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Christmas Sunset

Nov 28

Christmas Trees

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Christmas Puppy

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Snow Day

Oct 26
poem 2 comments challenge: Dark


You were lost in the void,
surrounded by unbreakable darkness,
stumbling blindly.

Bumping into the walls that trapped you,
tripping over your own feet,
you crawled on the floor,
one hand reaching out in front of you.

You didn't think you'd ever see clearly again.
You resigned yourself to the darkness
without ever asking for help.

You can reach out your hand.
Someone will be there to hold it
and they will guide you,
teaching you to open your eyes.

You thought you were the only one
trapped inside this lonely world,
but you never thought to ask.

There are people around you
who want the best for you.
They want to help you.
Just say 

I need help
doesn't make you weak.

I am struggling
makes you stronger.

And though the darkness tells you
Oct 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Seasonal

Catching Leaves

The leaves have turned
and turned again
to a nasty shade
of death

The wind blows 
through the branches
the dry leaves rustle
and then
let go

Hike down
the backyard hill
into the open plain

The power lines 
stretch overhead 
and leaves are falling
all around

Reach out your hand
as they come
gently floating down

Snatch one up
before it touches the ground
then wave it around
like a victory flag

Catch as many
as you can
running and falling
pushing and shoving

Hike back up
the backyard hill
bright eyed
and rosy cheeked

Ask Mom to put 
the kettle on
and make steamy mugs
of hot chocolate
with marshmallows

Let the warmth 
flow through you
warming up your hands

Let the joy
fill you up
warming up your heart