Sep 13

Baby Bunny

Sep 13

Six Word Story

Sep 12

First Day

Last year my first day of school
was a day earlier
than everybody else's 
because of stupid freshmen orientation

Teachers lined the walls of the gym
and cheered as we walked through the doors
they ushered us to the bleachers
where we had to sit all squished together
while the principal gave a speech
about the joys of high school

A group of overly enthusiastic upperclassmen
gave us the grand tour 
and then made us sit in a circle
like kindergartners
and play icebreaker games

This year my first day of school
was two days later
than half of the school's
and there was no freshmen orientation
for the class of 2024

The principal stood outside
directing us toward the drop off area
with a dramatic flourish

I pulled up my mask 
and rolled down the car window
so a teacher could reach in and make sure
my temperature was below 100.3
Sep 06


The earth
is a giant globe
spinning in circles

around a giant ball of gas
which is just a small dot
in a galaxy
so vast

A galaxy
that is only one
of many
in a universe
too big
to comprehend

When you think
about it all
human beings
seem so small
and yet some people think
that the world
revolves around them
Aug 29

Stress Jenga

There is a pile of worries
on my back
that I carry around

They collect there
every day
as different situations arise
adding new stress
to my supply

They pile up
and they hold me back
tying me down
leaving me helpless

And some days I crack
and the whole stack
Aug 20


my mind is a cluttered house
full of knick knacks I'll never use
but I can't bring myself
to throw them away

there is paint on the floor
and writing on the walls
and I know I need to clean up 
but I can't
you never know
when you'll need this stuff again

there are cracks in the ceiling
patched up with duct tape
but I'm trying to ignore those for now

don't mind the puddles of water
those are the tears
that managed to leak in
just try to ignore them
I'll fix it eventually

I know that it's broken
I know it's unstable
but I can't bring myself to clean it 
I don't want to change it

I'm used to the clutter
and the cracks 
and the tears

I'm used to my panic
my sorrows
my fears

what if I don't want to be fixed?

I'm afraid of being fixed
Aug 20

you, in my head

like a tune that plays on repeat
I see your face in my dreams
showing up
in unexpected places

I can't seem to get you out of my head
and I don't know why

sometimes you're the bad guy
chasing after me
with an evil look in your eye

sometimes you're my friend
always by my side

I know it's not your fault
but I wish you would leave me alone
and let me dream in peace

I'm sorry
I'm just tired of seeing your face
over and over
whenever I fall asleep
Aug 20


I remember waking up
and for a minute
not knowing where I was

But it only took a minute
it was all so familiar:
the wallpaper
the toys
the smell

I opened the door
and I heard voices
and I smelled that smell
wafting down the hall

I ran to the kitchen
knowing exactly what I'd find:
Nana flipping pancakes
and frying bacon

She told me I could help
so I grabbed my little stool
and flipped pancakes
as her experienced hands
guided my movements

Then she had me get plates
and cups and forks
and call everyone to the table
for breakfast

I remember
I even got to wake up Grampie
with my shrill voice yelling:
pancakes are ready
get up 
get up

When everyone was seated
the pancakes were served
and I think
mine was shaped like a heart

These memories
Aug 19
poem 2 comments challenge: Letter


when you left
you wrote down your new address
on a little scrap of paper
gave it to me
and you told me to write you a letter

after you were gone
I cried 
I didn't know if I would see you again
but I remembered
that little scrap of paper
with your address

I grabbed a paper and pencil
and sat down at my desk
and I wrote
everything that happened
since you left

the letter was long
I had to use
both sides of the page
cause I added a post script
and post post script
there was just so much I wanted to say

I put the letter in an envelope
and then I got out the scrap of paper
and addressed it
making sure I spelled 
the name of your town correctly

my mom took me the post office
to get some stamps
and I picked out ones
with different jungle cats
cause I thought
you would like those ones best
Aug 16

Shelburne Farms