Apr 09


Our brains are stuffed so full 
they begin to leak
dripping knowledge

We tip over
from the loads
piled upon us

Beginning to realize
that the world
is not our friend
but we still face it
head on
brave faced

Understand that we are still young
still learning
but we have voices
beautiful voices
that sing knowledge
and truth

We learned it from you
the older generation
you paved the way
and shone the light
except when you didn't

Now we are here
trying to set the wrong right
and figure out the world
at the same time

Can you understand
why we're stressed

Help us
don't push us off
because we're
Apr 08

Six Word Story

Apr 08

Forest Moon

Apr 06

A Walk in Nature

Apr 03

Big-Eyed Girl

Apr 03

Space Bun Girl

Apr 03

Out of Our Control

When will we stop pretending everything is okay?
When will we admit we don't have things under control?
When will we crack under the pressure of the times?

I don't understand
how you can be so calm
pretending everything is normal
when it's obviously not

I'm huddled under my blankets
crying like a baby
missing school
missing friends
missing life as it was

I just want things to go back to normal
Is that too much to ask?
I'll do anything 
just fix this mess

Why are we pretending that everything is okay?
Why won't we admit that we've lost control?
Why can't we show that we're crying inside
lying inside
dying inside?

I'm not okay
I'm not okay
I'm not okay all the time

I don't have to be okay
I don't have to be okay
I don't have to be okay all the time

I'm allowed to cry
and miss what is missing
Apr 03
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The Simple Things

There is beauty
in the simple things
be it flora or fauna
or something with wings

A drop of dew
on the petal of a flower
or the school bell
chiming every hour

The melting snow
and the new green grass 
or children running
hurrying to class

The fluffy clouds
in the pale blue sky
or sitting in classes
just wondering why?

A baby bunny
hopping along
or chorus class
our voices raised in song

There is beauty
in the things mundane
be it plant or beast
or going to school again