May 16
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into the unknown

She should be comforted. But his smile is still all teeth, no light in eyes. His hand on her shoulder is ice-cold, the hands of the dead grasping at their one lifeline, too desperate to mean much. His touch still burns.
She shoves his hand off, and runs back into the darkness, deep into the unknown.

Mar 15
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When we were born, the island itself was tethered to the mainland, and then there was no longer a mystical floating isle in the sky, just like that; all that was left was a lifeless chunk, frozen in time, trapped on Earth. It was no longer free, and has not been since that day. 
Feb 29
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on and on

All good things must come to an end. As she said earlier, nothing lasts forever. Still, she stared off into the distance, hoping for that bell to never ring, for the train to never slow to a halt, for herself to never pass the threshold. She wanted this moment to continue on and on, and never stop going. Her heart ached tremendously. 
Feb 19
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when we know better

I push him away from me because I am a respectable person, someone with dignity and taste. But, in the end, I let his touches linger much longer than they should because I am lonely as well. It’s all good and nice to say ‘I don’t need anybody’, but it’s a different thing to have someone’s gaze on you, to have someone holding you, acting as if they love you. It’s impossible to tell if they are sincere at that moment, and impossible to care if they are as well. 
Feb 18
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When she was younger, her dreams were filled with images of a figure, blurry, yet distinct from the hazy background, slowly turning away. Her expression, for it was mostly definitely a girl,  was inscrutable, but she could sense a strong reluctance from the girl as she was leaving. She gave a weak smile as if trying to comfort her, but the girl clearly couldn’t keep the pretense for long as it dissipated soon she thought she wasn’t looking. The girl’s hands were clasped around her palms, pressed so tightly that she could barely feel her blood flow. Quickly as if she had no time at all, the girl removed her grasp, but then her hands began to tremble. She could feel her hand reaching out as the girl began hastily sprinting away until she faded into the horizon. Only then, her surroundings become clear. She was surrounded by trees. The woods covered the areas she was standing, their weary, crimson leaves slowly drifting to the ground bathed the area in an eerie twilight.
Feb 18
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“Don’t blush.”
She blushed. It was clear to try to hide it, but she was covered in the tell-tale marks of passion, her cheeks flushed, her gaze feverish, and her hair, plastered across her forehead, her nape, dripping with sweat. Upon looking at her, it was instantly clear where she had been, she knew it, and everyone around her knew it too. Still, when looking at her, they were embarrassed enough for her that they gave her some face, and pretended they knew nothing of it. So, she too pretended not to take notice of her state, holding her head up high as if nothing had happened.
Well, until now.
Feb 18
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hidden desires

“After all this end, can we come back here one more and share a meal again?”

She said this in a quiet voice, as if speaking any louder would break the fragility of her dream.

She could not have pretended to know how futile her question was, but she still asked. It was pretty bold of her I have to admit; I didn’t expect the most reserved one of us to be the one to breach the topic that we were all too afraid to even whisper about. It hurt too much, beyond words. 
Feb 18
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smile back

Feb 18
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The taste of peaches is strong on my tongue

The vision of the orchard, blossoming trees stretched as far as the eye can see 

They still fill my vision

I still haven’t register the scent of smoke

Flooding my nostrils

Is this real?
Feb 18
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born in war

She was born in the throngs of war.

Cries of fevor ringing through battlefield.

They prayed for salvation.

Her eyes opened.

They clamored to be freed.

She freed them.

They begged for the bloodshed to end.

Hands, smooth and pale, reached out.

Blood splattered across her fingers.

The silence was deafening.

She smiled.

But her eyes were hollow.

They prayed for salvation.

And she delivered.