Jan 30

she was alone until he brought the sunshine

She was alone in her fear,
so so very alone.
She walked the bright hallways as if they were dark,
head bowed to the ground,
shoulders curving in a self-protecting habit,
she grew her hair long and kept it hanging,
a curtain over her pale face.
Until one day when a sunshine boy came,
he looked at her with a smile on his face.
He made her laugh and laugh again.
He took away her rain and replaced it with his sunshine.
Now she walks down the hallway,
hair short,
shoulders back,
looking the world in the eye...
Or maybe just looking for him.
Jan 30

Poison berries

Red berries are poison berries,
that is what her mother taught her.

Men who grab you,
and don't let go,
even when you say no,
are just like those berries,
that's what her mother taught her.

"Why?" the girl asked.

"Why?" her mother said,
"They will kill you fast or kill you slowly, 
they will hurt your heart and leave it black and blue."

Her mother took her hands,
locking their gazes and said,
"So fight, my daughter, 
watch, my daughter."
Jan 20

all around

She was alone,
In crowd,
But alone.
Her face held a smile,
Pasted there for everyone to see.
Her hands were held primly at her sides,
Legs crossed.
She was surrounded,
people laughing like they were happy all around her,
And yet they were not truly happy,
And she was the only one who could see through the lies,
In those smiles that never reached their eyes

Jan 13


Jan 13

Snow doggo

Jan 10

She is me and I am her

speak only when spoken to.
Hunched shoulders,
trying to hide in my own skin.
Normal bland clothes,
fitting in but not being me.
Doing the right thing,
even when it means being quiet.
Worrying about grades,
working too hard.
She is me,
and I am her.
until I snort and tears come to my eyes.
Running fast,
the wind catching my hair.
Chatting away,
about oh so many things.
Speaking my mind,
whenever I want to.
Pushing myself,
but not to the point of exhaustion.
She is me,
and I am her. 
Jan 08

Ice castles

Jan 08
fiction challenge: Postcard


Dear friend,

I never thought I would write these words to you, but I am. I am going on a trip, where? To England. I will miss you more than words can describe and I will write. I understand that I am normally not the type of person who travels suddenly, I always told you months beforehand. But I have had this urge, telling me I must travel. So I am going. I will write you my address when I find a family to stay with, I will send you polaroids as well.

All my love,
Jan 08

biting cold

The sun was cold, shining through the winter air and onto the glistening snow around her feet, she smiled as the cold bit at her exposed skin and turned her nose pink like a new born baby.
Jan 07

I am still here

I am still here,
sitting in the corner,
for you to notice me,
see my face,
in a new way.

I am still here,
even when you're gone,
even when you're not coming back,
hands sweaty,
heart beating fast.

I am still here,
listening to the words,
that flow by,
when you still,
never look my way.