Mar 11

At Peace

Closest to God any mortal can be,
Dressed in nature's serene embrace.
Engaged with the wispers of the trees and the dirt beneath my feet.
Finding self fulfillment through my eyes.
Forever I forage for peace, in the concealed beauty of the world. 
Feb 15

Fantasy Haiku

Feb 15


Inside, there will always be a war raging.
Optismistic and pesimistic thoughts seldom comprimise.
It is in the moments of uncertainty that you swing the balence.
The encouragement I feel in the comfort of your warm embrace never fails to conqure pesimism.
No matter the odds stacked against me,
I know together we will triumph.
Yet on the days when you know not what I go through,
those are the days when optimism faces defeat.
All positive outcomes remain locked in a box,
left without the will to fight back.

Some days I need to hear the truth no matter how painful,
for in truth lies long awaited answers.
Yet today is not that day,
when a bloodhounds nose becmoes my own,
scouring the land for truths.
No, today is the day I seek reasurance in the wisdom of your heartfelt words.
Unfortunately that is not what I got.

Everyday I have battled myslef.
Both sides of me,
Feb 12

A Moment To Remember

Cinderella showed up during dusks final fanfare,
Her elegance, blinding,
pure white diamonds drench her figure
glistening in radiant light.
Her unexpected arrival and undeniable flawless beauty is cause for stares,
however in this fairytale,
I and I alone bear witness to this unforgettable scene
and the magnificent site on which my eyes feast is no princess,
but a common tree.

Delicate skinny branches reach for the sky in silent gratitude,
their slight curve creating a crown shaped illusion,
tastefully decorated with the most precious royal gems. 
Snow dusts the slender tree from a storm come and gone,
and it melts in graceful drizzles from a long days worth of sun.
As droplets gather at the tip of every branch,
the sun glides perfectly into place,
igniting a dimension of beauty I never knew existed.
Envious are both friend and foe
for they could never live up to this moment. 
Feb 10

Calling All Fellow Vermonters!

Dear Fellow Vermonters,

          Recently in my eighth grade social studies class we had the privilege of meeting via zoom Ms.Miriam Rosenbloom as a guest speaker. She is a second generation Holocaust survivor dedicated to sharing her family’s personal stories. I listened intently to her every word as she described the atrocities and the most unthinkable evil acts inflicted on the Jewish community during the time of the Holocaust in a personal perspective I had never witnessed until that moment. Listening and being a part of this opportunity was life changing for me. I will forever carry these individualized stories she shared in my heart and soul. 
Jan 30

Clouds Releasing Emotion

Each raindrop,
is tinted with negative emotion,
that drowns us in gloom and doom,
or so many might say. 

These negativity bombs are the tears of clouds,
judged, ridiculed, and disliked.
Their drab color is said to drain the energy from peoples very souls.
We discuss rain with discust soaking every word.
Yet selfish are those,
who shame God's glorious gifts.
Life without these moisture filled blobs that fall from the sky,
would mean no life at all.
For they are responsible for earths beauty.
Replenishing its strength,
with rigorous passion. 

So next time you stop to smell the flowers,
or marvel at a jaw-dropping sunset,
these marvels would not be here,
if it weren't for the tears
shed by the clouds. 

Jan 17

Sorrow Too Late

The pain of the past,
firmly exists in my heart.
Change I can make not,
for these events happened decades before my birth.
Yet sorrow strangles me with a heavily weighted sack
that blinds my eyes of the present.
Tears I shed for the lives long gone,
their souls marked with suffering so extravogent,
I am left in a speechless whirwind of useless emotions.
What pains me consistently is knowing that these people,
with intense feelings like you and I,
never got to hear the words they needed to hear the most,

We Are Sorry....
Nov 25

My Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

I’m writing to you today in a moment of childish aspiration. My Christmas wishes this year are primarily impossible for you to grant. However I’ve decided to take a chance and tell you anyway. Now I’ve heard some compelling stories of magic so strong that reindeer can fly way up high in the sky. Also tales of a man named Kris Kringle who travels around the entire world in one night on a sleigh filled with toys for good girls and good boys. I’ve learned through the years that you’re always watching me and you know if I’m naughty or nice. I’ve got to say this year I’ve been very nice;) With magic that powerful I want to at least share with you what I want for Christmas. Maybe a Christmas miracle will find its way into my life…..

My Christmas List:

1. I want for hate to dissipate and love to thrive
2. I want everyone everywhere to have a plentiful meal on their table at least for the holidays.
Nov 02

Notice Me

Your eyes meet mine,
a brief second we share,
yet it feels like eternity.
Then in the split second it began it is over,
reality overwhelms my senses.
Frustration at the world for interrupting resonates through my very being.
Head rested ever so gently on the table you pose,
replaying the moment we shared I hope.
However you seem completely oblivious the rest of the day,
as I watch you ceaselessly,
moving my head into positions uncomfortable but satisfactory,
just to get a glimpse of you.
Look at me,
Talk to me,
Laugh with me,
Notice me!
Oct 30