Sep 22


Her one wish. 

She asked for one thing. 

And you didn't give it to her. 

She gave so much to you, and you disrespected her. 

Sep 21
poem, song 4 comments challenge: RBG

A beacon of light

Ruth, I'm sorry.

Ruth, you meant so much.  

Ruth, your words touch on things so sensitive so real and now that you're gone, I don't know how to feel. 
On one hand, we all have to say goodbye one day but why today? We need you. 
For on the other hand we haven't finished the work you started but how to start? 
You're a general commanding fleets of equality and hope but my hope's starting to deplete.
Ruth, you've raised a mighty movement, a snarling butterfly of anger and denial and demands so long denied but
Ruth, we can't do what you can! 
No, could; that's death, a shift. Can to could. 
Ruth, would you show us a way to do the good that you did, now that you're gone?
We'll learn to live without you, but I don't want to move on. 
Fragility is everywhere, and yet it's taboo. 
I don't know how to be strong without you.

The president is squabbling, disregarding your wishes and
Sep 16
poem 0 comments challenge: BLM

I promise

you are part of me
and i am part of you 
but some people don't think so. 
some people will tear us apart
even though you
are beautiful, like a midnight sky full of stories. 
but you are black. 
and so they oppress you
hurt you
and strangle you until you can't breathe. 
they kill you.

It's. Just. Wrong. 

unfortunately they don't realize
that we are all descended from one person 
and that person was black.

for christians, 
i can't say for sure but it's likely that 
your Jesus was brown skinned. 

Black people are human. 
They deserve to be treated like humans,
not like animals. 
They deserve rights, and education
and compassion. 

you are a part of me, 
and i am a part of you
and although i can not speak for other people
i promise to respect you.
i promise to care about you. 
Sep 13

You're not alone

A long time ago, I learned to be

and watch the days slide by. 
Every night I cried, knowing I was hiding. 
Please don't hide.

You have a voice, no matter what. 

You are important, no matter what. 

You have a choice, no matter what. 

Please don't hide the cracks that you modge-podged over so many years ago.
Too much glue can make cracks even wider, like ice inside of stone. 

So please don't gloss over it now, 
stand tall even when it's hard. 
And if you can't, that's ok. 
Just know - you aren't alone. 
Sep 13

I'm here for you

Sep 13

For someone close to me

I heard you crying last night. 
I didn't say anything. 
You don't like it when I hear you. 

You and I, we are different people. 
I think in a different way. 
I spend more time in light-filled shadows than you do. 

We were close, sharing secrets in the moonlight 
late at night, and now...
You don't know me anymore. 

I'm not sure I want you to. 

Sep 13
poem 0 comments challenge: CJP-Six


I am tired of sitting here. 

Windows feel like walls, solid. Memorized. 

I have seen far better days. 

I'm chasing butterflies inside my mind.

Strangely, I'm ok. I'm quite ok. 
Sep 11
rant 0 comments challenge: CJP-Fire


Did you know that there's such a thing as a controlled burn? Yep. Here's what controlled burning is: "Controlled burning is any fire intentionally ignited to meet specific land management objectives, such as to... restore ecosystem health" (USDA). And do you know what tends to happen? The earth naturally needs to burn sometimes. And humans often stop that burning if it occurs near them! So then what do you have? A bunch of super-dry-about-to-burn grass. This happens over and over again and you end up with a large amount of land that is dry and burnable, so when lightning strikes or somebody throws a smoking cigarette out of their car window and into a field, that dry field can catch fire. Of course, there are other things to consider that I've left out like climate change and the way humans are affecting ecosystems everywhere and the complete crap thats going on, but honestly I'm tired of watching things burn. So I will let it be.
Sep 11

Crying Crystals

Yes, I see you
crying on the floor, your old brown dress stained with fire
I can't help thinking that crying will only hurt you more

In my experience 
crying doesn't heal me. 
It only gives me memories 
so that I can remember what it felt like to hurt 
when I'm not hurting. 

But in a way, I get that you need to cry 
you need to let your pain run it's course... 
I don't understand why, but I get it.
always get it. 

So cry your tears, let them wash away the pain 
let them show you who to blame. 
this vulnerability is valuable

so, yeah, you're crying crystals. 
Aug 15
poem 0 comments challenge: Manual


So you want to be human? 
Well let me tell you this.
Humanity is wanting.  
Humanity is a hunger. 
Humanity is a writhing, ever changing mass of feelings. 
We can no easier hold back these feelings than we could the ocean. 
They flood each and every one of us.
Humanity is a quest for knowledge. 
For centuries we have attempted to learn as much as we can, from how the planets move to how single-celled organisms function. 
We want to know. 
Some of us hate not knowing, others bask in it and look forward to learning more. 
So what is Humanity? 
I can not tell you, I can only guide you. 
You must find out for yourself.