Jun 08
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Delicate Hike

Rain trickled down from the darkening sky
As we trampled through the packed forest
Squirrels and rabbits scampered for their warm, dry homes
While the wolves came out to play 

The wind penetrated our jackets and 
Into our bones
Soaking us from our heads 
Down to our toes

The sun had beat down on us with 
Unrestrained brutality moments before
Attempting to fry us like an egg

The trees were kind enough to provide us shelter
With their long and winding branches
With leaves the size of our heads

The trickling rain became a cascade of tears
The clouds weeping 
For their 
For our 
Dying world
Our dying home 

The mud beneath our feet became slippery
Each and every step 
Became harder and harder

Just to reach the top
To reach the bright
Brilliant stars

That shine above
Oh, how those things 
Mar 06
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As kids

As Kids
We don't worry
Not like grown-ups

As kids
We worry about
The last slice of cake
We worry about
Getting the latest toy
We worry about 
Getting home before
The light leaves
The dark returns

As kids we worry 
About growing up
Not afraid
But Eager

To live life 
The way we want

Eat ice cream
   For dinner
Go to bed at 
No more homework
No more rules

But then
When we do start to grow up 
On our path to adulting

We worry about
Our clothes 
Our hair

Fit in
Like a puzzle piece

Don't stand out 
Don't stand up

Who are you?
Who am I?

Gay. Straight
Girl. Boy. Them
Football player. Math League President

We try so hard
To fit in with the crowd
We try 
Feb 21
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Just Like Sleeping

Just Like Sleeping

This is a poem of a childhood memory

The splashing of my friends 
Around me 
Make me want to splash too
But with them over there
And me over here… 

I want to show them
Need to show them
That I can do it

That I can toss a big rainbow colored
Balloon ball around
While staying above the water’s surface
So I asked.
And the teacher asked
“Can you swim” 

My cold wet feet
Teeny tiny footprints

The hot dry concrete
Making my feet 
Feel like burning toast
The edge of the water stood inches away
Bellowing me to dip more than a toe
To dip more than my pasty scraggly legs

The stairs that lay just a few feet away
Begged me not to
Screamed at me not to 
Jump in
“Use us!”
They cried
But I did anyway

Feb 20
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Exceed Expectations

If only I could reach a little farther. 
My fingertips barely touched
barely brushed
Against it’s cold hard surface
It teased me
Knowing without it’s aid 
I would fail

Everyone's eyes seemed to follow 
my every move 
Watching to see if I will

Most of them expect me to fail
I don’t blame them

Why have faith in the guy that 
Makes mushy soupy Mac & Cheese
Why have faith in the guy that
Can’t even outrun his 
five year old brother
In a race
Why have faith in a guy
Whose only achievement is 
A C+ on an algebra test
a*2 + b*2 = c*2

It’s not me who you should be rooting for. 

You should be rooting for Mr. Tall, Strong, and Handsome 
He can reach those bars with ease and scale them like a monkey
He can run those laps with long and strong strides
And leave everyone in his dust
Feb 06
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