Mar 07
poem 1 comment challenge: Humor

Humors place in my life

Humor has always been there for me . A joke here and there could really make an impact you are not aware of. There is no hiding the joy of humor. You can hide sadness, you can hide fear, and definitely hide anger. But humor is different. Humor can heal on levels we cannot even understand. The deep crevices that hold scars can vanish when humor is introduced. It's the simple things like humor that can make things easier. Like a new kid at school or a stranger. Humor makes communication much simpler and easy. My mom and I hold this bond where humor is the core structure of happiness. Starting off the day with a little joke can make it so much better. Money and other items cannot overrule humor. Humor does not cost anything.But something to remember is items are temporary but humor is forever
Feb 19
poem 3 comments challenge: Advice

Uncertain Future

The sun has arisen for a beautiful new day. It's a morning like every other, some people say. But what is sly and getting close. Is what nature is fearing the most. The pollution in the air invisible but the Statistics are not. This growing problem we still have not faught. There's already too much pollution in the sea. When will people realize there will be a fee. Think of the future just for a second. Do you see an environment that looks anywhat pleasant. The reality is humans are the cause. We need help to put climate change at a pause. This problem is not stopping for anyone. We can't just sit and think we won. For a second just take time to think. Do humans want to be the reason this earthly boat will sink
Feb 19

Reality of Society

Society is complex. So many categories fall under society. There can be hate , opinion, stereotypes and more. Some poeple may question themselves of were they fit in society. There has been this common accurance of a fear of not belonging. But the truth is society was not made for not belonging. It was made for acceptance. But sadly society will not allways be there for you during a tough time. Society may even be the reason your having a tough time. Some people are stuck in this world of what society has done to them. So they do not see the problem doing it back. The next time you see someone who does not look like you or share you opinions have some acceptance.The worst of society comes from society itself. So keep that in your mind. The sooner society changes so will your attitude.
Feb 06
poem 1 comment challenge: Wind

Wind healer

    The wind takes me to a place of unimaginable feelings. From the moment the breeze frolics through my hair and flows through my hands, I feel like i'm not alone. At times I question the reliability of the things around me but the wind is always there. In the summer the winter, spring and even fall the wind comes and goes but never leaves. The wind will be there for comfort when you need it and even when you don't. The wind can mean many things. The wind may be there when your friends aren't or when you feel you need a break from the environment of people around you. Never underestimate the wind. It can Heal the wounds you may be hiding but mostly heal your being as a whole.