Feb 19
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Throughout highschool

I’ve seen all the teachers

The ones who don’t care are the most angering ones.

The ones who slam you with homework, 

Not taking into account that you all have six other classes of homework tonight.

The ones who yell at students all day, 

Not realizing they go home and hear that all night.

The ones who yell at students for eating in their classrooms,

Not believing that’s the only meal they will be provided with today.

The ones who hand you the failed test grade and say 

“Study harder.”

The ones who care more about making sure kids do the work they give out 

Than making sure the students’ mental health is okay. 

The ones who disrespect students and not let them speak their opinions

Because “they are the adult” 
Feb 14
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A Girl

She was a girl

With bright eyes and long hair

She was a girl

Who swallowed her thoughts

In hopes she wouldn’t hear them anymore

The only word in her vocabulary was 

Self Doubt

No one seemed to notice her

But I noticed

I tried to shower her with love 

Appreciation, guidance

Quite like a flower

But she didn’t want my love

My appreciation, my guidance

I was out of her reach

Like the watering hose was always empty 

I couldn’t help but think 

If only I could reach a little farther ...