Apr 24
poem 0 comments challenge: JUSTICE
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Imagine if someone believed
in dragons and unicorns which you don't agree
would you punish them by taking their house?
so that everyone leaves, including their spouse?

Imagine if someone liked sharks
but you think that's weird and call them too dark
would you prevent them from obtaining success?
so that you leave their whole life a mess?

Now imagine if these people who are a little different
are given more than just ignorance
don't you think they'd flourish and thrive?
so why not give them a chance to survive?
Apr 23
poem 0 comments challenge: SHELTER
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Home Sweet Home

under the shelter of my roof lays shimmering joy
a streamline flow of unconditional love
never a dull moment in this household
always a gurgling sound of glee
because even though family don't always agree
compromise is key

under the shleter of my roof are three important people
one who I call mama because she shed a part of herself for me
one who I call baba because he is always there for me
one who I call didi because he constantly laughs with me
the four of us cherish and love and care each other
because all we ever want is to be together

under the shelter of my roof sits many sturdy walls
that I trust to keep bugs and burglars out of our house
safety and security comes from closure
these colorful walls prevent us from exposure
against these walls are memories painted in pictures
of the years and years we've captured in figures
Apr 22
poem 0 comments challenge: Belong
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Beautiful Utopia

Chirping birds engulf the noises of rush hour.
Sunlight shines from each and every angle.
Not a single sight of a lonesome person.
Community is founded upon harmony, so
Apartments and houses chuckle 
With their next door neighbor.
These homes all inhabited by happy owners,
Never lacking in any manner.
Pleasant and peaceful, everything is.
So, smiles are plastered across all faces,
beaming like beet red tomatoes, since
Everyone knows where home sweet home is.
Apr 10
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An Unbreakable Bond

My best friend and I
Dance daringly up till dawn,
Laughing and smiling, delightfully.
My best friend and I
Trust one another with secrets,
Sealing our silence with a pinky promise.
My best friend and I
Wander into the woods sometimes,
Chasing curious creatures.
My best friend and I
Build each other up,
Praising talents and admiring charisma.
My best friend and I
Don’t agree all the time,
Working our way out of arguments.
My best friend and I
Comfort one another in unfortunate times,
Showing compassion and care.
Most importantly,
My best friend and I
Are always by each other’s side
Through happiness, through joy
Through disagreement, through adversity.
That’s what friendship is,
An unbreakable bond.