drags on. Basically what happened is I spaced out while I was trying to do this brief clarinet part and then I realized I had tor emember what I'd played well enough to put chords to it and I just couldn't be bothered to trim it ... so i just thought, oh well, put it up here as is. 

Audio download:
Jul 29
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it's 10:20 at night and i just survived my parents' party and i realized i hadn't written anything today

some pieces of music
just make me unbearably happy. 
it helps
if i haven't listened to them in a while;
if they haven't gone slightly stale
with over-listening. 
helps to hear it through headphones, 
so i can blare whatever i want—
hell, i could listen to this song on repeat
for the rest of the night if i wanted; 
no one would complain about it getting boring.
it's been a while since i visited my stash
of obscure cornish folk music
and i'm glad i did. 
the mermaid of zennor 
is a lovely song, 
not too sentimental, 
it moves, shifts, 
and best of all, 
i don't have the foggiest idea what the lyrics mean. 
it's enough to hear the tapestry of instruments and voices
and that melody 
i don't have enough hands to play on the piano—
and i might just be a sap
who loves music. 
but i'm glad i am. 
Jul 26
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i like to watch people. 
not talk to them, 
not know a single thing about them, 
just watch them as they go by 
living their daily lives
or maybe it's not daily at all. 
maybe the woman in the office
face wrinkled up in disbelief
hand to her chest, 
maybe this is every day for her
but maybe it's not. 
maybe today's the day
the very moment
her life changes. 
and me, 
unworthy stranger, 
i got to watch it. 
those people coming and going at the intersection
just getting through their days. 
their lives, 
their very, very real lives
that i know nothing about. 
that there can be so many lives
just as complex as mine
all crowded together int his one place—
that beggars belief
and it thrills me. 
i would be content 
if i never saw any of them again
never even learned their names
would be content to just know 
Jul 25
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another song

more music. not sure what the inspiration for this is. i was kind of just messing around. 

There's a couple chords I don't like, I think the F sharp works in some places but the F sharp and A chord should probably be F natural and A ... and probably that's completely meaningless to anyone here who doesn't have perfect pitch, which is most people, but i'm kind of just thinking on paper. 

Audio download:
Jul 25
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houseboat life music

houseboat life, the screenplay, i'm stopping posting for the time being because i'm in the middle of some major plot edits and it would be weird to keep posting things that i was already working on. i'll probably put the edited ones up sometime if i ever get it into a state of relative coherence. this is just music. inspired by scenes? sometimes i do music inspired by my screenplays. just as a helping-me-think exercise. 

i know it's short. and i know the key change is nasty, i want to work on a nicer way to switch and i didn't feel like doing the intellectual grunt work of switching the beginning into f minor ... i'm lazy. 

Audio download: