Mar 16
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Breaking Down

She was a window 

Her pains clear and vivid 

But then came a storm 

One of great destruction 

A storm that threw a rock at those clear vivid panes 

One rock spider cracked 

The cuts running deep

Splintering out 

Making her perfection into a disarray of colors 

Mar 16
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Her Love

I saw her 

Her curls glistening in the warm honey haze of the afternoon sun

Her eyes were bright and aware 

Knowing and seeing


She was seeing me 


Looking at me 

For the first time 

She smiled 

And the world went to flames
Mar 16
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The bond formed by words 

But evermore a wordless vow

A vow charged with thick through thin

A bond hardened by trust and poison 

Manipulated and chiseled from those unspoken words 

Forever changing


Mar 16
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Fairy Tales

She had been born from blood and tears 

She had fought 



Searching for something only found in fairy tales 

Adventuring into tales of princes and princesses

Knights and battles

Only to be pulled from those heroic tales of victory and happily ever after

Because the world is full of villains 

When pulled from those glorious tales coted in tears and blood

And jerk back to the truths of the “real world”

She felt a loneliness that consumed her 

Because all tales eventually had to end.

Aug 18
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The Losing Game

I knew it was getting bad when I stopped washing the pears before eating them, not caring anymore if the infectious chemicals the farmers used made me sick. It got so bad that I became somewhat of my own strategist. Planning and lying my way around the questions, and the concerns. I became a madhouse and no one even noticed. They didn't see the mask I was painting on every day. My exhausted efforts even trick them. I was the underdog and I was winning. But how can you win if you're always losing?