Jan 23

To Wear A Tiara

When I was younger
I wanted to be a princess
to wear a tiara 
and a glittering gown

Now I know
I am not destined to be a princess
or wear a tiara
instead I wear a crown 

Now I understand
I am meant to be a queen
to rule over with power
every city every town 

Jan 23


Standing on a stage
surrounded by friends
brought together by a common interest

Breathing as one
beginning our song
voices raised with a common goal

Bending and swaying
somehow connected
hearts linked with a common love

Ending as one
grinning and shining
sharing with all a common necessity

Jan 23


I am the girl
who loves to learn

I am the girl
who sings

I am the girl 
who others spurn

I am a girl
with wings

I am the girl 
who cries in class

I am the girl
who screams

I am the girl 
who's made of glass

I am a girl 
with dreams 
Jan 22

Silent aid

As we are taking our test I look up.
One girl bent over in concentration,
face nearly touching her paper.
Another girl with one hand in her hair,
twisting it into knots and pulling out big clumps.
One guy slowly pulling out his phone,
carefully concealing it under his test paper.
My friend across the room,
her eyes squeezed tightly shut,
trying to stop the tears from slipping out.
I want to tell her that it will be okay,
it's just a formative,
but the teacher has already called for quiet twice 
and I don't want to try her patience.
Quietly, I complete my test
and bring it up to the front of the room,
drawing the attention of my classmates.
My friend's eyes meet mine,
glistening with tears and a look that says,
Help me.
I return her gaze with a look that is trying to say,
You're going to be okay, it's going to be okay.
Jan 22

A Girl From Nowhere

I am a girl from nowhere
Never had a place to call home
I am a wanderer
By the time I finish pitching my tent
I have to pack it up again

I know the location of my birth
but I don't know the place
If I went back I would be new
even though my name is recorded
in a hospital there

The place I just left that I dearly loved
I didn't belong
I couldn't trace my roots back
to the first settlers of that town
I was from away

Where I am now is strange and new
and I feel like an intruder
But I'll soon leave
and once again
I'll be new 

Jan 22

Fifteen Words