May 03
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Dance, Dance, Dance On

This is your last chance,
so dance.
Dance for what you’ve done
and dance for those who’ve gone,
dance for what could have been
and then for what has.

Continue on for for all you’ve lost,
as you did once have it.
Be grateful for what you have
so you may dance more.

So dance, dance, dance on,
for this is it,
your one chance to live this life,
so live it right.

Apr 12
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It’ll be fine, I’ve been practicing for weeks with the math and in class we’ve been doing the english practice tests for even longer , so if I don’t know something it’s fine, I know what I know…..But should I have been practicing longer? In Gilmore Girls they were doing it all summer and I didn’t even practice for the SAT’s this summer, so if I don’t do well it’s because I didn’t practice enough and I’m definitely gonna do terrible because I don’t know anything whenever we do them in class and I can’t do math even if my life depended on it and my life DOES depend on it so what am I going to do!!!!! However, my PSAT’s weren’t that bad, they were pretty good so I shouldn’t be too bad off, yet SAT’s are so so so so much harder so I really have no guarantee that they will be around the same score  as my PSAT’s buutttttt I can take them again so it shouldn’t be so bad and the things I see that I don’t know I can always study harder for the time I take them again, so it’ll be ok.
Mar 30
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The End

     The yellowed old paper, folded in many haphazard ways, fluttered down to the concrete sidewalk that ran along the side of the building. I bent down, picking it up carefully just in case it was so old it would crumble to dust at my fingertips, inspecting it closely. After coming to the conclusion that the paper was sturdy enough to open it without obliterating it, I slowly unfolded the paper. 
   Displayed on the paper was elegant cursive that flowed across the page. It read:

   Dear Sam, 
I don’t know how to tell you this in any other way than to just come forth and explain myself; this is wrong and we cannot continue on with what we have. It’s wrong and if it was exposed we would break many hearts other than ours. This hurts me just as much as I know it will kill you. Know this is no easy feat, but it’s what’s best. 
Mar 21
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Love Helps

“You know I love you, right?” She asked.

He nodded, “I know, I know.”

She inclined her head, looking at him expectantly, “You know I care a lot about you, right?”

He sighed, exasperated. “Yes, I know.”

She then turned her head to face him straight on, staring him directly in the eyes. “Then why didn’t you call?”

She didn’t know if it was her stare or the weight of the question, but he looked down to the floor then off to his right.

“I don’t know? I just didn’t?” He answered. “I knew you would have wanted me to, I knew that much. In the moment, I knew that much, but I just didn’t do it! Would it have changed anything? Would it have?” He then turned back to look up at her, staring deep into her soul.

She just stood there. Would it have? Would I be able to do anything? Can any of us? What would I have done?

A sad smile made its way onto her face. “You know I love you, right?”
Mar 14
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Mar 08
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A Mother's Sadness

    I watched her stare at the photos; the wood framed wedding picture that held proof of the most magical day of her life, that was alongside a same 8x11 sized picture of the whole family encased in a cheap black frame. The picture was taken at my my oldest brother’s basketball senior night, my mom holding the rose given to her, smiling that proud and happy mom smile. We were all gathered around, all eight of us, according to height. The parents in the back on either side of the oldest two siblings. The middle two siblings were both in front of each parent while my other sister and I, the smallest of us all, in the very front. Everyone was happy, arms wrapped around each other and smiling, nothing wrong, that I know of, in that moment.
Mar 01
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The Queen Who Fell From My Grace

Feb 09
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There are those gifts you get, force a smile, say thank you,
Move on.

Then--oh, then, the ones that change your world forever.
Life altering, never the same, can’t survive without
Won’t live without.
The ones you love so much, they break.

Whether from your treatment or exhaustion,
However--just wait, you can fix them.
You just have to want to.

It’s like opening a new present you knew you needed,
but didn’t truly know til now.

It is the truest gift of them all,
But how many times do you get it?
Jan 30
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All is Never as it Seems

       It was a beautiful morning and nothing was wrong. I got up on time, not even snoozing my alarm once as I rose before the sun, the dark moonlit mornings always seeming calming. I put my makeup on, taking my time and everything going flawlessly. I finished getting ready, pleased with my outfit and so excited to show off my new maroon boots I had just gotten the night before. I had packed my lunch and stuck it in the fridge right after dinner the night before, so it was waiting for me to shove in my bag so I could focus on filling up my water bottle, my travel coffee mug, and make and eat breakfast. For breakfast, I made and ate, in only a minute or two, an egg and bacon sandwich on a bagel with goat cheese, starting the food portion of my day off just right.
Jan 19
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We Rise

Do you think that history allows this?
The past is where it should be, in the past.
All reasons invalid, not there
and never have been.

Do you think that since I’d be knocked out if you punched me,
that allows you to feel superior to me?
Your need to assert your dominance over me brings out issues in yourself
that hurting me could never fix.

Step down from your pedestal
that all your ancestors built.
Recognize me, understand me, accept me,
because we’re arising stronger than ever,
ready to fight for what we’ve never been given.

Demean me now, I dare you,
‘cause now you’re the villain,
and I have an army at my side,
ready for battle.