Jul 06
poem 5 comments challenge: Open

Open Your Eyes

America the beautiful!
America the free!
America is amazing
from sea to shining sea!

Do you really believe
the words you sing?

Do you really think America
is such wonderful thing?

We sometimes want to ignore
the problems lurking in the dark,
but sometimes they are brought to light
by the tiniest of sparks.

If you think our country is perfect,
I'm sorry, but you are wrong,
there is still much hate and violence
and the bias is still strong.

You need to wake up,
you need to open up your eyes,
you need to see reality,
you may be suprised.

I don't think you will like
what you see,
you'll realize you've been
living in a fantasy.

So wake up, America,
open your eyes,
see yourself as you truely are,
I think you'll be suprised.

Yes, you have freedom
and yeah, you're pretty great,
Jul 05

4th of July Things

Early in the morning
there are clouds
and dew
on the ground

Everything is crisp
and cool

We set out chairs
and tables
on the backyard patio
and we bring out
the new grill
and we set it alight

All my senses come alive
as I see the red
the white
and the blue

I hear the sizzling
of patties on the grill

I smell charcoal
and smoke
and meat

I taste chips
and hamburgers
and iced tea

I feel the heat
starting to rise
as the sun
peaks in the sky

We laugh and chat
and eat a hearty meal
that lasts the whole day

And at night
we hear the fireworks
as they light up the sky

They seem to scream
to yell
and shout

Jul 04

Splish Splash

Jul 04

Camping :D

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Crown Point

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