Feb 18
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only a couple of words away

your heart aches
each pump of blood filling
your body with pain and regret

whether it's a loss of that special
person in your life or the melting
sorrows of that something that's

you feel hurt but don't want to say
it because they always tell you that
everything is going to be okay

but it doesn't feel that way

it's okay to say that it's not going to be okay.
it's okay to feel that you don't have enough.
it's okay to feel unbearably empty.

just know, no matter how far
apart we may be
i am only a couple of words away
Feb 18
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warm summers still feel
too far away, as if i could
reach for it in my palms
but it slips right away

cold winters feel far too
close, as if never-ending
it always snows

spring is closer, but still
not here, little buds still
nesting under the frozen

who knows how fast the
seasons change, i guess
it's just up to nature
Feb 14
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when words are enough

when you can't go and meet your friends
when you can't send over a gift
when you can't put up a grand gesture
words are enough

when you can't sing a song
when you can't do a dance
when you can't bake a cake
words are enough

when you want to convey something
but you don't have the means to do it
when you want to tell someone your feelings
but you don't have the courage to speak it

just write them down
words are enough
Feb 12
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a tree from lost generations

grandparents walked the homeland
their footprints were artifacts in the wet mud
memories of a time
they found the only patch of land that hadn’t 
been consumed by someone else

in their right hand they held seeds 
and in their left a garden shovel

those seeds were tucked under earthen
ground, blessed with water above and
warmth below

they soon blossomed into little babies
who cried for their parents at night
waiting for a cradle to rock them to sleep
they still needed someone to water them
someone to help them grow

but these babies became children
and these children became adults
and these adults needed no one’s help
and they wanted to be as far from the soil as possible
they became bustling city folk breathing in
polluted air and hearing the car horns that 
splattered impatience on the busy streets
Feb 10
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five things i'm grateful for today

Feb 10
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faster and faster

catalyzed fear pulses through her neck
waiting for there to be a whisper that 
tells her everything is going to be okay

sweat forms thick beads that fall from
her palms like melting butter from a 

faster faster faster
her heart beats
faster faster faster

tepid breaths peel at her tongue and lips
soft tears coating her throat
once again, all is silent

once again, she waits for everything to 
be okay
because she knows
that everything will
be okay

Feb 09
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just a day

today is just a day
a rather cold, wintry one it is
but it's still a good old day
so i suppose i will cherish it

today is just a day
not sure what to do
i guess i can celebrate it
because it's a day once again

today is just a day
maybe it's a lot like yesterday
or maybe it's a lot like tomorrow
but it's just today i guess

today is just a day
maybe lively, maybe sad
but it's a special day
because it's a day nonetheless
Aug 19
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summer days

summer days just make me happy.
the bright skies, the fresh grass,
the sunshine pouring down on me.

summer days just make me happy.
the warm evenings where you can 
just sit in the backyard, looking up
at the sunset. 

summer days just make me happy.
the day blends into night, and the 
stars soon peek through the 

summer days just make me happy.
and i don't want them to go away. 
Aug 18
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August Mornings

fresh air blossoms at my window,
the warm breeze telling me to step
out. i embrace the blue skies, 
pulling them close to me and 
hoping they never leave. the trees
are still green, but i know they
will change soon. after all, 
life must change right? i hear
the occasional thunder rage
at the door, too scary to watch
but too fascinating to ignore. the
green grass melts across my
backyard, each raindrop pulsing
on the leaves. the earth is a 
beautiful thing. you don't know
when to be angry at it or when
to be happy. sometimes you
wonder what terror the earth has 
in plan next, while other times
you can't imagine the earth being
any more beautiful. sometimes
you want to leave the earth alone
and sometimes you want to help it.
i guess august mornings bring about
a lot of contemplative thoughts within
me. and i think i like that. 
Jun 05
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We Need Equality

Although individuals in America like to say that this country treats everyone as equals, it doesn’t. In the mid 1900s, there stood a strong man. His name was Martin Luther King Jr. and he had a goal. He wanted equality. He did not want to be treated differently because of the color of his skin. His “I Have A Dream” speech is read all across the world today. 57 years later, we still haven’t lived up to his dream. We still haven’t lived up to the dream that all African Americans had and still have: to be treated as equals.