Mar 23
poem 0 comments challenge: Starry
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The evil dark lord
who have ate the light
have let our dear
moon to go out the door

She's trying hard
To defeat the evil dark 
Pray the god for help
Our darling moon son

​She's the only hope
Which we all have
So let's pray the god
To success our hope

When she wins then
Sun arrives again
Everything would normalize
​Even our rain

Mar 22
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A massive problem

A confident pilot was driving an aeroplane when suddenly he memorized that he forgot to have his breakfast that morning. Then he stopped driving and started having his meal. And just then the aeroplane went out of control and it was taken away from the destination by a strong wind. We believe that it was taken to the mystic isles which are existing in the north p[art of the world. But, until today no clue was found about the aeroplane or its people. I think it would be a secret forever and ever.
Mar 21
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Everyone knows that nothing is greater or nothing is worse. Because anything has 2 sides. Like if you live in an apartment with others it is very luxurious but there is no privacy. But if you live in village privacy is much but comfort is much less than in an apartment. So I think even when we feel that everyone has got equal facilities, everyone is living happily I think it is debatable. I do not believe that on earth there are such places existed. But let us try to make it true cause there is a famous saying " Anything is Possible, Even the Impossible."And winning our targets like this is very easy too. 
Mar 21
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Mar 20
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Mini Portable plug-less fan

Mar 18
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Under the shelter of my roof, I feel comfortable and very free. Cause I know that is where I belong to, and that is where belong to me. It is located in a big city. But, it is a great place even than heaven. I have understood clearly by my experience in hostels, boardings and daycares. Whatever is the situation, our home is the best place to survive, to cry, to laugh or to express any of your expressions freely. That is why they are teaching about the home by a whole lesson in our country. Also, I am proudly saying you that I have a house to live in.   
Mar 12
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broken record

According to my mom, I have broken a few world record. From those, my mom is laughing at me when she memorized the non-eared giant sleeper's record. That record was added to the Guinness record book at my birth because I have been laying on the trolly like a dead baby. My nurse have thought that I was dead and she has yelled, but luckily my doctor have saved me and said the nurse about my record
Mar 08
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The disaster

Attention ! Attention ! This is an emergency! As we all know the fires are rapidly flying over Australia, and the glaziers are melting down while reporting high temperatures in the North pole. And the worst is that there are some fire in Amazon with all this. Also we all know that the Ozon is almost gone now. Now the earth is going to throw all the creatures down because of our bad doings. If we are not doing something to be protected very quickly I am sure it is the end of living on earth!
Mar 06
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The rainbow

The rainbow is very beautiful, but have you ever understood what does it mean? It is the closest pathway to fairytopia, it leads you to the hidden mysterious door. So, after today look at the rainbow down the stream carefully, and try to find the way to fairytopia. But please keep in mind about one very important fact, " NO ONE ENTERED, HAVE BEEN OUT AGAIN". Don't tell anyone that I told you all this, cause it is against the fairy law/.  
Feb 21
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Shashadara Damsathmee 
Home is a very pleasant place in our lives. I think that the home is the place which anyone loves most. Beacause home is the place where all of our old memories are hiding in. Sometimes our home makes us happy when we are stressed. Everyone love to be in their home with their family because it is the best place to make and keep strong bonds with each other. I think that even though some children are not in their homes with their body, their hearts is with their family at home. They are always wishing to go back home. As a boarding school student  I have got that feeling very well. But now I am again at home with my parents.