Jun 20

These Midnight Hours

All I can hear is the whir of my fan and tick of my clock
although time and space have no meaning
for in these midnight hours all meanings pass away
and the world becomes darkened by the absence of the sun

Goose bumps appear upon my flesh and yet I am sweating
for hot and cold do not exist and yet they are all that exist
because nothing makes sense in these midnight hours

Tiny flickering lights encircle me in their glow
the fireflies have come to taunt my wakefulness
and to haunt me whilst I am in distress
for they know the secrets of these midnight hours

I try to stand but the world is turning and so I fall
unable to stand up although I am already on my feet
floating like a ghost during these midnight hours

A tornado blows throughout my room and I am lifted up
by the maelstrom that is my ceiling fan
a great beast that seeks to eat me up and crush me
Jun 17

Puppy Photobomb

Jun 16

Summer 2020

I'm trying so hard
not to be bummed out
but what I really want to do
is to scream and shout

I know that life 
has never been fair
but this seems outrageous

I want to leave my house
I want to leave my state
I want to see my family
I want to see my friends

I want to drive away
and never look back

I'm done
I'm out

Jump in
let's go

I want to feel the wind
rushing through my hair
and I want to laugh

I want to wade in the ocean
and shriek when it's too cold
and I want to laugh

This summer will be memorable
just not in the way I want it

I want photos 
to hang on my wall
filled with memories
of the fun we had

The fun we won't have
this summer at home

It's summer 2020
a social distancing summer
a summer of fun
six feet apart

I don't think
Jun 16

Purple Veins

Jun 16

A Long Hike

Jun 14

The Mess

is a mess

the world 
seems to be
out of order

is crashing down

we realize
what was lurking
right under 
the surface

my world
is collapsing

my perfect world
that seemed
to have no faults

of course that is not
the world we live in

this world is a mess
this world has big flaws

we tried to fix them
and when that didn't work
we tried to hide them

we brushed them
away under the carpet
to clean up
another day

now another day
has come and gone

and the mess 
it is still there

and in reality
it was never
actually gone
Jun 14


I want someone to
hold my hand
because it's dark
and I'm getting scared

I want someone
to guide me
I don't want
to be alone

If you
hold me close
I won't be afraid

If you
squeeze my hand
I will be all right

Just stay beside me
and talk to me
along the way

I won't let go
and you won't either
we've gotten this far
and we can't back down

Just hold on tight
it'll be all right
we'll make it
til the sun wakes
and shed her light

Then the darkness will flee
from the sun's soft rays
and night will turn
into the day

Open your eyes
and see that
the sky is blue again
Jun 13


I look in the mirror
and what do I see?

I see a girl
who longs break free
of the glass

She sees girls
who seem so
in their own bodies

She sees girls
who don't want
to rip themselves apart

She wants to be
as comfortable 
as they seem

Maybe if she
looks like them

If she puckers her lips
and bats her eyes
maybe she will be

If she squeezes herself
into that mold
maybe she will be

Probably not
but why not try