Mar 10

White Patch Landscape

Mar 05

Rebuilding memories

Rebuilding memories.
Rebuilding the ladder that once made our childhood.
The goal was to climb the ladder and reminisce on the times we had as children.
My friend and I reminisced in the past as soon as we climbed to the top,
sitting in the trees while beams of sunlight burned through the branches of other trees, hitting our faces with glowing rays that reflected off our skin.
We had only sat for an hour or so until we climbed back down, meeting my father at the bottom of the ladder. 
Three of us stood and looked at one another, my friend and I began to walk home, that's when I realized my father began to climb up the ladder.

We returned home, happy we were able to rethink our past and the pleasant memories we once had as kids.
Grateful for our childhood.
My father had spent four hours in the trees, the ladder was originally his. 
When he entered the house he had tears in his eyes. 
Feb 11

Frosted Moon

Feb 10


It's yours.

We live in a world where expectations are high,
Forgetting how unique we are as individuals.

We live in a world of constant judgement,
Reminding us of our own insecurities. 

We live in a world of bias narratives, 
That craft the lives we live today.

We live as one,
walking our own paths.

We live as people,
guided by our own biases .

We need to be reminded that it's no one elses life.

It's yours.