Mar 06


it's not what I was told

theres no gold waiting for me

no great realization 

of higher purpose

theres no magic in air

all there is in the fading of a rainbow

meeting mud covered earth

yet theres a warm feeling in my chest

that i had lost so long ago

my boots squish

every step making it seem more transparent

i reach

out towards the fading rainbow

my fingertips touching

the rain subsides

the sunrays remain

blaring in my face

and as swift as it appeared it was gone

the rainbow no more

my backyard feeling empty at the loss

i hear my boots squish as i walk

back to my home

waiting for another rainbow

another warm feeling

in a rainy world
Feb 19

The Feeling

Home is in the arena

the way we all work together

cheering as I roll first for initiative

hiding us two glass canons from sight

As the other two approach the single enemy

the one we’ve been preparing for

Home is in the victory

Watching the big boss fall

from my spot in the darkness

I see the King crumple to the ground

the cheers of the crowd

the darkness around me dispels

Home is in the aftermath

the surge of pride in my chest

at the table I smile

all five of us are loud and bursting with happiness

here in the art room we sit around a table rolling dice

talking about the amount of money we earned

and the plans for deadshot incorporated

Home is in the talks we have
Feb 14


Wild Dreams
Attainable Reality
Im told by signs about them
One is numerous
Where i'll face more crossroads
More choices that could go wrong
The other is a disaster in waiting
Where an inevitable end is just out of sight

Im told that one is unsatisfying once you reach the end
a forgone conclusion
And that one is going to make me face myself
and all my flaws

None of the signs dont tell me 
Which is a Dream
And which is Reality

The paths in front of me speak
from the way one is riddled with holes
and the other is straight 
with an air of danger

I look out on the path in front of me
Taking a catious step
Into a future i'm unsure of
Not taking my gaze off it once i'm on

I dont know which path this is
If its a Dream or Reality
But this is the path I've chosen
Jan 27

Change, Practicality and Knowledge

the first wish is for mom


 kind, supportive and always wanting the best

 who deserves so much more than what shes gotten

who I'd wish for to have enough money for her to do all the things she wants

 who i know would probably use it to make my sister happy

who would try to make me happy

because i know that she wants change to happen 

that she wants a better world

and thats good for everyone

in that way the first wish is for change

the second wish is selfish

theres no way around the fact

but is it to much to ask for a stable carrer that i actually want

is it to much to ask for something everyone should get

is it to much to ask to be happy

the second wish is for my dreams and for practicality