May 01

Blue Blood

Clasping seashells
in sandy palms
that hold saline memories
seagull tracks
towering whitecaps
that turn into dusky lupine glaze
shamrock seaweed coils around ankles
dragging you into its blue blood
submerged in the calm
at peace
last bits of air popping
as they barely reach the surface
floating between the hues
of navy and indigo blues
powerfully fragile
Taking a step back
was it just a dream?
laquered ridges snap
in on one another
stabbing holes in plump flesh
crying out
salty showers
that stops
when tears splatter onto
blue blood
Apr 30
poem challenge: COVID-Issue

The Great Yearning

Legs twined in sweaty blanket
although it's sweltering
I need it
This knot binds me
So I don't float away
from my home
which has shrunk
to this room
or more exactly,
this bed

This is the only place I feel safe
from the Great Yearning
that wants to escape these 
four blank walls
and have a change in scenery
beyond these streets

Today, eyebrows furrowed
Inquiring the world
through the tap of my fingertips
Until pixels swarm
Waging war on my eyes
Staring at a screen, all day

When I roll over
stricken eyes sighing as I blink
and don't open my eyes
My mind, bored again
to how I'll probably need glasses
by the end of this
if there's an end
thinking about the world outside 
this house, this room, this bed
No, not this spiral again
Apr 28

Bright Night

Apr 26
poem challenge: CJP-COVID19

Summer Would-Have's

It's summer now, 
& if we were in school
All the girls would be wearing 
skimpy tank tops and too-short shorts
scraps I could never imagine pulling off
& the boys would have an excuse
to wipe their forehead sweat
with the bottoms of their shirts
to show off nonexistent abs

It's summer now,
& if we still had lunch @ school
my friends & I would be
moving six feet over
into the shade
& six feet would just be a shift
not a gaping hole
that forces us apart

It's summer now,
& if it was over 90 degrees
We'd be complaining about the heat
The scorching rays of sun
that we all secretly love
& our biggest complaint would be
sock tans
comparing the sudden contrast,
the dichotomy between gold and white

It's summer now,
& if Sadies hadn't been cancelled
we'd be gossiping about
Apr 24

Chasing the Sun

He floated away
One golden dusk
Watching the sunset
Mute the colors
Dreading the night
Afraid of the monsters that emerge
When smoky grays and purples
swallow his world
Choosing to blaze right alongside
The fiery crimson and lemons
Deciding to follow the sun
to the ends of the Earth
So that aquamarines,
periwinkles, royal blues
coraline pinks, and tangerines
emeralds, fresh grass,
Soft lilacs and burnt umber 
Would not become mere shadows
in night's dark cavernous mouth
He collected them all on his palette
Brushes of the breathy white undersides of clouds
And all the different hues of denim that exist

Until he got lost
in the horizon
and its rainbow
a kaleidoscope
of endless shades
chasing ombres of pastel clouds
in the prismic luster of rainbows,
He bent down to his knees and panted
Watching the sun in the distance
Apr 23

The Track We Are On

Gold is slipping down the horizon
As I sit, alone, in this metal chair
Gulping down dusk's nectar breath
Admiring Mother Earth from my yard

A sprinkler puddle shimmers, catching my eye
Soft breezes dance past, ticking my neck
The whirring wings of a hummingbird zip by
As the crickets tune for a midnight concert

But one day, all that is green will turn gray
No sprinklers needed, who wants real grass?
Hummingbirds have long been extinct
And dead silence in place of euphonious melodies

We'll still be wearing masks
But not because of some virus
But because if not, we'll start choking on the air
Devoid of trees and oxygen

This is the track we are on
The future our bullet trains
Processed foods and plastic islands
are steamrolling, barrelling towards

Greedy, greedy little creatures
And in time we will learn,
Biting the hand that feeds us
Apr 21


I feel alive when you look at me
every hair standing on end
breath trapped inside my body
Waiting for what you say next

I am chocolate melting in the face of the sun
the smallest particles of my body freed
playing on a summer's day
when we brush past one another

And with my atomic structure
There goes my head
Half the time I don't even know
where my mouth gets these words

But you, you don't even notice
That there's a brown puddle on the sidewalk
Where the girl you just waved to once stood
Languishing in the memory of your warmth

She is gone, gone, gone
Up on cloud nine
Turning around to look at your back
And smile the goofiest grin

She is almost not me at this point
Cracking jokes left and right
Practically dancing in the halls
And as you know, I don't dance

And then the next period, daydreaming in class
Apr 20
poem challenge: COVID-Issue

Feeling Like A Shellfish

I feel like a shellfish
Complaining about
my smooth, safe shell
how I swoop with the currents
after a turtle knocks me over
trying to remove the suffocating
clear, dead jellyfish
clutching its throat
while there is bedlam
in the ocean

I feel like a snook
separated from my school
after a black net
closed around us
Only grazed my fin
But instead of thinking
how thankful I am
For the fact that
I'm alive
I wonder if my scrape
Will attract a shark

But for turtle in distress
The fish in my school
Their problem is not
Being slightly tossed around
And at most, a little dizzy
Or the what if
Of attracting a shark

They're lives have been changed
The turtle is probably dead
Suffocated by a plastic bag
That has a big red dot surrounded by a circle
Apr 18

Obsidian Foreboding

Layers of pitch bog down the night
Stagnant air filled with foreboding
But it's probably my overactive brain
Still suffering from the five cups 
of scalding murky caffeine
Guzzled this morning
Just to make me feel slightly awake
before sprinting to the office

My phone buzzes on my desk
bzz bzz bzz bzzzzz
like Beethoven's 5th symphony
dun dun dun dunnn
I hum as I begin to  
extract myself from the warmth
but hesitate
Early meeting tomorrow
Can't get sucked into the whirlpool
That is Candy Crush and Instagram,
Solitaire and Clash Royale
but what if it's important?
Like someone's in the hospital
Or they're canceling the meeting?
I debate with myself
As mad-women do

My phone vibrates again
Solidifying my resolve
Not to get near my phone
But again and again
Beethoven on steroids
Apr 18

International Haiku Day

Happy Haiku Day
Focus on all the small things
Simple perfection

To honor today
We've written a few haikus
For you to enjoy!

Wind blows through the leaves
See them dancing in the breeze
Tallest tree I see

Magic in the stars
Unicorn constellations
Silver stardust falls

So deadly, don't get near it
But bored, what to do? 

Moonlight, stars, shine bright
shooting stars, close eyes & wish
Black canvas shrouds world

(Credit to my sister, Chloe- it was so fun writing these together!)